It’s Okay to Admit You’re Not “Okay”

*Please note: This is a sensitive and real thing that I went through. It was not easy to write and some parts may make you think I am a horrible person…but if you continue reading, I hope that you will understand. Thank you. <3

Did you know that today is World Maternal Mental Health Day?

It is! It has been declared the first Wednesday in May and I’ve been given signs for a long time now, to share my story. Even more signs popped up in the past few days. It’s something I have never really shared with people and if I did it wasn’t in depth, but I wanted to share this in hopes of someone reading it will know that they’re not alone.

18280802_10208845007314754_1932360827_n It's Okay to Admit You're Not "Okay"
Photo: Amanda Glenn Photography

This here is a photo of a mother who absolutely loves and adores her child.

This is also a photo of a mother who had/has a hard time with this adorable, little babe.

And I don’t just mean, had a hard time adjusting to motherhood. That, alone, was a battle. But I went through stages of anger, fits, rage, crying, sadness, and hopelessness…and I didn’t know or understand why.

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What’s in My Hospital Bag 

img_6942 What's in My Hospital Bag 
Well, now that I have actually had my baby and am incredibly behind on posting this…I figured it’s a good time to finally get this post written out and published!!

I literally started typing out this blog post the week I had my daughter. Not only that, I had finally finished packing my darn hospital bag! Can we say, procrastination? 😂 Hey, it’s how I work and at least I still was able to get the photos taken for this post.

With my first pregnancy, I packed A LOT of things that I didn’t need. I packed a lot less this time but even then…I didn’t use a lot of what we brought. I give birth rather quickly, so I don’t really have time to use everything. 😂 I will go over what I packed and what I didn’t need.

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Welcome! My Birth Story 

Welcome to the world, Juniper! 😍

img_5988 Welcome! My Birth Story 
This beautiful, little girl came roaring into this world yesterday morning. It all started at 6am when I felt a punch in my cervix. My water broke and it woke me up. It didn’t break all over the bed or anything but I went to pee to make sure and my husband got up and walked around the house with me. He actually sat down to play video games while I paced around the house. Then I realized I was having contractions and it was time to start getting things together. Aston was still sleeping and we figured he would be waking up soon so we let him sleep while we got ready and started timing contractions. Not much time passes, Aston is up eating breakfast, I texted Kassie and she came to pick up Aston, I text and call Nicole and let her know this is happening, and I told Jonathan it’s time to go. Got everything out of the house and I was on my way. I even said to him, “I’m not going to make it to the hospital.” I grabbed a trash bag to put on the seat of the car if I needed it. I was seriously convinced that I was going to give birth in the way there. Hubby sped down the freeway and followed a cop the entire way (who happened to also be speeding) and when we got there, they came out with a wheelchair for me. It was 8:01 and I got a text from Nicole and I responded with “wheeling me in right now.” They asked me a few questions, got me into the triage room, and I told the nurse “I need to push.” She told me to get on the bed so she can check me and I could barely do it. I fought through a contraction and Jonathan was rubbing my back and pushing my hips together. And I guess I was dripping blood while I stood there (he told me about it later). She checked me and I was 9cm and immediately rolled my bed into delivery. Jonathan let them know that last time I was in labor for less than 3 hours and the nurse called down to another and said, “she has her babies fast!” And the other one said, “oh yay!! This will be fun!” Lol. We get into the room and I had to transfer beds. I had originally planned to walk through my contractions and to be squatting or on my knees on the bed during delivery. I had to deliver at the hospital, couldn’t have a home birth, and had to follow a lot of Navy rules (I am active duty) but I knew I could have the natural birth I wanted under any circumstances. BUT the most comfortable position for me? Oh my back. I wasn’t moving…no way. 😂 my husband talked to the doctors and the nurses and expressed everything we wanted for this birth and what we didn’t want. Everyone was amazing. They listened to our wishes and communicated everything with us. My hubby was a rockstar at being a great advocate for me and was an amazing birth partner. 😍 As for me, I wanted to push. At this point I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do this. I doubted myself for a second but it didn’t matter…this baby was coming. They told me not to push for a minute so I was trying my best not to and I would thrust my hips up with every contraction. The doctor reminded me that I needed to not do that otherwise I would risk tearing worse. And let me tell you…it was very difficult to not do that. But I did it. And then it was time to push. 

With my first, I had gotten an epidural and I didn’t even push. They had vacuumed him out and I felt useless. So, that’s why I chose a natural birth this time around. But because of that…I didn’t know how to push. 😂 There was an amazing nurse on my left that was trying to explain to me how. And I think it helped. I was making a lot of noises during this process. Nothing too crazy at first. I yelled a bit, a few “Ah’s” were coming out. And then I heard the doctor tell my husband, “okay, she’s not moving and he heartbeat has drastically dropped. We NEED to get this baby out. She needs to push. I’m going to put the vacuum on her for just a second and then take it off.” Jonathan agreed and told me I needed to push. I pushed and her head was out. And the doc removed the vacuum. It sucks that the vacuum was used but had he not, that would have been worse. But I’m thankful he took it off immediately. Then I remember being told to give one really big push…

I screamed. I pushed. And what felt like 10 minutes was the most excruciating pain I had ever felt in my life. I honestly felt like my body was being torn in half and then she was out and my body could relax. The tension was gone and all of a sudden I was overcome with a feeling of relief and then I was just in shock. I did it. And you know what? That 10 minutes….was literally a few seconds. They handed me my baby girl and laid her on my chest. She cried as she was coming out, the umbilical cord was around her leg but they got it unwrapped, and she was on me…I was staring at her. Again, I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it. I felt every bit of pain and every bit of her. We chose to do delayed cord clamping and my husband and I were just in awe. 

img_5988 Welcome! My Birth Story 
I did it. The girl who can’t watch someone take her blood or get a shot…someone who has an extremely low pain tolerance…gave birth naturally. Just like I wanted. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t have my home birth or a water birth. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t birth with a midwife or that I didn’t have a doula…I listened to my body. I was in tune with my body. All those weeks and months of preparation, reading, prayer, being at peace, and just finding balance in my life is what made me get through this. And having my amazing husband with me through it. Have your birth how you want it. You are in control. ❤️️

Oh, and remember what time I got to the hospital? 8:01am… our baby girl was born at 8:20am. 19 minutes later. A lot can happen in 19 minutes! 

The goal was a healing birth. And I have been healed. 

img_5988 Welcome! My Birth Story 

The End of the First Trimester

img_1587 The End of the First Trimester

The first part of a series of documenting my second pregnancy.

I didn’t do much documenting with my first pregnancy with my son. I didn’t really know what to write about and I was in this weird stage of trying to figure out what kind of blog I wanted to have…but that doesn’t matter. I have a blog as an outlet. To talk about my feelings and how my life is and to just have somewhere to dump all of my emotions so that I don’t scream at the next person who speaks to me. So, I will just write about my pregnancy, here.

Unfortunately, I didn’t write anything about this pregnancy until literally the END of the first trimester, but we weren’t really telling anyone about it yet. Most people don’t want to tell anyone in the first trimester that they are pregnant (especially if they had already experienced a miscarriage) because miscarriages are quite common in the beginning. So common, that almost 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, with the majority occurring during the first 12 weeks. There is a 75% chance of miscarriage in weeks 1-2 of pregnancy, when you do not know you are pregnant. There is a 10% chance of miscarriage in weeks 3-6 and this number drops to 5% during weeks 6-12. That’s kind of a big deal. Anyone can see why most families tend to share the news AFTER the ultrasound.

Okay, I lied.

So, that’s what we did. We did it with Aston and we decided to wait for this one too. I was so happy to see that everything was okay and our little peanut was moving around in there. Arm buds and all. 😛 I found out I was pregnant when I was maybe…about 4 weeks along. Seriously, we experienced a loss in January and the next month, I was pregnant again. I was keeping track and told my husband that I wouldn’t take a pregnancy test again so soon. Okay, I lied. We had been trying for another baby and I was too excited when I didn’t get my period! And, it was positive. WOO HOO!

Went into medical the following Monday to be sure and yes, another positive test. HCG levels were pretty high and I was on cloud nine. But, we didn’t want to say anything to anyone.

6 LONG weeks later, we were finally able to get an ultrasound done and we announced the big news!

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The first few weeks after finding out I was pregnant was a bit rough. And what I mean by few I mean like…the past 8 weeks. I never got sick with Aston. No morning sickness. I believe I had about 2 days of nausea and it literally felt like it was just the flu, not a human being growing inside of me. But this time is slightly different. I am still nursing Aston in the evenings and weekends, basically whenever I am home with him. So, there’s the nursing and then there’s the normal fatigue that comes with pregnancy. The first trimester just blows when it comes to energy levels.

I come home every night and pretty much just pass out with Aston. Play with Aston a little bit when we get home then it’s time for him to take a nap so I nurse him and I either watch TV or pass out with him. And when I try to get up to do anything, he flips out. Apparently, it’s his time to be with mama. That’s fine. I like to get my snuggles in when I can.

Nope. You did it once this week. Don’t you dare try again.

But working out, yeah. I didn’t work out at first because I was afraid to. I know very well that working out doesn’t cause miscarriages. But when you start bleeding WHILE you are at the gym, you kind of worry a little bit and this time I just stopped. Probably a stupid idea, but I was all in my head and I just didn’t want to risk it. So, I didn’t. I did try to start working out again and I would do one day but then my body was like, “Nope. You did it once this week. Don’t you dare try again.” And I would just be in pain for a few days and I would get sick. I was just done. So, the first trimester has been difficult for me. Not the regular difficult like most moms go through but…finding the time and energy while working full time, having a 14 month old at home, and growing another baby is hard! Anyone who says it’s easy is lying to you. No joke. But, you can make it through. That’s what I am finally starting to do.

And eating well? Forget that. For the first few weeks, anytime I even looked at a vegetable, I wanted to vomit. That is clearly not healthy and not like me at all. This baby is definitely a different one than his or her big brother. But I am working on it. Trying not to give into the cravings is really hard but I cannot let myself gain over 60 pounds again like I did with Aston. It’s not fun. It’s really hard to get everything you worked so hard for back! Trust me.

I’m not even fully at the end of this trimester but I am almost there. The first trimester seems to just fly by. Before I know it, I will be in the third trimester and then having my baby and into the fourth trimester I go! Oh man…that’s scary all on it’s own!


(Written 2 weeks prior to publishing)

img_1587 The End of the First Trimester

And Then There Were Four…

12973018_10205948156655298_5075545641529279649_o And Then There Were Four...

Now that the entire family and the Facebook world knows the good news, I can share it publicly…anywhere I want. Including this blog. 🙂

That’s right, Aston is going to be a big brother! And we are all so excited!

I did post the other day (April Fool’s day to be exact) and I talked about my experience with miscarriage. It’s a sad thing for anyone to have to go through at any point in their lives. But it’s also something real. It does happen. And I will not dismiss it and act like it didn’t happen.

I know that God will use that situation as a reminder or a lesson at some point in my life. we mourned our loss and we moved forward. And you know what? It’s okay to move forward too. Some people may think that it’s not okay to just move on past what just happened to you, but it really is okay! There is no sense in dwelling on the things that you cannot change. Especially something that happened beyond your control.

So, here we are, now with baby #2 on the way. And it’s such fantastic news! Hubby wants a girl and I want another boy. Let’s be honest, I want a boy because I already have all of the baby boy things and I don’t need to go out and buy all the extra stuff then! 😛 But for real, I don’t care as long as we have a healthy and happy little baby. Isn’t that all any parent really hopes for?

This baby will be a fall baby. He or she is due on November 1st and we are pretty excited. Not only that, I am so excited about that fact that I will get an entire 18 weeks of maternity leave! The military changed some things around over the past couple years and I made the cut off by a few days. It’s pretty fantastic. When I had Aston, I was home for 6 weeks and then took an additional 2 weeks of my own time off to stay with him. I wasn’t ready. I really was NOT ready to go back to work after only 8 short weeks with him. And I have missed him every moment since.

Of course, I still see him every night when I get home from work and on my lunch breaks if I take them, but I love being home with him. Yeah, I get the crazies every now and then when I am home with him all day, but I assume eventually you get used to it! 😛

Anyway, there’s the announcement. I am so excited and feeling incredibly blessed to be having this little peanut growing inside of me. Such a gift to be able to carry a child not just once but twice. <3

12973018_10205948156655298_5075545641529279649_o And Then There Were Four...

12973018_10205948156655298_5075545641529279649_o And Then There Were Four...

Pregnancy Woes and Worries

10403521_1032432426773288_7872237651078672316_n Pregnancy Woes and Worries

Alright, it’s getting close to GAME TIME. No, I am not talking about the Super Bowl on Sunday. The Packers aren’t playing, so who cares anyway? 😛

February 27th (my due date) is fast approaching and I am feeling a bit of anxiety.

I went to the OB yesterday and found that I am 1cm dialated, baby is head down, and he is estimated to weigh about 5.5-6 lbs right now. No big deal…I could be at 1cm for the next 4 weeks and I would be fine, I’m sure. But the issue here is…

my husband will be leaving on a detachment on February 5th-13th.

Sure. It’s only an 8 day detachment but he’s leaving RIGHT before the due date and with my family history, I just have a feeling I am going to have this baby while he’s gone. 🙁

I know, I know. It was my choice to join the military as it was his and we knew what was involved with it. There are MANY moms that go through this alone and their husbands are gone on DEPLOYMENT. I totally get it. But that doesn’t mean I am more settled because there’s a chance my husband might miss the birth. Especially when it’s NOT a deployment.

Sometimes, you just get screwed, hard, and there’s nothing you can really do about it. It truly sucks.

I’m just having a few panicky moments here and there when it comes to this. I mean, my best friend leaves on Friday and goes off to spend the next 3 years or so in Jacksonville and I won’t be able to call her to come pick me up if I go into labor. Anyone else I could call? They live right by the hospital and it would be crazy for me to have them drive from out there, over to me and then BACK to the hospital! That would just take so much time! Ambulance? Yeah, there’s a different system for things like that considering I live on base. And our base doesn’t do deliveries in their hospital anymore…if they did, I would drive my happy ass the whole 3 minutes there.

I know. I have been lucky. My husband has been around for the entire pregnancy. He’s been able to help me around the house when I needed it, helped with the nursery, lifted things I couldn’t, etc. But honestly? If I have our little boy while he’s gone, I would trade the entire 9 months of my husband being home for him to be there for the birth. I’m not the only one disappointed about it…my husband is really upset that he’s leaving.

Especially since he is leaving the command in A MONTH. UGH.

Anyway…my random rant is over. Let’s just hope our baby boy likes staying in there and won’t come out until Daddy comes home! Just hold out until Valentine’s Day little man! Your Daddy wants to meet you on your first day here! You can do it!!

10403521_1032432426773288_7872237651078672316_n Pregnancy Woes and Worries

10403521_1032432426773288_7872237651078672316_n Pregnancy Woes and Worries

10403521_1032432426773288_7872237651078672316_n Pregnancy Woes and Worries

My 10 Best of 2014

img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

Here we are! New Year’s Eve and a new year headed our way!

Oh man, 2014 has been a HUGE year for me. I knew on my 25th birthday in January, that 25 was going to be a good year. 🙂

But you know what? 2015 is looking pretty good too! With the new year quickly approaching…I have been thinking a lot about this past year. Mainly, while I sit at my desk at work and distract my brain from falling asleep at the desk or while I am in my baby boy’s nursery setting it up.

Since I only started blogging at the end of September, you will learn quite a bit! So, here are MY best moments of 2014.

1. I learned that I can live on a Vegan diet….JUUUUST fine!
January 1st, 2014…I started the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. It’s 21 days of supplementation and learning how to tweak your diet. Cutting out certain foods and other bad things in your body. It also cleanses your body and helps you to get rid of the toxins. So, I made it through it and learned that there are things that I can eat that I won’t hate so much! I never knew I liked hummus, oranges, tempeh, lentils, and other awesome foods. I actually plan to do the Beachbody Ultimate Reset again after I have the baby to get my body back!!! It WILL work! And I will be talking ALLLLLLL about it in here! 🙂 Get ready.
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014 img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

2. I reached a 15.2% in body fat.
Over the past couple years, I have kicked my own ass to get in shape. I was fairly big before I joined the Navy and I lost quite a bit of weight in boot camp and the year after. It was a goal of mine to just get fit and healthy and I finally was getting there! I have talked a lot about weight and how numbers aren’t what is important. They really aren’t. BUT when I found this out, it was nice to know the major difference that had happened in a year. I started lifting more weights and getting smart about what I put into my body and it showed a major difference! Also, I was able to do different things that I never thought I would before.
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014 img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

3. I got my first NEW car.
2014 Toyota Corolla is MINE. I traded in my Honda for a new car. I have never had a new car before and it actually is more beneficial to me to have a newer car than the one I had before. Who wants to keep paying for a car that’s not even worth what I’m paying!? NOT ME. So I traded up. 🙂 My first car was super nice. A handmedown from my dear mother when my dad bought a new car and she got his. It was 2007 when I got the car and it was a 2001 Corolla. I really like Toyota’s. Unfortunately, I got into a car accident in 2011 and bought a 2000 Chevy Cavalier with the money I got from the insurance company after the accident. Then I joined the Navy and I wanted a car when I lived in the middle of nowhere. I still live there in case you’re wondering. So, I ended up with a 2004 Honda Accord. It was definitely time to trade up once I realized my car was 10 years old and I owed way too much on it. SO, there’s that story! haha. Thanks to the hubs for the help!!
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

4. I got to go to Hawaii.
Unfortunately, I went to Hawaii because I was on a short cruise on a Navy ship. But fortunately, I basically got to go to Hawaii for free. It’s not like I had to sail or fly there and pay out of pocket. lol. It was for RIMPAC. Maybe you heard about RIMPAC when you watched the movie Battleship. No…there aren’t any alien robots involved. Sorry to burst your bubble. It’s a Navy training exercise with other countries’ Navy’s. And really, I didn’t even get to do the RIMPAC part! lol. You will see why in #5. It was fun (Hawaii). And I got to have fun with my boyfriend (now husband).
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

5. We found out we were having a baby!
Jonathan and I were actually on our way out of Hawaii on the ship when I found out I was pregnant. That explains all of the tired nights in Hawaii and the cravings for carbs! haha. It was definitely surprising and exciting news. 🙂 There were a few complications (with work and the baby) along the way but we are now headed into 32 weeks!! And when I was about 20 weeks, we found out we were having a boy! Love it! Now, I just need to get his nursery set up and finish getting everything together for this little tike!
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

6. We got engaged!
After Jonathan got home from RIMPAC, we spent about 2 weeks together and we both hopped a plane to Wisconsin and then to New York to meet the families. It was AMAZING meeting the families. BUUUUTTT, Hubby dearest had another thing in mind! When we were in New York, he took me to Taughanook Falls and proposed!!! It was incredibly beautiful!!! By the way, that word is pronounced TUH-gan-nuck. 🙂 Just thought I would help you out. 😉
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014 img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

7. We got married!!!
I became a wife! Planned a small ceremony in Manhattan Beach and had a few friends there and it was absolutely perfect. My dad even Skyped me while wearing a suit and was able to walk me down the aisle. It was amazing. We actually were engaged for a total of 25 days by the time we were married. It only took about 2 weeks to plan for the wedding. And you know what? It still was the most beautiful day of my life!!! If you want to read about our beautiful day, you’re more than welcome to here. I wrote a little bit about it when I first started this blog.
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

8. We moved into a house.
Well, we didn’t buy a huge house or anything…it’s a house provided for us on base. It’s also nothing fancy but it’s better than the one bedroom apartment that we were in previously. It’s a big deal to me. I feel like I am all grown up. How weird. lol. We moved into the house the weekend after we got married. It’s really like my life turned into some sort of a fairytale. A little backwards at times but it is so great. I love our home together.  <3
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

9. I started a blog.
‘Really?’ YES. I started a blog…I’ve had one for years but this one is way different. 🙂 One I actually write in more often and care to talk to people about. I also am more out there for once. It’s nice. 🙂 It’s actually a big deal that I started a serious one this year. I will be able to use this blog as an outlet for my emotions, take a break from life, learn from others about how to be a good mommy, and also to be able to inspire people in their health and fitness. So, I hope that 2015 will bring some awesome life experiences to talk about!

10. Welcome to our family Miss Violet!
Hubs and I got a puppy this year!! Her name is Violet and I am pretty sure I wrote an entire post…or 5 about her. She will be 4 months old on the 3rd and she has blessed my life immensely. She’s teaching me a lot about parenting and patience. Violet is the cutest puppy I have ever seen and I never knew I was a dog person!! Guess I am now! 🙂 I regret nothing about getting her and every day, I look at her and say “I am so happy we found you.” I love her. 🙂
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now!! 10 big moments of 2014! Wow. That’s more than I thought! I could probably write a few more but I will leave it at the 10. I don’t want to bore the crap out of my beautiful readers. 😉 Looking back, this makes me think that 2015 is going to be lame! Let’s hope not…I mean…I know what #1 on next year’s list will be! I get to become a Mommy. 🙂 I CAN’T WAIT!


Are you?!

img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

Challenge Group- Update 1

Days 1-4 an update on how mama is staying fit!!
img_1440 Challenge Group- Update 1

Alright, so this challenge is for the last 15 days in 2014. I talked about it in a previous post…here.

On Monday, I did pretty good. Did well with my food for the day and I even worked out after class. Remember that Holiday Sale that happened with Beachbody? I talked about the Les Mills Pump workout that I ordered and I can finally do it. I was so excited. The workout for the night was Pump and Burn. And boy did it burn! I haven’t really lifted too much lately and I actually made it through the entire 30 minutes (minus abs). I don’t do abs because well, my muscles are kind of in different places now that the baby has taken ove rmy abdomen area. Anyway, in just 30 minutes or less, I worked on deadlifts, squats, shoulders, power cleans, presses, and chest. It was amazing. I definitely felt it the next day! Funny thing is…I only did about 15 lbs!! When I was working every single day before the pregnancy…I was definitely lifting a lot more weight! Oh well. I will get back eventually.

img_1440 Challenge Group- Update 1 img_1440 Challenge Group- Update 1

Tuesday…I was sick. I felt sick all day. I don’t know what happened. So, I didn’t bother working out at all. I ate well throughout most of the day, but once I got home, I didn’t. I was at least able to do the “homework.” We had to post our alter ego. I don’t really have one. So, I did what I do best. Turned to the hubby for some ideas. He called me Superwoman. And since I am pregnant, it reminded me of this photo.
img_1440 Challenge Group- Update 1
Okay, it’s Wonderwoman. But it still works!

Wednesday (yesterday), I was feeling so-so throughout the day. I was looking things up and realized that you can become anemic during pregnancy. I might have been feeling so tired and sick because I didn’t have enough Iron in my diet. Imagine that! It’s no wonder I was feeling a bit better after I ate my Lentil Lime Salad…lentils are full of iron!
img_1440 Challenge Group- Update 1
Because I was feeling better with more iron in my system and a lot of water, I decided I would do a short workout. I did the Les Mills Combat 30 Live. It’s my favorite. Punching, kicking, sweating…I felt good when I was done. The “homework” was posting a “sweaty selfie.” No problem, boss. Sweaty selfie it is!  
img_1440 Challenge Group- Update 1 img_1440 Challenge Group- Update 1

Today, I am sitting at work with not much to do so I have been blogging. Go figure. Blogging and hitting up Twitter to see who has posted interesting things recently! Whatever, I have a good time doing it, so why not? BUT for our “homework” assignment for the challenge group was to post a photo of you and your Shakeology shake in a Christmas-like manner. Well, I took my photo before I got to work and didn’t know it had to be Christmas-y! I thought…and thought…and thought….AND CAME UP WITH AN IDEA! Clicked on that little yellow icon on my iPhone6…ya know. The one with the little ghost on it? Yes, that one. Loaded my photo and then drew a little Santa drawing on my photo. Yes. Snapchat, saved the day! I was able to get an “A” on the homework for the day! Still eating pretty clean today as well and I will be doing another Pump workout this evening. I can’t wait. 🙂
img_1440 Challenge Group- Update 1 img_1440 Challenge Group- Update 1

What are you doing to jumpstart your New Year? Any resolutions? I am starting now. Why not?!

img_1440 Challenge Group- Update 1

img_1440 Challenge Group- Update 1

Third Trimester Crazies

img_1110 Third Trimester Crazies

Yup. I have hit the 3rd timester. And there is NOTHING wrong with being at this stage in the game, so please don’t misunderstand the title. There are just a few things going on these days that I didn’t expect!

As many of you know, this is my first pregnancy and so far, so good! My weight gain has been pretty good, steady. No morning sickness in the first trimester and the hubby isn’t running around at 2am to find me some Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream ice cream (although I am sure he would). My cravings have been just normal. And the only thing that has changed with my diet is, my taste buds hate most veggies and fruit…which is really unfortunate considering I ate those all the time before I was preggo!

Other than that, it’s been a pretty smooth pregnancy.

My back started hurting when I hit the 2nd trimester but I think that’s simply because my belly was sitting so low and it was pulling my ligaments. And now, I am bigger so it hurts and sciatica kicks in. I bet most people don’t know about sciatic until they are pregnant. I sure didn’t. But when I went to the doctor on Friday, I was given a belly band to wear and it’s supposed to help lift the belly up and support my back. The hubby tends to hold my belly up when he stands behind me to hug me sometimes. And just so you know, it works. Relieves a lot of pressure and feels great.

As for right now. I am feeling the wrath of tiredness! Call me Sleepy, because I could fall asleep at my desk every 5 minutes. After I eat, I start to doze off and it’s actually pretty funny. I’m sure if someone was sitting in the office with me, they would be laughing at how many times I go bobbing for apples!

It’s crazy how tiring it can be to grow a human. I’m not even joking. I didn’t realize it would even take THAT much energy out of me. They say that the baby is growing the fastest during this time. He will be puttong on most of his muscle and fat and just forming the rest of his body to prepare for birth.

I feel him kicking like crazy. Maybe it’s not even kicking. He could just be moving around in there, testing out his arms and legs, fingers and toes, just trying to see if everything is working right! I think sometimes he just punches things because he feels like it. Also, my husband and I make jokes that he’s doing handstands, pushups, and backflips in there. We workout a lot (especially the hubby) so we joke around and say how active our little boy is. He definitely loves dancing on my bladder!

Speaking of bladder…I am running to the bathroom so much more these days! I mean, it only makes sense! He’s getting bigger and the room he has is just getting smaller. So he is going to be pushing against things in there! haha.

Everyone tells me, you never feel ready for the baby. The entire time you’re a parent, you won’t feel like you’re ready. Well, if that’s true, then I can relax a little. I feel like there is so little time to get things done and to get things prepared for our boy! We have the nursery painted, the crib is put together, and we have clothes and diapers for him. We have other things too but I don’t know what exactly we need!!

Here’s what we have so far:
1. Jogging stroller with infant carseat
2. Crib and mattress
3. High Chair
4. Swing
5. Bouncer
6. Diaper Genie
7. Wipe Warmer
8. 2 Diaper bags
9. Diapers (sizes nb-4)
10. Baby clothes, numerous sizes
11. 4 swaddlers, 3 swaddle bankets
12. a few blankets
13. some teething toys
14. books
15. a couple random bottles

img_1110 Third Trimester Crazies

We probably have more than that, but I can’t think of it all at the moment. I just feel like we need a lot more stuff. And this weekend, I need to get a breast pump. In case you were wondering, those things aren’t cheap! And the reason we have a lot of the stuff above is because of B/S/T sites. Let’s face it, people have babies everyday. So, there’s bound to be plenty of mamas out there willing to sell their old things to make room for newer and bigger things as their kids grow up! And I will surely take advantage of that.

But then again. I have to remember. Like I just said…mamas have babies every day. They’ve been having babies since the beginning of time and people have survived. Clearly, we have better technology now to aid in the process but…mamas, have babies. So, all in all, I need to stop stressing. Our little boy will be here soon enough and I can go ahead and stress about the next 18+ years of his life. lol

Until next time,
img_1110 Third Trimester Crazies

img_1110 Third Trimester Crazies

Challenge Groups – 15 Days of AWESOME

img_1399 Challenge Groups - 15 Days of AWESOME img_1399 Challenge Groups - 15 Days of AWESOME

For those of you who have been around since I started this blog, you know that I am a Beachbody Coach. For those of you who are new, you can click on the link and read about it there!

When you’re a coach, there is a community of other coaches that are either your “upline” coaches who are paving the way for you or your “downline” coaches who are the people that are looking up to you and following in your footsteps.

Lucky for me, I joined an AWESOME team of individuals who are going hard for their goals, changing their lives, and helping others experience that same awesomness. It’s no wonder I was attracted to being a part of the team back in June 2013.

Slowly but surely, I have been making my way into the “biz” a little bit more each day. I was even able to participate in a challenge group run by our upline coach! The rules are simple, post every day, do the “homework” that is asked, drink Shakeology daily, and to post a before and after photo!

I REALLY wanted to participate but since I am pregnant, I had no idea how I was going to participate in this challenge. My amazing coach, Jamie, ended up sending in an extra entry fee for me and came up with a way for me to participate. I sent in my before photos and it turns out…I have lost A LOT of muscle that I spent the past year building! So, the next 15 days are dedicated to eating right and working on those legs and arms!

Yes, these photos are a bit embarrassing but I think it’s best to be as open as possible with all of my readers. I am also a huge goofball, so I make faces when I take the photos. The weight may not go anywhere since I have a little over 10.5 weeks left in my pregnancy but I plan to make these legs look sexy again! Plus, it will help me get back into it after baby boy gets here.

img_1399 Challenge Groups - 15 Days of AWESOME img_1399 Challenge Groups - 15 Days of AWESOME

What’s my plan?
I am doing Les Mills Pump. I talked about this in my post about the huge Holiday Sale that was going on at the end of November. Pump focuses on light weight and high repitition to get that beautifully toned muscle that you want. I am mainly focusing on these legs! Squats do wonders (from what I hear) for labor. SO, why not?! Anything that will help get this huge baby out! My husband was a 10 pounder so I am assuming out “little” boy won’t be so little after all! Also, I will be doing Les Mills Combat…because I love it. Haha. The weighted gloves will also really help me with my arms. 🙂

Today is day one and I look forward to trying out Pump tonight for the first time in months. I’m tired of being tired and lazy. I need to make a change. So, why not start now? It’s never too late to start. Plus, whatever I do good for me will be good for baby.

Get ready to hear more and see more photos in the next 15 days! 🙂

img_1399 Challenge Groups - 15 Days of AWESOME img_1399 Challenge Groups - 15 Days of AWESOME

img_1399 Challenge Groups - 15 Days of AWESOME

Bonus photo: Here’s what I looked like right before pregnancy.
img_1399 Challenge Groups - 15 Days of AWESOME img_1399 Challenge Groups - 15 Days of AWESOME

And this is me at about 11 weeks pregnant!
img_1399 Challenge Groups - 15 Days of AWESOME

img_1399 Challenge Groups - 15 Days of AWESOME