Starbucks “Unicorn” Drink: Love It or Hate It?

2 Starbucks "Unicorn" Drink: Love It or Hate It?

Let’s get one thing straight.

I love many and almost all things unicorn AND Lisa Frank-like! I’m a 90’s kid and Lisa Frank was all the rage when I was a kid. Trapper keepers and stickers were (and still are) my jam. I think the crazy unicorn phase we’re all going through is the same thing now.

Starbucks came out with this super cool Unicorn Frappucino, guys! And let me tell you – I was incredibly excited about it. Why? Because it’s purple-y and unicorn-y. Yeah, I’m making up words now.

But I’ve been at work the entire first day of it’s release and I was like,

“Darn. I’m missing out.”

As I’m sure all of us have noticed (Facebook and Instagram tell us EVERYTHING), people have been posting the nutritional facts about these beautiful beverages. I will not lie to you. I was incredibly disappointed with what I saw BUT I really wasn’t surprised! I mean, look:

2 Starbucks "Unicorn" Drink: Love It or Hate It?
In reality, if you’re getting any sort is specialty drink at Starbucks, you’re probably getting a pretty decent amount of sugar and sodium from that too. Obviously, it would vary by size. But did you really think that Starbucks was going to make this pretty drink WITHOUT sugar? Is it possible? Maybe. I wouldn’t know. I’m not that creative.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you I’m the epitome of a healthy eater. Actually, I’d like to say I’m a good example of a #fitmom but hey, I’m still human. I enjoy a few oreos and a caramel Frappucino (extra caramel, please). But I really don’t suggest filling your body with two to three times of the recommended amount of sugar. Let’s go with #FitMomButImHuman.

2 Starbucks "Unicorn" Drink: Love It or Hate It?

Also, you know how many people said it didn’t even taste that great? Some people say it tastes like birthday cake. There’s “sour stuff” in it from what I read in one of my local groups I’m a part of. Sour is cool…but I don’t know how that would taste with coffee.


2 Starbucks "Unicorn" Drink: Love It or Hate It?
Nationwide Nurse-In Events and Breastfeeding Laws

Listen here, I’m all for caffeine free beverages. I’ll drink them at the end of the day for the sole reason of needing to sleep at night or because I’m still breastfeeding. I’d rather not be kept up by my 6 month because she’s bouncing off the walls.

BUT, I AM a mom of two. Two children who happen to be 2 and under. If I’m going to have a drink from Starbucks, I want to be kept awake throughout the day to prevent “mombie” mode with CAFFEINE, not a sugar high!

And like I said, from the sounds of it, it doesn’t taste that great. From what I got (from the thousands of people’s posts) is that it basically tastes like birthday cake filled with disappointment. Hey, that’s just what it sounds like.

I will say this though (and to those of you STILL reading, thank you), if you compare some of the popular soda beverages out there to this drink then you will likely see that the sugar content really isn’t as horrible as you thought. ALSO, if you decide you want to get the Unicorn Frappucino with soy milk and no whip cream, then the sugar drops quite a bit. There are people who are freaking out about the nutrition in these drinks and there are people who are freaking out about the people who are freaking out about the nutrition. That sentence made sense, right?

Yes, I added the nutrition in this post.
Yes, I talked about it.
Yes, I said I wouldn’t drink it because of how much sugar there is in it.
BUT – if I alter the drink to the way I would like to drink it (soy milk and no whip cream) and I get a smaller size (a tall)…guess what? The sugar is LESS than ONE can of Coca-cola.

2 Starbucks "Unicorn" Drink: Love It or Hate It?

How many of  you drink one soda per day? Something to think about, hey?

Either way – will I try it? Maybe. I have a few days left to do so.
Will I be mad if I don’t? Eh, maybe not.
If I am going to spend $4 (or more) on a beverage at Starbucks…
– it needs caffeine/coffee
– it needs to be delicious
– it needs to be worth packing up the 2 children, driving to Starbucks, waiting in line, spending the money, and making me feel like a supermom

Hey, if I try it, at least it’ll be a good photo op for my Instagram. 😉

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2 Starbucks "Unicorn" Drink: Love It or Hate It?

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