How I Got Healthy and Saved Us Money

blog1 How I Got Healthy and Saved Us Money

Alright, for real. I know a lot of people will sit there and tell you that eating right and eating healthy costs so much money. Actually, many of you have probably seen this photo before:

blog1 How I Got Healthy and Saved Us Money

Or you have seen some sort of variation of the photo. But let’s be honest. If you’re going to go to McDonald’s, is your goal to really eat something nutritious and good for you? Chances are, you’re probably craving that delicious cheeseburger and their “crack” fries as I like to call them.

When I was pregnant, I craved red meat and potatoes….EVERY SINGLE DAY. It was horrible. I wanted to eat McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King…you name it, I wanted it. Prior to being pregnant, I exercised regularly and ate healthy as well. But there were issues during my pregnancy that held me back a little bit from pushing myself as hard as I usually did. So, I slacked. I ate junk and I enjoyed it.

But after I had my son, it was no longer enjoyable for me to be eating the way that I did. It was disgusting to me. I disgusted myself because I knew what I was doing to my body. In April, 2015 I decided that I no longer wanted to eat from these franchise fast food chains anymore and I didn’t want to subject my health and the health of my baby to the “crap” that as in these foods.

I kept track of a few of my grocery bills from the past few months and noticed a trend. The further into my pregnancy I got, the more we spent on groceries. Of course, I was probably eating more because I was growing a human in my body but I also wasn’t eating healthy. So, to feed a family of two, in the months of October, November, and December, we totaled about $1,250 in groceries. That doesn’t include all of the times we went out to eat which was about 3 times a week to fast food places and at least once or twice on the weekends at other restaurants. I’d say we totaled about another $150 A WEEK in crap food. $150 a week for 3 months? $1,800. Whoah. Alright, that’s a little disgusting. I never realized we spent that much! That brings us to a grand total of $3,050 in just 3 months! I could’ve put a lot of that money towards my car payment!

Anyway, let’s stay on track here. I bet many of you think that’s ridiculous. It really is. The REALLY sad thing about this is that most of that food that we had purchased in just those 3 months were unhealthy and processed foods. Not only that, I’m willing to bet we didn’t eat most of it and wasted it by throwing away what went bad. Or we just didn’t want to eat leftovers because we had so much junk.

I finally had enough. Enough of the extra calories I didn’t need, enough with being unhealthy, and enough with the overspending and constant waste. It wasn’t good for our bodies and it wasn’t good on my wallet either. I had my baby in February and I couldn’t workout for a few weeks until my doctor gave me the “okay.” Even once I had the permission to work out, I still had to be careful as not to injure myself or put too much stress on my body since I was still healing.

Lucky for me, the only thing that I was really staying with to keep me healthy during my pregnancy was Shakeology. Yes, that superfood, nutrient-dense shake that you hear myself and countless others talk about. It’s really an amazing drink. Anyway, I made a decision to stop eating fast food, stop eating junk, and I made a commitment to drinking Shakeology everyday. I made little changes here and there when it came to my diet. I didn’t do anything drastic but I made a conscious effort to put good things into my body. At 7 weeks post partum and to 10 weeks post partum, just those little changes made a HUGE difference.

blog1 How I Got Healthy and Saved Us Money

I kid you not. I didn’t exercise. Maybe a couple walks here and there. Trust me, I wanted to work out so badly but I had to be careful.

Those little changes that I did not only for my body and my health, were also a huge change for our wallets.

Once we started changing our eating habits, our lives were just transformed. The reason we were able to save money was because we were more conscious about what we were eating. We stopped eating fast food. That cut out that $1800 that I talked to you about earlier. What are we left with? A $1250 bill for 3 months…so let’s say that we had a $400 bill each month between my husband and I. Well, we already have the basics. We have the tools we need to cool and all of the spices. Let’s face it, spices are expensive. It takes a long time to build that collection up! But as we started meal prepping and planning out the meals we were going to eat and ate more of the fresh fruits and veggies we could get, we started seeing that our bank account wasn’t going away as quickly.

We also noticed that if we are buying meat, that’s when the bill goes up. We stock up on meat when it’s on sale and put it in our deep freezer. We usually buy meat only once or twice a month (if we need to) and stash it away. But most of our bills are all produce and eggs. We rarely get bread or dairy. Our bill went from about $400 (or more) a month to less than $300 a month. Take our totally from the 3 months while I was pregnant ($3050) and to 3 months now, it’s about $1200…total. We barely go out to eat at restaurants and if we do, it’s not at an overly priced heart attack shop. That’s a savings of $1850! That money can then be put away in our savings or for other fun things we would like to do as a family. But one of the things that we like to use that money on, is our Shakeology.

Shakeology is a superfood, nutrient-dense shake that is made to give you everything the body needs in one daily dose. And it’s delicious. If you want to learn more about Shakeology, you can click here. This shake has given us a lot of health benefits and helped us with increased energy and helps me with weight loss. Remember up above when I talked about my weight loss? This is what I used.

So, many people say that those health shakes are expensive. Really, when it comes to your health…it’s not. Here’s an example of what I get when I drink Shakeology and what I get when I eat my favorite pregnancy meal and Starbucks drink…

blog1 How I Got Healthy and Saved Us Money

But Shakeology is SO expensive. Right? Wrong. It’s not that expensive when you put things into perspective. If I drink a Shake for $4.00 a day, (120.00 per month) our bill is STILL so much lower than it was before. Plus, as a coach, I receive a discount on my Shakeology as well.

Sometimes, you just need to put things into perspective and see what is important to you. Health, fitness, and my family are incredibly important to me. I put all of that at risk when I decided that it wasn’t imperative for me to be the healthiest me possible. If you have kids and a family, you know where I am coming from. If you are sitting there thinking about how you can make yourself the healthiest and happiest version of you, then this is one step how.

I am more than happy to go over more of this with anyone willing to learn. I love helping people and I love seeing people reach their goals. Nothing is impossible. And this is the proof of it. 😉

If you have any interest in learning more about Shakeology, accountability groups, or anything related to what I talked about, please feel free to fill out this form and I will contact you as soon as possible! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my post. <3

blog1 How I Got Healthy and Saved Us Money

Challenge Groups – 15 Days of AWESOME

img_1399 Challenge Groups - 15 Days of AWESOME img_1399 Challenge Groups - 15 Days of AWESOME

For those of you who have been around since I started this blog, you know that I am a Beachbody Coach. For those of you who are new, you can click on the link and read about it there!

When you’re a coach, there is a community of other coaches that are either your “upline” coaches who are paving the way for you or your “downline” coaches who are the people that are looking up to you and following in your footsteps.

Lucky for me, I joined an AWESOME team of individuals who are going hard for their goals, changing their lives, and helping others experience that same awesomness. It’s no wonder I was attracted to being a part of the team back in June 2013.

Slowly but surely, I have been making my way into the “biz” a little bit more each day. I was even able to participate in a challenge group run by our upline coach! The rules are simple, post every day, do the “homework” that is asked, drink Shakeology daily, and to post a before and after photo!

I REALLY wanted to participate but since I am pregnant, I had no idea how I was going to participate in this challenge. My amazing coach, Jamie, ended up sending in an extra entry fee for me and came up with a way for me to participate. I sent in my before photos and it turns out…I have lost A LOT of muscle that I spent the past year building! So, the next 15 days are dedicated to eating right and working on those legs and arms!

Yes, these photos are a bit embarrassing but I think it’s best to be as open as possible with all of my readers. I am also a huge goofball, so I make faces when I take the photos. The weight may not go anywhere since I have a little over 10.5 weeks left in my pregnancy but I plan to make these legs look sexy again! Plus, it will help me get back into it after baby boy gets here.

img_1399 Challenge Groups - 15 Days of AWESOME img_1399 Challenge Groups - 15 Days of AWESOME

What’s my plan?
I am doing Les Mills Pump. I talked about this in my post about the huge Holiday Sale that was going on at the end of November. Pump focuses on light weight and high repitition to get that beautifully toned muscle that you want. I am mainly focusing on these legs! Squats do wonders (from what I hear) for labor. SO, why not?! Anything that will help get this huge baby out! My husband was a 10 pounder so I am assuming out “little” boy won’t be so little after all! Also, I will be doing Les Mills Combat…because I love it. Haha. The weighted gloves will also really help me with my arms. 🙂

Today is day one and I look forward to trying out Pump tonight for the first time in months. I’m tired of being tired and lazy. I need to make a change. So, why not start now? It’s never too late to start. Plus, whatever I do good for me will be good for baby.

Get ready to hear more and see more photos in the next 15 days! 🙂

img_1399 Challenge Groups - 15 Days of AWESOME img_1399 Challenge Groups - 15 Days of AWESOME

img_1399 Challenge Groups - 15 Days of AWESOME

Bonus photo: Here’s what I looked like right before pregnancy.
img_1399 Challenge Groups - 15 Days of AWESOME img_1399 Challenge Groups - 15 Days of AWESOME

And this is me at about 11 weeks pregnant!
img_1399 Challenge Groups - 15 Days of AWESOME

img_1399 Challenge Groups - 15 Days of AWESOME

Holiday Savings with Beachbody

tbb_black_friday_promo_728x90 Holiday Savings with Beachbody

So, last week at Beachbody they started a little early with the Black Friday deals! Instead, it was black Tuesday and went on until the 2nd of December!

I just have to talk about the amazing things that were going on for this Holiday Sale. I was told about it by my really great friend and coach, Jamie that there was going to be a sale going on. I imagined this would have like 2 things on it and sure the prices would be great, but how would I benefit from it? I haven’t really bought any of the programs from Team Beachbody yet but I have been ordering Shakeology from them for over a year now (2 years in June!). I know I like a lot of the programs. Benefits of having a really good friend as your coach? She probably owns about every single DVD program that Beachbody sells. lol

Not even joking. She LOVES to work out and working out at home is so much easier when you have a hectic lifestyle. And sometimes, being the military or on the ship, you need those options! I have done MANY of the programs with her including, Turbofire, T25, P90X3, Les Mills Pump, Les Mills Combat, Brazil Butt Lift Master Series, ChaLEAN Extreme, and many more. I have loved doing a lot of those with her. So, I figured I would check out the Holiday Sale at and see what they had to offer. This was on Monday night.

I looked at that site and got SO excited! First of all, I had been “borrowing” Les Mills Combat from Jamie for like….MONTHS now. I love that program. It’s a lot of fun and if you’re into any kind of martial arts it’s right up your alley. IT WAS ON SALE! Not only was it on sale, it was extremely affordable. Well, it already is pretty afforadable anyway. Being that I am a COACH I get a 25% discount on the items I purchase. SCORE. So I knew I was going to get that for sure. Originally, it is $35.96 but on sale it was about $23.95 I believe.

I started scrolling through more of the programs and saw that they had Turbofire, the original package and the deluxe package on sale. Seeing as I used Turbofire to really kick start my fitness lifestyle over a year ago, I wanted to get that as well! Prices were unbelievable! And here’s the real kicker…I saw that Les Mills Pump was for sale!! What is that? Well, it’s an amazing fast-paced workout video with weights. I LOVE it. Pump up the muscle and toning, right?! RIGHT! Can you tell I am excited about that? Originally, Pump comes to about $100.00. “A hundred bucks for a workout video?!” Yes, I know. Sounds absurd. But wait until you hear what it all comes with…7 fat-blasting, lean muscle building workouts, a barbell, 2-5 lb and 2-10lb weight plates, fitness guide, nutrition guide, a tape measure, measurement tracker, AND there’s a bonus workout. “All of that for 100 you say?” Yes, I say. 🙂 But again, it was part of the Holiday Sale and it was down to 59.99. WHAT?! INSANE! Yes, add that to my list of programs I would like to try.

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tbb_black_friday_promo_728x90 Holiday Savings with Beachbody

My Beachbody Story

I became a Beachbody Coach in June 2013. Being in the Navy, we have a lot of physical standards that we need to keep up with and sometimes it can be challenging. Especially if you don’t really know what to do. Well, I was fairly new to the Navy and hadn’t quite been in for a year yet and I started to notice that I was gaining the weight back that I had lost in boot camp. I joined the Navy at 163 pounds. Standing at 5’5″ I was either overweight or right at the overweight mark for Navy standards. I lost about 18-20 pounds in boot camp and I told myself I was going to keep it off. Well, I didn’t I started creeping back up to about 152 pounds when I noticed that I needed to do something. It was in May of 2013 and I realized we had exactly 4 or 5 weeks to get back into shape before the next Physical Fitness Assessment.

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?s=100&d=mm&r=g My Beachbody Story

Adventures In Being A Newlywedded Wife Pt. 4

Alright! Well, Tuesday night was another interesting one! I took this recpie from the book that was included in my Beachbody Ultimate Reset kit that I did in the beginning of this year. It’s definitely an all vegan dish and I enjoyed it when I made it last time. Unfortunately, I ran into some problems this time!

2014-10-28_08-50-42_11 Adventures In Being A Newlywedded Wife Pt. 4

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2014-10-28_08-50-42_11 Adventures In Being A Newlywedded Wife Pt. 4

Let Me Get This Straight, You CAN Work Out While Preggo!

Imagine that. Working out during pregnancy is perfectly, okay!

Since finding out we were expecting, I have gone through a roller coaster of challenges and a multitude of questions popped up, daily. Before finding out, I was on a ship with the Navy on a nice 2-month long “cruise” in the Pacific with a couple stops in Hawaii. Nice, right?! If you’re in the military, you know there are pros and cons to this. Anyway, whenever I am on the ship, I find a specific workout routine. I don’t do as much weights as I did before walking onto the “floating city” because I am afraid of the rocking of the ship causing me to drop weights or something. I would do light weights but heavy squats were out for the time being. When you’re out to sea you work a 12 on-12 off shift, every single day. With that being said, I woke up at 0230 started my workout anytime between 0245 and 0300 and workout until 0400. At the time, I was trying out Advocare’s 24-day challenge (hybrid style with Shakeology meal replacements instead) and was trying as hard as possible to stick to only lean foods. Lost some weight and got pretty toned before we hit Hawaii. My workouts really consisted of A LOT of cardio and High Intensity Interval Training. I lifted weights every now and then to keep my muscle as well. Long story short: I was focused on my training and only that. So, why didn’t I lose as much weight as I wanted? I was pregnant!! No wonder I started feeling sick sometimes and couldn’t workout as hard as I did!

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?s=100&d=mm&r=g Let Me Get This Straight, You CAN Work Out While Preggo!