My Favorite Highlighters – Right Now


dsc_0172_fotor1 My Favorite Highlighters - Right Now

Guys, we all know that highlighters were all the rage in 2016. I am by no means a beauty blogger but I definitely enjoy my cosmetics! When I started this blog (after closing down my old one) I talked about getting back into wearing makeup, being a newlywed, and pregnancy. Apparently, I have a makeup obsession when I am pregnant. This time around, the makeup bug has stuck and I haven’t stopped purchasing! This could be a bad thing.

Either way, since I skipped out on a lot of makeup buying once I had my son, I kind of started playing “catch up.” Not on purpose, but it would seem as though I can’t stop buying makeup again. Highlighters included. They are like my favorite things to look at and purchase next to lipsticks and shadows.

There’s just something fun about a good highlight! Makes you glowy without the sweat. I say that because I workout all the time and that’s usually how I get my natural glow! So, I figured I would share a few of my favorites right now. And sadly, for someone who isn’t that great at makeup and NOT a beauty guru or makeup artist….I have quite a few still sitting in my drawer!

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Beauty Post – What’s Your Favorite Eyeliner?

dsc_0570 Beauty Post - What's Your Favorite Eyeliner?

There has been A LOT of talk recently about the Benefit Cosmetics – They’re Real Push-Up Liner.

I had a nice little rendevous over to Ulta not too long ago and tried this eyeliner out. It’s pretty nice. Does the trick. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t the one handling the little contraption. One of the ladies at Ulta was putting the eyeliner on for me. That gel liner that hugs the lash line seems so PERFECT, doesn’t it?

Well, it is perfect. But I cannot put it on myself. I feel like I waste more of that gel liner than I get on my face. That’s not good. Like, most of the gel comes out or falls off the stick when you’re putting it on. I think you’re wasting more! Standing at $24 for just the liner, I can’t justify spending that much when I can’t even use it correctly. I don’t know…maybe it’s operator error but…I’ll save the money if I can.

I do have a few other liners that are in my arsenal though! And you know what? They tend to do the trick. I mean, I have just recently learned how to do my liner and brows better from my girl over at Pretty Little Mama so it’s not like I am an expert or anything. Raquel? She’s an expert. Check her out, or even just look at her instagram once you’ve hit her page.

As for my liners. For awhile I have been using the Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen in black. It’s pretty easy. It’s a pen. goes on fairly smooth and stays on pretty well. But it doesn’t seem as dark as I need it and not as precise. Maybe, I am just running out. At Ulta it’s about $9.49.

dsc_0570 Beauty Post - What's Your Favorite Eyeliner? dsc_0570 Beauty Post - What's Your Favorite Eyeliner?

Even before discovering the Revlon eyeliner, I was using a pencil. I was using the Rimmel London SpecialEyes Eyeliner Pencil in black. You can get this at Ulta for $3.99. Pencil doesn’t quite do the trick for the liner on the top lid. I’ve noticed that it just gets smudgey or melty and we don’t like that! But when I am putting liner on my bottom lash line, I don’t like using any type of liquid because, let’s face it…I am not very good with my precision. I get the liquid in my eyeball and it burns! You’ve been there…admit it! Anyway, to prevent such smudging on the lash line, I usually add a little black shadow anyway. I use Blackout in the Urban Decay Naked2 Palette. Sometimes, I will use MAC’s Brun for a softer look.

dsc_0570 Beauty Post - What's Your Favorite Eyeliner? dsc_0570 Beauty Post - What's Your Favorite Eyeliner?

When I went to Ulta to look at the Benefit eyeliner, I came across the L’Oreal Linear Intense Felt Tip Liquid Liner in black ($8.99). I wasn’t exactly sure on how I would feel about the liner because I figured I would have to literally paint on my wings. Well, I do. But I love it! It’s a great liner for me. I get right to where I want it and it’s pretty forgiving as well. It’s not going to go where I don’t want it to go. The only thing is, the way I do my liner with the wings…I can’t quite get it done with this liner. So, I acutally start out with my Revlon pen and then go back to this one to go over it and finish the rest of the liner! This is now my go-to liner. Smooth, dries quickly, doesn’t smudge, and it doesn’t look like it’s paint. I love it.

dsc_0570 Beauty Post - What's Your Favorite Eyeliner? dsc_0570 Beauty Post - What's Your Favorite Eyeliner?

Another favorite of mine is MAC’s Penultimate Eye Liner in black. Can you tell I like black liner? 😉 It’s another pen liner that goes on well. As opposed to the Revlon liner that I use on most days, the accuracy is a little better and the black is a little, blacker. I use this one on the weekends because…I am cheap. Standing at $20 I would rather just buy that every few months than have to buy it more often.

dsc_0570 Beauty Post - What's Your Favorite Eyeliner? dsc_0570 Beauty Post - What's Your Favorite Eyeliner?

There you have it. My favorite eyeliners!! What are some of your favorites?! Let me know in the comments! 🙂

dsc_0570 Beauty Post - What's Your Favorite Eyeliner?

dsc_0570 Beauty Post - What's Your Favorite Eyeliner?

All About That Base…’Bout That Base…

dsc_0414 All About That Base...'Bout That Base...

Oh I know, it’s a lame title for a post. I heard the song while I was in my car and it’s been stuck in there. lol. Admit it, it happens to the best of us.

Anyway, this post really is all about the Base (face)!

I just wanted to show ya’ll what I do for my face every morning or when I am getting ready for a night out. It’s very easy with these steps.

I don’t like waking up early so I don’t. I am sure that will change once our little bundle of joy gets here. But until then, I will be sleeping in for as long as I can. 🙂 I mostly shower at night so I go to bed with a clean face and wake up with a clean face. But sometimes, I have to go to the gym before work for PT and I only have about 20 minutes to shower and get ready for work. So, here are the steps I take to making my base (see what I did there?), nearly perfect!

Disclaimer: Just about every product is MAC. Just letting you know. 🙂

dsc_0414 All About That Base...'Bout That Base...
Here’s what I look like after washing my face! I know, not very exciting. And pregnancy and the hormones really do change your complexion. Hopefully it clears up a bit after baby is out!! Keep your fingers crossed!

1. Moisturizer
I don’t ALWAYS use moisturizer considering I haven’t really found one that I like the best as of right now. I never knew much about using these on my face but I found that it’s probably really good for you. Especially in these colder months, if you have dry skin, like me, you’ll want a good moisturizer. And let’s be honest, right now I am using some lotion from Aveeno. Don’t worry, I will be finding a good one soon. I did like one that I used for my wedding from MAC. The one I used on my wedding day was Mineralize Charged Water Face and Body Lotion.

2. Primer
Again, I still haven’t found a primer I really liked because, I never knew that you needed to have one! I also used one from MAC though for my wedding and it was pretty good. I need to just research the moisturizer and the primer and figure out which works best for my face. The primer was definitely great for keeping my makeup intact all day and it was great in photos. I used the Prep + Prime Natural Radiance from MAC.

3. Concealer
I started using a concealer, recently, mostly for under my eyes and my red spots. What people don’t normally tell you about getting pregnant, is that you will get acne. Worse than before. I never got like the terrible acne going on but I get zits a lot more often than I used to. Also, my skin has always had a redness to it and it’s hard to even out the tone unless I use concealer. So, I am glad I have discovered it!! I use Matchmaster Concealer from MAC #4.  It’s smooth and covers the areas I have problems with. Red spots, under eyes, and I even use it on my eyelids for a primer for my shadow. Sometimes I will use it as a highlight for my brows as well. A friend of mine taught me that little trick! I’ve had this tube since September and it’s lasted me quite awhile. It’s also one of those things I don’t use every single day. I can just cover up with some foundation when I am at work and call it a day!
dsc_0414 All About That Base...'Bout That Base...

4. Foundation
For my foundation, I use the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation NW22 for my all over coverage. It’s surprisingly, not as heavy as I thought it would be when I bought it a few years ago. I was a little skeptical about buying it since it was $32.00 for a foundation but that little bottle has lasted me a VERY long time. Let’s just say, I have definitely been using it every day for the past…year. Well, there were times I didn’t use it as often because when you are on the ship, you’re not going to do your makeup as much. At least, I didn’t. Makeup isn’t meant for you to just sweat it off. Haha.
dsc_0414 All About That Base...'Bout That Base...

5. Powder
So, for my EVERYDAY, I wear the Select Sheer/Pressed powder NC40. It’s lighter than I had expected but I have gotten tanner and lighter since buying it and it still works pretty well. Again, it’s another one of those things you wouldn’t think is super light, but that’s the beauty of it. Sheer. It’s sheer. When you wear clothing that is sheer, isn’t it lightweight? Imagine the powder to be like that. I love it. It has also lasted me forever. Another reason why I love MAC. All my cosmetics that I have bought from them last a very long time.
dsc_0414 All About That Base...'Bout That Base... dsc_0414 All About That Base...'Bout That Base...

6. Bronzer
I don’t wear this all the time but when I feel like adding some dimension, I will. I learned about bronzer before my wedding because I didn’t think I would ever need it. What half Filipino girl needs bronzer? Apparently, this very white filipino. lol. I just add a little bit of contouring to my cheeks and it makes my cheekbones pop. It’s nice, considering I have a rather round face. I use Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Dark.
dsc_0414 All About That Base...'Bout That Base...

7. Blush
Last but not least, I do wear blush. I find it funny that I even wear it considering I try to cover up most of the redness in my face. But really, I’m just putting the color in the right places. I use Powder Blush by MAC called Gingerly. It’s a little bit more like a brownish-pink as opposed to a super pink or red color. I liked it a lot because I could NEVER find the right color for my face. And this was it. 🙂
dsc_0414 All About That Base...'Bout That Base...

8. Brows
Brows are just as important as the rest of the face. So I include the brows in this. I realize now, how important it is to do your eyebrows. I don’t care what anyone says. Do them. A friend of mine actually had to help me out in learning how to sculpt my brows so they didn’t look so funny. I have tried out a few techniques and I think I am finally getting them down. And I have finally decided on the shape that I want them to be like. It’s pretty natural anyway. I don’t wax, thread, or anything. Just a little plucking here and there. Anyway, sometimes I line the brow with a pencil to start things off. Usually, that’s just for the weekends or when I am going somewhere special. I use MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Stubborn Brown. But when I am just going to work, I tend to skip this step. So, for the brows (after the liner or to start out) I take a piece of toilet paper or paper towel and spray it with this Prep + Prime Fix from MAC which helps the shadow I use to stick. It’s a finishing spray so that makes sense. And I take my angled brush and dab it on the paper before I grab some shadow. I just use one of MAC’s classic Shadows called Brun and I shape my brow and fill it in! Easy peasy. Again, it’s one of those things I am still working on but I am getting better. Makeup is all about testing yourself anyway and figuring out what techniques work best for you.
dsc_0414 All About That Base...'Bout That Base...dsc_0414 All About That Base...'Bout That Base...
dsc_0414 All About That Base...'Bout That Base...

Alright, so now that the face is done…what’s next?! You can play with some fun shadows and lip colors, get some fake lashes or a really good mascara, some liner…perfect the look! But since this post was ALL ABOUT THAT BASE….FACE….whatever, that’s all I am going to show you for today! And here is the finished product!! Yikes, I need some mascara! haha.
dsc_0414 All About That Base...'Bout That Base...

Until next time!
dsc_0414 All About That Base...'Bout That Base...

dsc_0414 All About That Base...'Bout That Base...