Crochet Bralettes – SeebyDesigns

2FDF3DC6-59AC-4B1E-8651-692F4B45D4B6-225x300 Crochet Bralettes - SeebyDesigns

Have you all seen those crochet tops? You can probably get a few of them on Etsy or something. Crochet has definitely come a long way from blankets and scarves. Oh wait, that’s just me…that’s all I know how to crochet.

Well, a friend of mine actually started crocheting a few of these babies and I had been wanting to get some! They are so cute and probably something I wouldn’t normally wear but I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone a little bit, every now and then. So, when I posted on my Facebook, asking if anyone wanted to work together on a collab, I was secretly hoping Erin would message me.  2FDF3DC6-59AC-4B1E-8651-692F4B45D4B6-225x300 Crochet Bralettes - SeebyDesigns

Sure enough, she did! 

Erin is a very talented and creative gal. Erin of Seeby Designs makes all of these adorable pieces and gets them out pretty quickly as well! She started with hats (which I had actually ordered from her) and started doing different variations (like ones with ears!). Then she went onto different kinds of scarves then now bralettes! I love all of her work and I am definitely all for spreading the word!

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3 Weeks Post Baby

img_6843 3 Weeks Post BabyWhile I was pregnant, I kept up with my fitness lifestyle. At least, during my second pregnancy. During my first, I didn’t work out much due to the doctor telling me to take 8 weeks off because I almost lost my son. It was scary and I listened! But it was very difficult to pick up the fitness routine after those 8 weeks and I just gave up. I fought hard for that year before we got pregnant again and I was barely even close to where I had been before. 

The cool thing is, I gained a lot of muscle and was in better shape during this pregnancy than in between my pregnancies. I want to get back into the gym but at the same time…I’m trying my best to be patient through the healing. Plus…I have two babies at home to take care of now. So, it’ll be interesting to see how I fit in my workouts! 

BUT I’ve been itching to do some exercising. I’m not in a HUGE hurry to get back into the gym but I’m noticing that some of the gains I worked so hard for during my pregnancy…are slowly going away. That’s not fun. You know what else isn’t fun? Being super antsy to just get outside or to move a little more. 

I have yet to buy my double jogging stroller to take the kids out together but on the weekends my hubby and I can take both the kids and go for super nice walks together. Little man goes on the swings at the park and plays on the playground, little miss takes naps in the stroller, and my husband and I do exercises at the park. He does a lot of pull-ups and other calisthenics and I just to body weight exercises. For now, I’m not doing too much but just being able to get my heart rate up is good. It definitely helps my mood as well. Keeps me sane. 😂 Movement is good for the body and the soul! 🙌🏽❤️️

img_6843 3 Weeks Post Baby


autumn #LetsFixThis

It’s sad to know that human trafficking is such an issue today. But thankfully there are people at the International Justice Mission and Beachbody that are doing their part to make a difference. Click here to learn more about the International Justice Mission.

autumn #LetsFixThis

And now it’s my turn. The CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler, has put the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack on sale for the month of June. A challenge pack is a bag of Shakeology PLUS the 21 Day Fix workouts, meal plans, workout calendar, and more, for $140. That’s only $10 more than a bag of Shakeology, by itself.

Why is this sale important? Well, for every 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack that is sold during this month, Carl will donate $10 to the International Justice Mission to help in the efforts to end human trafficking!

This is so exciting! To be part of a company that helps change lives, get people fit and healthy, AND supports a good cause. I am all about that. So, here’s the deal.

I am running a challenge group next month to get people together and get healthy and so wait. You’ve all seen the infomercials about the 21 Day Fix. You’ve seen commercials. You’ve seen people walking around with these colored containers and drinking Shakeology. I want to talk to you about all of that.

First of all, this is Shakeology:

That’s the best way I can describe it. It’s a healthy, nutrient dense shake. It’s super healthy and tasty at the same time and it has changed my life.

I want to help you get a jump start on your health and fitness lifestyle! Join me in this challenge group! Lose weight, get toned, get healthy, be fit, have accountability, be encouraged, and get help and advice from others like us! Email me at if you have any questions or are interested in getting started!! I am very excited about this challenge next month and I hope to get others involved with me so we can help put an end to human trafficking AND get fit and healthy!

autumn #LetsFixThis

For more info on the 21 Day Fix challenge pack, please watch this video or email me to find out more! 🙂

autumn #LetsFixThis

Travel Tuesday – A Guest Post

tfss-706a7a14-60f3-4a99-adf4-4109744acb34-image Travel Tuesday - A Guest Post

One of my darling blogging friends and I have been talking for a little while now. And I am sure you have seen her name all over my blog as it is! But when she agreed to do a quest post for me, I was ECSTATIC! She writes really well and I have never had a guest writer yet!

She decided that she wanted to write about her home town and it actually inspired me to do a series with other people who want to be guest writers as well. I don’t know how often I will get people to write for my blog, but this is a REALLY great start! Here’s what Miss Rosie had to say!!

Welcome to my home town: Melbourne
tfss-706a7a14-60f3-4a99-adf4-4109744acb34-image Travel Tuesday - A Guest Post

When Abigail asked me to write up a guest post for her blog I was ecstatic and happy to do so but I drew a big, fat blank. I get pretty overwhelmed when I can write about anything. You’d think it’d be liberating, but alas I have a million and one ideas and then NONE at all! I listed down what I wanted readers of Hey Darling Love to know about me, essentially an Aussie gal who’s obsessed with fashion and beauty – and that’s when it hit me; I’m an Aussie, what better topic to write about than my home town of Melbourne.

I can give you all the Wikipedia spiel about Melbourne and how it’s the second largest city in Australia, with a population of more than four million people yadda yadda yadda – you can look that shit up yourself. I want you to know MY Melbourne. Things I love to do and see around the city that I would recommend to you if you were to come and visit – AND YOU SHOULD VISIT!

tfss-706a7a14-60f3-4a99-adf4-4109744acb34-image Travel Tuesday - A Guest Post

First and foremost the weather here is erratic to say the least. Every true Melburnian will pack an umbrella AND a pair of sunglasses. It’s known to have four seasons in one day – an aspect that’s lovely yet totally annoying if you’ve planned an outdoor event. At the races this year we got rained on one day and then 3 days later we got sunburnt, WTF?!

Now I love to shop and lucky for me the shopping here is OFF THE HOOK! People from all around Australia will come to Melbourne to shop. There’s everything from high end boutiques to funky little stores to huge malls. We are very spoilt for choice. If you have a spare day in the city I would highly recommend just wandering around all the little streets and laneways and get lost looking at all the amazing stores.

tfss-706a7a14-60f3-4a99-adf4-4109744acb34-image Travel Tuesday - A Guest Post

Melbourne’s known for its amazing coffee culture (not to mention outstanding food and wine – that’s a whole other blog post!). There are so many coffee shops and cafés and pop up coffee labs that you don’t have to travel too far to get a fabulous latte (or whatever floats your boat). It can be quite funny how people can get very pretentious over their “blend” but it’s well worth it! It’s a time honored tradition to go to brunch on the weekend and find the best cup of coffee in town. Don’t even mention Starbucks here – that shit’s pure sacrilege!

Last, but definitely not least, the art and theatre scene is pure heaven for a self-proclaimed culture nut like me! You can catch award winning musicals on all the time (Les Miserables and Once are on at the moment) as well as amazing exhibitions on at the National Gallery of Victoria – right in the heart of the city.

If you do decide to come and visit make sure to give me a shout out – I’d be more than happy to play tour guide…I just ask that you buy me a decent cup of coffee!

tfss-706a7a14-60f3-4a99-adf4-4109744acb34-image Travel Tuesday - A Guest Post

Thanks SO MUCH Rosie for writing and being my first guest post. Also, thank you for inspiring me! You’re so amazing and I am glad we became blogging friends. Someday, I would LOVE to come to Australia and maybe I will be able to visit you! Who knows?!

Make sure you all show Rosie some love over at her blog as well!!

Much love,

tfss-706a7a14-60f3-4a99-adf4-4109744acb34-image Travel Tuesday - A Guest Post

tfss-706a7a14-60f3-4a99-adf4-4109744acb34-image Travel Tuesday - A Guest Post

My 10 Best of 2014

img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

Here we are! New Year’s Eve and a new year headed our way!

Oh man, 2014 has been a HUGE year for me. I knew on my 25th birthday in January, that 25 was going to be a good year. 🙂

But you know what? 2015 is looking pretty good too! With the new year quickly approaching…I have been thinking a lot about this past year. Mainly, while I sit at my desk at work and distract my brain from falling asleep at the desk or while I am in my baby boy’s nursery setting it up.

Since I only started blogging at the end of September, you will learn quite a bit! So, here are MY best moments of 2014.

1. I learned that I can live on a Vegan diet….JUUUUST fine!
January 1st, 2014…I started the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. It’s 21 days of supplementation and learning how to tweak your diet. Cutting out certain foods and other bad things in your body. It also cleanses your body and helps you to get rid of the toxins. So, I made it through it and learned that there are things that I can eat that I won’t hate so much! I never knew I liked hummus, oranges, tempeh, lentils, and other awesome foods. I actually plan to do the Beachbody Ultimate Reset again after I have the baby to get my body back!!! It WILL work! And I will be talking ALLLLLLL about it in here! 🙂 Get ready.
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014 img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

2. I reached a 15.2% in body fat.
Over the past couple years, I have kicked my own ass to get in shape. I was fairly big before I joined the Navy and I lost quite a bit of weight in boot camp and the year after. It was a goal of mine to just get fit and healthy and I finally was getting there! I have talked a lot about weight and how numbers aren’t what is important. They really aren’t. BUT when I found this out, it was nice to know the major difference that had happened in a year. I started lifting more weights and getting smart about what I put into my body and it showed a major difference! Also, I was able to do different things that I never thought I would before.
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014 img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

3. I got my first NEW car.
2014 Toyota Corolla is MINE. I traded in my Honda for a new car. I have never had a new car before and it actually is more beneficial to me to have a newer car than the one I had before. Who wants to keep paying for a car that’s not even worth what I’m paying!? NOT ME. So I traded up. 🙂 My first car was super nice. A handmedown from my dear mother when my dad bought a new car and she got his. It was 2007 when I got the car and it was a 2001 Corolla. I really like Toyota’s. Unfortunately, I got into a car accident in 2011 and bought a 2000 Chevy Cavalier with the money I got from the insurance company after the accident. Then I joined the Navy and I wanted a car when I lived in the middle of nowhere. I still live there in case you’re wondering. So, I ended up with a 2004 Honda Accord. It was definitely time to trade up once I realized my car was 10 years old and I owed way too much on it. SO, there’s that story! haha. Thanks to the hubs for the help!!
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

4. I got to go to Hawaii.
Unfortunately, I went to Hawaii because I was on a short cruise on a Navy ship. But fortunately, I basically got to go to Hawaii for free. It’s not like I had to sail or fly there and pay out of pocket. lol. It was for RIMPAC. Maybe you heard about RIMPAC when you watched the movie Battleship. No…there aren’t any alien robots involved. Sorry to burst your bubble. It’s a Navy training exercise with other countries’ Navy’s. And really, I didn’t even get to do the RIMPAC part! lol. You will see why in #5. It was fun (Hawaii). And I got to have fun with my boyfriend (now husband).
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

5. We found out we were having a baby!
Jonathan and I were actually on our way out of Hawaii on the ship when I found out I was pregnant. That explains all of the tired nights in Hawaii and the cravings for carbs! haha. It was definitely surprising and exciting news. 🙂 There were a few complications (with work and the baby) along the way but we are now headed into 32 weeks!! And when I was about 20 weeks, we found out we were having a boy! Love it! Now, I just need to get his nursery set up and finish getting everything together for this little tike!
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

6. We got engaged!
After Jonathan got home from RIMPAC, we spent about 2 weeks together and we both hopped a plane to Wisconsin and then to New York to meet the families. It was AMAZING meeting the families. BUUUUTTT, Hubby dearest had another thing in mind! When we were in New York, he took me to Taughanook Falls and proposed!!! It was incredibly beautiful!!! By the way, that word is pronounced TUH-gan-nuck. 🙂 Just thought I would help you out. 😉
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014 img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

7. We got married!!!
I became a wife! Planned a small ceremony in Manhattan Beach and had a few friends there and it was absolutely perfect. My dad even Skyped me while wearing a suit and was able to walk me down the aisle. It was amazing. We actually were engaged for a total of 25 days by the time we were married. It only took about 2 weeks to plan for the wedding. And you know what? It still was the most beautiful day of my life!!! If you want to read about our beautiful day, you’re more than welcome to here. I wrote a little bit about it when I first started this blog.
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

8. We moved into a house.
Well, we didn’t buy a huge house or anything…it’s a house provided for us on base. It’s also nothing fancy but it’s better than the one bedroom apartment that we were in previously. It’s a big deal to me. I feel like I am all grown up. How weird. lol. We moved into the house the weekend after we got married. It’s really like my life turned into some sort of a fairytale. A little backwards at times but it is so great. I love our home together.  <3
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

9. I started a blog.
‘Really?’ YES. I started a blog…I’ve had one for years but this one is way different. 🙂 One I actually write in more often and care to talk to people about. I also am more out there for once. It’s nice. 🙂 It’s actually a big deal that I started a serious one this year. I will be able to use this blog as an outlet for my emotions, take a break from life, learn from others about how to be a good mommy, and also to be able to inspire people in their health and fitness. So, I hope that 2015 will bring some awesome life experiences to talk about!

10. Welcome to our family Miss Violet!
Hubs and I got a puppy this year!! Her name is Violet and I am pretty sure I wrote an entire post…or 5 about her. She will be 4 months old on the 3rd and she has blessed my life immensely. She’s teaching me a lot about parenting and patience. Violet is the cutest puppy I have ever seen and I never knew I was a dog person!! Guess I am now! 🙂 I regret nothing about getting her and every day, I look at her and say “I am so happy we found you.” I love her. 🙂
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now!! 10 big moments of 2014! Wow. That’s more than I thought! I could probably write a few more but I will leave it at the 10. I don’t want to bore the crap out of my beautiful readers. 😉 Looking back, this makes me think that 2015 is going to be lame! Let’s hope not…I mean…I know what #1 on next year’s list will be! I get to become a Mommy. 🙂 I CAN’T WAIT!


Are you?!

img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

2014 Has Taught Me…

img_1785 2014 Has Taught Me...

I know, I have already done a 2014 post/recap. And I will be doing a 2015 goals post as well. But I think it’s not only important to look back on the things you enjoyed about the past year, but also to learn from the past year. Although it may be boring to some, here is my list of what 2014 has taught me.

1. It’s okay to turn 25 years old. Your life isn’t over…yet.
2. You want to chop over a foot off of your hair? Go for it. You want to cry about it in 6 months when you’re tired of it being short but it is growing out and at that ugly stage? Go for it. It’s hair. Yes, it will grow back. But it’s totally understandable to have a minor freak out every now and then.
3. When you’re dating someone and it’s serious, you will know if it is heading somewhere. Don’t get too antsy. He will know what he’s doing.
4. It’s perfectly okay to let go of the friends you thought were going to be there for you.
5. Sometimes you work your rear-end off, harder than anyone around you and you won’t get the credit…You’ll live.
6. You don’t always get what you want…but sometimes you get exactly what you NEED.
7. Those other friends you had back home, the ones that said they would ALWAYS be there for you, no matter what? Yeah, they weren’t there. It’s okay to cut them out of your life. They probably won’t notice anyway.
8. Sometimes the least likely friendship ends up being a really good friendship. And the exact friendship you needed.
9. Sometimes, it’s just not your time to get what you deserve. Your time is coming. Be patient.
10. It is MORE than okay to stand up for yourself. As long as you are respectful and can back yourself up. Don’t let anyone treat you like a doormat…ever.

These are just 10 things that I decided to share with everyone. Maybe my mistakes and experiences in 2014 will help someone out in 2015. They will be helping me, that’s for sure.

I hope everyone has a safe and HAPPY New Year. Don’t let anything negative from this past year or any of the letdowns of this past year…get you down. You have so much more to look forward to in 2015. And I can’t wait to read all about it in everyone’s blogs. 🙂

Until next time,
img_1785 2014 Has Taught Me...

img_1785 2014 Has Taught Me...

What I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self

189973_1002636318453_4761_n What I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self

Let’s face it. Now that Timehop has entered into the app world, we can see all of the things we have posted in the past few years. In my case, it’s about 9 years (for about as long as I have been on Facebook).

But the funny thing is, without that crazy app drudging up your past, we probably wouldn’t even remember half of the things we did when we were teenagers! From the time I was 18 years old until the time I entered my 20s, it’s pretty much a blur. Probably from the endless nights of partying and the days where sunlight rarely existed unless I was going to work at McDonald’s.

Looking back on those “lost years” I would say that I made plenty of mistakes that a lot of young adults make. You just graduated high school and you’re spending your first few years of college just trying to figure out who you are. In my case, I didn’t go to college. I ended up at a Beauty School when I was 19. Before that, I moved away to California when I was 18…with just 2 suitcases and a couple hundred bucks to my name. It’s no wonder I ended up back at my parents house.

I definitely had a lot of growing up to do in that time. This period of my life is a part of me and here I am today, happier than I have ever been. But there are some things I would like to tell my 18 year old self to maybe soften the blow when things got a little harder. I have included some random photos of me from when I was 18 or 19 as well!! Enjoy the embarrassment! 😛

1. Slow down
Slow down on the shots, the beers, the bombs, and whatever else you may want to consume in an evening out in the city. First off, you are not 21 years old and just because you are cute enough for the bouncer to let you into the bars underage, doesn’t mean you should be going insane in there. Those drinks are NOT water, you will not get rehydrated, and you will feel its effects tomorrow. But most importantly, I say slow down because you have plenty of time to grow up. 21 is only a few years away and let’s face it, it’s really not all that it’s cracked up to be! Enjoy those teenage years. You can still say, “Hey, I’m a teenager. What do I know?” Once you’ve gotten past that, you will have a lot more responsibility and well, you will be accountable for a lot more.
189973_1002636318453_4761_n What I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self

2. Check your clothing
Girl, what are you wearing? I’m sorry, but not everyone can pull off that super cute outfit that is popular in the mags these days. You want to be hip and what not, but it’s just not working for ya. You have no boobs and you really don’t have a butt either, but you’re skinny (and being skinny won’t last you very long at the rate you’re going). So, let’s face it. That super low cut shirt would be cute if you had a rack to go along with it. Instead, you paired it with that god-awful spaghetti strap tanktop underneath that you bought at a 5 for $20 sale at Wet Seal…and you had every color. It’s just not cute. Alright, so you tried to be a little scandalous. There is a difference between showing what you got and just being trashy. You don’t have boobs or an ass but you’ve got some legs. Show them off! That jean skirt you bought from American Eagle, the one with all the frays and tears in it? Yeah, it’s too short. I am pretty sure I almost saw your panties. What’s worse? You live in Wisconsin and you decided to pair THAT with a pair of Uggs. Gross. It’s so cold that you want to keep your feet warm but your legs are perfectly fine? You are such a weirdo. Speaking of cold…wear a freaking jacket. It’s snowing outside and you probably should have just chosen to go stay in for the night but because it’s Thursday night $1 bombs night, you HAVE to go meet up with the rest of the crew. Okay, I get it. Cheap drinks and friends…why not? But you don’t need to be the idiot, standing outside of the bar, smoking your cigarette and shaking like a damn vibrator because you were “too cute” for a jacket. Also, why don’t you just quit smoking while you’re at it. Besides the health issues that come along with it…it smells bad and you look gross. Sorry, but it’s true.
189973_1002636318453_4761_n What I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self

3. Use your brain
Honestly, this could be said for a lot of people in the adult world too. Sorry to get your hopes up, but there are dummies everywhere. You just have to deal with it. Remember how I mentioned earlier about the jacket in the cold? Yeah, your brain could be pretty useful when you’re freezing half to death. Or all of those shots you decided to take, one after another? Your brain probably told you to stop at one point, but you didn’t use that advice, did you? Use that brain, girl! So, you want to go out and drink with your buddies but you have to be up at 5am to get ready for work and drive about 45 minutes to get there. I’m sure staying out until bar close and getting into bed at 3am is a fantastic idea. I hope you sense my sarcasm. Mainly, just use some common sense.
189973_1002636318453_4761_n What I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self

4. You will not find your soulmate in a bar
Hey, some people really do find their soulmates in a bar! Actually, my husband and I OFFICIALLY met in a bar. We had been working together for months but never spoke to each other until we were on a detachment and everyone from work went out for drinks. We started chatting and we hit it off! This is rare. Don’t go to a bar thinking you’re going to find a super hot guy, absolutely click, and just spend the rest of your lives together. Most guys (and nowadays many girls) go to bars for hookups. The relationship aspect is over for many young singletons. Why else do you spend an hour getting ready for the night when you know by 2 am, you’re going to smell of alcohol, have smudged eyeliner, and your hair probably went into a messy bun on the top of your head? Most of the times, the guy is just going to want to take you home for the night…
189973_1002636318453_4761_n What I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self

Really. Just don’t. It has bad idea written all over it. Who REALLY wants to invite you over ar 2am for a drink and a chat? If he really wants to chat with you, think about this, and just see if he calls you tomorrow. And if he calls (or texts) you tomorrow…at a decent time…like when the sun is still shining, then give him the time of day. Otherwise, just pass and go home into your comfy bed. It will be much better to sleep there anyway!
189973_1002636318453_4761_n What I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self

6. Work hard, no matter where you’re working
So you work at McDonald’s. No, it’s not glamorous. No, it doesn’t give you a lot of money. No, it isn’t always fair when it comes to working hours. But it’s a job. It may be a greasy, under appreciated, and smelly job, but you get a paycheck. Remember that. Not many people nowadays can even get a job at McDonald’s. Always stay positive and work hard. You never know what will happen and who is watching. Plus, your hardwork may not even pay off there, but it will in the future. Having a good work ethic will help you in your adult life.
189973_1002636318453_4761_n What I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self

7. Don’t eat that crap
Ever hear of the “freshman fifteen?” Freshmen in in college tend to gain weight during their first year. It may be a lot more than 15 pounds as well. Why is this? Well, they are away from home for the first time and eating out at the closest McDonald’s was easier for them. Imagine that, you work there. And you get free meals. Stop it. Don’t eat there. ESPECIALLY after a night of drinking! That is the WORST thing for your body! Your metabolism has completely slowed down and when you go for that drive-thru before you head home, you’re just putting more junk into your body that will sit there until you decide to burn it off. And well, let’s face it. You never worked out much either, so the fat is just getting stored. Maybe you can keep warmer in the winter with that short skirt and no jacket…
189973_1002636318453_4761_n What I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self

8. Exercise
You were an all-year athelete growing up. So, what stopped you? You graduated high school and thought it was too cool to workout? Oh, I get it. You had other important things to do…wrong! You definitely should exercise and get that blood pumping! Burn those calories and well, maybe you wouldn’t be so skinny if you had some muscle on them bones! Actually, if you worked out more, by the time you acutally hit 21, after all of that drinking and eating fast food, you might not have gained that 45 pounds that will end up taking you almost 2 years to lose. Trust me, putting on the weight is a lot easier than taking it off. You’re not going to enjoy looking in the mirror and one day realizing, ‘What have I done to myself?’ So, get out there and be active. You might even find that you really love working out instead of having that all-nighter…weekender…what have you. And it will be a lot better for you.

9. Take advantage of the opportunities given to you
Alright, so you didn’t go to college like the rest of your class did. That’s okay. Maybe you are still figuring yourself out, maybe you don’t know what you want to go to school for, or maybe you went a different route. Like, Beauty School. Your parents probably saved some money up for you to go to school, right? Well, lucky for you, you’re going to school without the burden of debt/school loans upon you. That is phenomenal. Not many people have that luck. So…why are you throwing it away by partying all night or sleeping in because you didn’t want to get up for class? Sorry to tell you, but this is the easy part of life. School is NOT hard. Especially when it is something you love to do! No party is worth it. No guy is worth it. And sorry…no friends are worth it either. And if you have friends trying to get you to skip out on class, they’re really not worth your time in the first place! Your education is very important and you need to realize that. Don’t waste the money or time by not going. You’ll end up paying for it later…like having to start school over.

10. Love who you are
Do you even enjoy going out and being crazy? Is it fun for you anymore? Your friends are doing it, I get it. But it’s okay to be alone and to spend time with yourself. More than okay, actually! You don’t need to compete with those other girls that get all the guys at the club. You don’t need to act any other way that isn’t yourself. If you like to knit or crochet on cold winter nights, then do it! You like to read books and go to coffee shops to hang out and listen to music with friends…even better. No one said that the only time to hang out with friends was going out to the bars. Love who you are. Whatever you’re doing that is good for you, whatever you’re doing that is positive in your life, do that! Don’t do anything that destroys you.

This may be a very long list of things that I would tell myself when I was 18, but I could go on forever. I made a LOT of mistakes when I was younger. And hell, I could probably make one of these lists for every year of my life up until now. You live your life and you learn from it. I regret nothing of my past…I am where I am today because of the experiences that I have had. And I met the love of my life because I ended up where I was. But I can tell you one thing…I was going to get here eventually. This is where I was meant to be. So, I could have avoided a lot of tears, heartache, and fat (lol) had I followed through with these easy steps.

One day, my daughter (if I have one) will hear many of my crazy stories and will probably have to learn from her own mistakes too. But hopefully, because of what I have gone through, I can help her through it.

Here’s to be 18 once upon a time. And here’s to not being 18 ever again.

189973_1002636318453_4761_n What I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self


189973_1002636318453_4761_n What I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self

Holiday Savings with Beachbody

tbb_black_friday_promo_728x90 Holiday Savings with Beachbody

So, last week at Beachbody they started a little early with the Black Friday deals! Instead, it was black Tuesday and went on until the 2nd of December!

I just have to talk about the amazing things that were going on for this Holiday Sale. I was told about it by my really great friend and coach, Jamie that there was going to be a sale going on. I imagined this would have like 2 things on it and sure the prices would be great, but how would I benefit from it? I haven’t really bought any of the programs from Team Beachbody yet but I have been ordering Shakeology from them for over a year now (2 years in June!). I know I like a lot of the programs. Benefits of having a really good friend as your coach? She probably owns about every single DVD program that Beachbody sells. lol

Not even joking. She LOVES to work out and working out at home is so much easier when you have a hectic lifestyle. And sometimes, being the military or on the ship, you need those options! I have done MANY of the programs with her including, Turbofire, T25, P90X3, Les Mills Pump, Les Mills Combat, Brazil Butt Lift Master Series, ChaLEAN Extreme, and many more. I have loved doing a lot of those with her. So, I figured I would check out the Holiday Sale at and see what they had to offer. This was on Monday night.

I looked at that site and got SO excited! First of all, I had been “borrowing” Les Mills Combat from Jamie for like….MONTHS now. I love that program. It’s a lot of fun and if you’re into any kind of martial arts it’s right up your alley. IT WAS ON SALE! Not only was it on sale, it was extremely affordable. Well, it already is pretty afforadable anyway. Being that I am a COACH I get a 25% discount on the items I purchase. SCORE. So I knew I was going to get that for sure. Originally, it is $35.96 but on sale it was about $23.95 I believe.

I started scrolling through more of the programs and saw that they had Turbofire, the original package and the deluxe package on sale. Seeing as I used Turbofire to really kick start my fitness lifestyle over a year ago, I wanted to get that as well! Prices were unbelievable! And here’s the real kicker…I saw that Les Mills Pump was for sale!! What is that? Well, it’s an amazing fast-paced workout video with weights. I LOVE it. Pump up the muscle and toning, right?! RIGHT! Can you tell I am excited about that? Originally, Pump comes to about $100.00. “A hundred bucks for a workout video?!” Yes, I know. Sounds absurd. But wait until you hear what it all comes with…7 fat-blasting, lean muscle building workouts, a barbell, 2-5 lb and 2-10lb weight plates, fitness guide, nutrition guide, a tape measure, measurement tracker, AND there’s a bonus workout. “All of that for 100 you say?” Yes, I say. 🙂 But again, it was part of the Holiday Sale and it was down to 59.99. WHAT?! INSANE! Yes, add that to my list of programs I would like to try.

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tbb_black_friday_promo_728x90 Holiday Savings with Beachbody