Milkful Momma – Gourmet Lactation Bars

20616079_10209605905536734_230309639_o-e1501686742660-1024x1024 Milkful Momma - Gourmet Lactation Bars

For all of you breastfeeding mamas out there, I decided I would write this post for you! If you’re anything like me and you’re always busy, whether it’s with work or the kids, you’re probably not going to take the time to make yourself some lactation cookies. I did make some for myself not long after my daughter was born, but let’s face it. I am not very good at doing a ton of stuff in the kitchen while my kids are awake and while they’re asleep, I’d rather be working out.

But these little nuggets of lactation GOLD are amazing.

I was so excited to be contacted by Milkful to receive a free box of these delicious treats to try out. How nice of them, right?!

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Starbucks “Unicorn” Drink: Love It or Hate It?

2 Starbucks "Unicorn" Drink: Love It or Hate It?

Let’s get one thing straight.

I love many and almost all things unicorn AND Lisa Frank-like! I’m a 90’s kid and Lisa Frank was all the rage when I was a kid. Trapper keepers and stickers were (and still are) my jam. I think the crazy unicorn phase we’re all going through is the same thing now.

Starbucks came out with this super cool Unicorn Frappucino, guys! And let me tell you – I was incredibly excited about it. Why? Because it’s purple-y and unicorn-y. Yeah, I’m making up words now.

But I’ve been at work the entire first day of it’s release and I was like,

“Darn. I’m missing out.”

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Morning snuggles, nursing sessions, and baby feet

img_7271 Morning snuggles, nursing sessions, and baby feet
4 weeks ago, I woke up looking down at my belly and wondered when I was going to meet my daughter. Little did I know, I was going to be in early stages of labor at the gym that evening and would deliver the next day. I look down today and see a tummy that has been home to two beautiful babies. Stretch marks from the first pregnancy that “ruined” my first ever tattoo that I got when I was 18 and the same ones that stretched between the holes of my navel piercing that I took out when I joined the military. My belly isn’t completely flat but it’s crazy to see the differences and changes my body has made over the past 2 years. And today, I look down and I am proud. I am proud of what my body has done and what it’s going to do. The #postpartumbody is a body (as are all bodies) to be celebrated. I never realized the joy and beauty there is in this body the first time. But I’m so glad I found all of that this time. 

**this post was originally posted on my Instagram account and had a lot of responses. I decided that I would post it to my blog as well. ❤️️ 

img_7271 Morning snuggles, nursing sessions, and baby feet

3 Weeks Post Baby

img_6843 3 Weeks Post BabyWhile I was pregnant, I kept up with my fitness lifestyle. At least, during my second pregnancy. During my first, I didn’t work out much due to the doctor telling me to take 8 weeks off because I almost lost my son. It was scary and I listened! But it was very difficult to pick up the fitness routine after those 8 weeks and I just gave up. I fought hard for that year before we got pregnant again and I was barely even close to where I had been before. 

The cool thing is, I gained a lot of muscle and was in better shape during this pregnancy than in between my pregnancies. I want to get back into the gym but at the same time…I’m trying my best to be patient through the healing. Plus…I have two babies at home to take care of now. So, it’ll be interesting to see how I fit in my workouts! 

BUT I’ve been itching to do some exercising. I’m not in a HUGE hurry to get back into the gym but I’m noticing that some of the gains I worked so hard for during my pregnancy…are slowly going away. That’s not fun. You know what else isn’t fun? Being super antsy to just get outside or to move a little more. 

I have yet to buy my double jogging stroller to take the kids out together but on the weekends my hubby and I can take both the kids and go for super nice walks together. Little man goes on the swings at the park and plays on the playground, little miss takes naps in the stroller, and my husband and I do exercises at the park. He does a lot of pull-ups and other calisthenics and I just to body weight exercises. For now, I’m not doing too much but just being able to get my heart rate up is good. It definitely helps my mood as well. Keeps me sane. 😂 Movement is good for the body and the soul! 🙌🏽❤️️

img_6843 3 Weeks Post Baby

Summer Bodies Are Made In The Winter

summerbodies Summer Bodies Are Made In The Winter

Alright, so it’s not quite winter YET but the holiday season is upon us! With Halloween LITERALLY right around the corner, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s come up pretty quickly!

And the thing is, you don’t get that summer beach body that you want by waiting on your booty all winter and hope that you will get there in a couple months. BUT you can find progress in just a couple months!

So, here’s what we’re going to do. For the month of November, we are looking for anyone and everyone that is interested in getting their summer body they have always dreamed of OR to get that summer body BACK! And how are we doing that? Clean eating, exercise, and accountability. Join us in one of our accountability groups!

What you will receive in the accountability group is:
1. Support – You will have unlimited access to one of Hype’d UP Fitness’ coaches who will be there to push you to do your best.
2. Encouragement – Not just from your coach but from your fellow challengers who are also going through the same challenges as yourself.
3. Accountability – You won’t miss a workout or skip a meal when you’ve got the tools necessary for success.
4. Knowledge – There will be daily posts with recipes, reasons why you’re doing what you’re doing, explanations of movements during exercise, and more.
5. Fun – Health and Fitness isn’t just about keeping yourself healthy and strong, but it’s also about fun and falling in love with the process. It’s a journey to be proud of. Plus, there are mini challenges that can happen with chances to win prizes! Who doesn’t love goodies?! tongue emoticon

Not only that, you will live with the satisfaction that you are doing something great for your body and for your life. If this post calls out to you, let us know! Leave a comment or shoot us a message and we will be more than happy to get you started!! Can’t wait to hear from you!

summerbodies Summer Bodies Are Made In The Winter


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That’s something I’ve been brought up with my entire life. My dad used to say that to me all the time when I was playing basketball, on the track team, and on student council as a teen.

I carried that quote into my young adult life and now into motherhood. It’s so true. In order to lead others…you have to do it by example.

Be an example to others on how to be healthy and fit. Be an example on how a business should be run. Be an example of what a true leader looks like in the workplace. Be an example of how a wife/mother/husband/brother/sister/daughter/son should be in relation to others. Be an example of a good friend. The list goes on and on.

But in this instance, as a mother…I need to lead my children by example. Not just by how they should grow up to be, but lead them in faith and in love. And lead them down the right path to being healthy, strong, and successful.

I want my son to know I did everything I could to stay healthy for him and for myself so I can stay on this earth long enough to see him grow. And although this was a serious kind of post, the video is just so dang cute!

You never know who is watching and you never know who you’re influencing by the choices you make.

He loves Shakeology® too, apparently!!! I guess we are doing something right!

**By the way, I have no idea why a random photo of me popped up at the end. lol

?s=100&d=mm&r=g LEAD BY EXAMPLE

Mint Chocolate Chip Shakeology

12063354_727846780684147_1356490720152072479_n Mint Chocolate Chip Shakeology

Here’s a delicious treat for you all to enjoy!!!

The best part is, it’s super simple and super quick to make!!

For those of you that like Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream, this would be great for you to have after dinner for dessert!

But if you’re anything like me, I drink my shakes in the morning to jumpstart my day. And now, I’m trying to experiment with my shakes a little more instead of sticking to my usual recipes.

Funny thing is…I don’t even like mint that much! But hey, this is yummy!

What’s your favorite recipe? Are you going to try this one? 😛 let me know in the comments!!

12063354_727846780684147_1356490720152072479_n Mint Chocolate Chip Shakeology

New York Run

12115424_721968264605332_4963098458241910112_n New York Run
Alright, so apparently, I forgot to hit publish when I tried to post this photo a week and a half ago. Well, better late than never, right? 😛

This photo was taken while my husband and I were on an awesome run in New York. He grew up in the country, I grew up in the city. And let me tell you, running outside in the country is BEAUTIFUL! I mean, so is the city, but it was pretty awesome to go running without all the traffic, the noise, and the pollution! Clear air, clear skies, clear minds. It was an amazing run.

Only about 4 miles completed but it was a fantastic run. Plus, I got to do a workout with the hubs. We just woke up on a Friday morning and decided it was time to go for a run. Oh how I wish I could go back to that Friday morning and have that weather again. Where we currently live, it’s HOT. STILL. Sure, I was freezing before we went on the run but it was the perfect running weather.

We were on vacation. Visiting family and taking our son all over to meet his family for the first time. But we still were committed to getting some workout time in while we could. Why not? If you have the time to workout and you love it, you might as well do it, right?! That’s how we felt about it. 😛

What did you do today that kept you fit?! Where is your favorite place to workout?! Tell us all about it. Tag us in a post or comment below!

12115424_721968264605332_4963098458241910112_n New York Run

It’s Not a Fix…


3 It's Not a Fix...

I just wanted to share a short post about my health and fitness journey. It’s not recently that I did this and it wasn’t just a couple years ago…it’s been a LIFESTYLE. Check it out. 🙂

As you can see, I went from that skinny girl who wasn’t healthy. I didn’t eat well if at all and I struggled with what I looked like constantly. I ended up discovering alcohol shortly before I graduated high school and I thought it was the coolest thing to drink all night (every night) with friends and then go to the closest diner or fast food joint to eat everything in sight.

In 2008, I gained about 40 pounds in only one month. ONE. I was incredibly unhealthy and it didn’t stop there. As you can see, in 2009, I still gained weight and you can definitely tell where I gained weight the most…my face. I can’t help it I have these chubby cheeks naturally! 😛  In 2011, I was still about the same. The upsetting thing is…I was going out with my girlfriends and getting dressed up but I was hiding myself. That photo, I was hiding my stomach behind a tree. A TREE. And it was at a family gathering. I’m supposed to be comfortable around family and I decided to hide. I was unhealthy, I was overweight, I was unhappy. I got a gym membership but I rarely went because I didn’t like the looks I got from those super fit people. And when I did go, guess what I did after…I ate McDonald’s. Great post workout meal, huh?

In 2012, I joined the Navy. I was still overweight. I had to lose it. I barely lost anything and I was literally at the cut off by the time I went to boot camp. I lost 18 pounds in boot camp but once I was set out to “freedom” I went right back to the old me. Drinking and eating unhealthy. I gained majority of that weight back in less than a year. We were coming close to a PRT and I was on my way to failing. Then I met a gal at work who was really into running and health and fitness. I asked for her help. She literally dedicated a ton of time to me. We worked different shifts but she taught me a lot of tips on running and eating healthy and introduced me to Beachbody. Once I did a cleanse and a program called Turbofire and saw amazing results, I was hooked. I continued with my health and fitness journey even up to pregnancy.

During my pregnancy, I gained over 60 pounds. I was HUGE. That photo was a week before I gave birth. I indulged, I worked out less, I said, “I’m pregnant. I’ll be fine.” I was FINE but I wasn’t GREAT. 6.5 months later, I am still working on getting back to where I want to be. The best part is, I have the knowledge to get back there. I know what it takes and I have the tools I need. After having my son, I did programs like PiYo, 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Les Mills Pump, and CIZE.

The point of this Flashback is to show you all, that it doesn’t matter what life throws at you, you can do it. You want to lose weight and get healthy? You can do it. And you can do it more than once. For those of you who have known me for a long time, you know that I have been on this journey for a few years now. For my new friends, I didn’t start this only after having a baby. I just know that I have done it before and I can do it again.

I once was an unhappy girl who never felt good enough. Now, I am a stronger and healthier woman who knows that who I was in all of these photos was not a horrible person. I still had the same personality, the snort when I laugh, and sarcasm for days. I was still a kind person who loved to help others. I am still that person but now I am healthier and happier. And THAT is why I am dedicated to helping others and showing them that this is possible. 🙂

If you or anyone you know is having a hard time with their weight or their overall health…I am here to help. I have dedicated years to learning about how I can help others because I don’t want people to feel like I did. No one needs to feel lost, alone, or depressed. First of all, YOU ARE good enough and BEAUTIFUL. HEALTH is the most important thing for you and I want to make sure people learn how to get healthy and HAPPY. Because you deserve it. 🙂

3 It's Not a Fix...

3 It's Not a Fix...

How I Got Healthy and Saved Us Money

blog1 How I Got Healthy and Saved Us Money

Alright, for real. I know a lot of people will sit there and tell you that eating right and eating healthy costs so much money. Actually, many of you have probably seen this photo before:

blog1 How I Got Healthy and Saved Us Money

Or you have seen some sort of variation of the photo. But let’s be honest. If you’re going to go to McDonald’s, is your goal to really eat something nutritious and good for you? Chances are, you’re probably craving that delicious cheeseburger and their “crack” fries as I like to call them.

When I was pregnant, I craved red meat and potatoes….EVERY SINGLE DAY. It was horrible. I wanted to eat McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King…you name it, I wanted it. Prior to being pregnant, I exercised regularly and ate healthy as well. But there were issues during my pregnancy that held me back a little bit from pushing myself as hard as I usually did. So, I slacked. I ate junk and I enjoyed it.

But after I had my son, it was no longer enjoyable for me to be eating the way that I did. It was disgusting to me. I disgusted myself because I knew what I was doing to my body. In April, 2015 I decided that I no longer wanted to eat from these franchise fast food chains anymore and I didn’t want to subject my health and the health of my baby to the “crap” that as in these foods.

I kept track of a few of my grocery bills from the past few months and noticed a trend. The further into my pregnancy I got, the more we spent on groceries. Of course, I was probably eating more because I was growing a human in my body but I also wasn’t eating healthy. So, to feed a family of two, in the months of October, November, and December, we totaled about $1,250 in groceries. That doesn’t include all of the times we went out to eat which was about 3 times a week to fast food places and at least once or twice on the weekends at other restaurants. I’d say we totaled about another $150 A WEEK in crap food. $150 a week for 3 months? $1,800. Whoah. Alright, that’s a little disgusting. I never realized we spent that much! That brings us to a grand total of $3,050 in just 3 months! I could’ve put a lot of that money towards my car payment!

Anyway, let’s stay on track here. I bet many of you think that’s ridiculous. It really is. The REALLY sad thing about this is that most of that food that we had purchased in just those 3 months were unhealthy and processed foods. Not only that, I’m willing to bet we didn’t eat most of it and wasted it by throwing away what went bad. Or we just didn’t want to eat leftovers because we had so much junk.

I finally had enough. Enough of the extra calories I didn’t need, enough with being unhealthy, and enough with the overspending and constant waste. It wasn’t good for our bodies and it wasn’t good on my wallet either. I had my baby in February and I couldn’t workout for a few weeks until my doctor gave me the “okay.” Even once I had the permission to work out, I still had to be careful as not to injure myself or put too much stress on my body since I was still healing.

Lucky for me, the only thing that I was really staying with to keep me healthy during my pregnancy was Shakeology. Yes, that superfood, nutrient-dense shake that you hear myself and countless others talk about. It’s really an amazing drink. Anyway, I made a decision to stop eating fast food, stop eating junk, and I made a commitment to drinking Shakeology everyday. I made little changes here and there when it came to my diet. I didn’t do anything drastic but I made a conscious effort to put good things into my body. At 7 weeks post partum and to 10 weeks post partum, just those little changes made a HUGE difference.

blog1 How I Got Healthy and Saved Us Money

I kid you not. I didn’t exercise. Maybe a couple walks here and there. Trust me, I wanted to work out so badly but I had to be careful.

Those little changes that I did not only for my body and my health, were also a huge change for our wallets.

Once we started changing our eating habits, our lives were just transformed. The reason we were able to save money was because we were more conscious about what we were eating. We stopped eating fast food. That cut out that $1800 that I talked to you about earlier. What are we left with? A $1250 bill for 3 months…so let’s say that we had a $400 bill each month between my husband and I. Well, we already have the basics. We have the tools we need to cool and all of the spices. Let’s face it, spices are expensive. It takes a long time to build that collection up! But as we started meal prepping and planning out the meals we were going to eat and ate more of the fresh fruits and veggies we could get, we started seeing that our bank account wasn’t going away as quickly.

We also noticed that if we are buying meat, that’s when the bill goes up. We stock up on meat when it’s on sale and put it in our deep freezer. We usually buy meat only once or twice a month (if we need to) and stash it away. But most of our bills are all produce and eggs. We rarely get bread or dairy. Our bill went from about $400 (or more) a month to less than $300 a month. Take our totally from the 3 months while I was pregnant ($3050) and to 3 months now, it’s about $1200…total. We barely go out to eat at restaurants and if we do, it’s not at an overly priced heart attack shop. That’s a savings of $1850! That money can then be put away in our savings or for other fun things we would like to do as a family. But one of the things that we like to use that money on, is our Shakeology.

Shakeology is a superfood, nutrient-dense shake that is made to give you everything the body needs in one daily dose. And it’s delicious. If you want to learn more about Shakeology, you can click here. This shake has given us a lot of health benefits and helped us with increased energy and helps me with weight loss. Remember up above when I talked about my weight loss? This is what I used.

So, many people say that those health shakes are expensive. Really, when it comes to your health…it’s not. Here’s an example of what I get when I drink Shakeology and what I get when I eat my favorite pregnancy meal and Starbucks drink…

blog1 How I Got Healthy and Saved Us Money

But Shakeology is SO expensive. Right? Wrong. It’s not that expensive when you put things into perspective. If I drink a Shake for $4.00 a day, (120.00 per month) our bill is STILL so much lower than it was before. Plus, as a coach, I receive a discount on my Shakeology as well.

Sometimes, you just need to put things into perspective and see what is important to you. Health, fitness, and my family are incredibly important to me. I put all of that at risk when I decided that it wasn’t imperative for me to be the healthiest me possible. If you have kids and a family, you know where I am coming from. If you are sitting there thinking about how you can make yourself the healthiest and happiest version of you, then this is one step how.

I am more than happy to go over more of this with anyone willing to learn. I love helping people and I love seeing people reach their goals. Nothing is impossible. And this is the proof of it. 😉

If you have any interest in learning more about Shakeology, accountability groups, or anything related to what I talked about, please feel free to fill out this form and I will contact you as soon as possible! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my post. <3

blog1 How I Got Healthy and Saved Us Money