Starbucks “Unicorn” Drink: Love It or Hate It?

2 Starbucks "Unicorn" Drink: Love It or Hate It?

Let’s get one thing straight.

I love many and almost all things unicorn AND Lisa Frank-like! I’m a 90’s kid and Lisa Frank was all the rage when I was a kid. Trapper keepers and stickers were (and still are) my jam. I think the crazy unicorn phase we’re all going through is the same thing now.

Starbucks came out with this super cool Unicorn Frappucino, guys! And let me tell you – I was incredibly excited about it. Why? Because it’s purple-y and unicorn-y. Yeah, I’m making up words now.

But I’ve been at work the entire first day of it’s release and I was like,

“Darn. I’m missing out.”

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Chop, Chop!

There’s always something about a new haircut that makes you feel great!

img_1303 Chop, Chop!

It doesn’t have to be drastic or a complete transformation.

img_1303 Chop, Chop!

Sometimes, it’s just getting your hair cut and styled JUST the way you want it.

And you feel, FABULOUS! And well, that’s how I feel today. 🙂

img_1303 Chop, Chop!

Tonight is my work holiday party. A very small gathering since our main offices are down in San Diego but I have been meaning to get a haircut for weeks. It was growing out and it started to look bland.

Unfortunately (and we’ve all been there), I want to kind of grow my hair out. I struggle with this CONSTANTLY. I want to grow it out, chop it off, grow it out again. It’s a vicious and never ending cycle. But, we are females and it’s what we do. So, why not?

The way my hair was cut last time, it was cut pretty high up in the back and in order to grow it out…I need to cut it. Makes sense, right? It really does. I have to cut some parts of hair to grow others out since I have an angular cut.

Well, I just wanted to share my hair journey with you! ‘Cause there is NOTHING wrong about feeling good about yourself and sharing those good vibes with others. 🙂

I will be posting more soon! I have a party to get ready for!

By the way, I am stuck at work still…that would be why it looks like I am in uniform. LOL!

And don’t worry! I have a lot of content on it’s way! Just putting the finishing touches on some posts that you’ll all be able to enjoy!!

img_1303 Chop, Chop!