Milkful Momma – Gourmet Lactation Bars

20616079_10209605905536734_230309639_o-e1501686742660-1024x1024 Milkful Momma - Gourmet Lactation Bars

For all of you breastfeeding mamas out there, I decided I would write this post for you! If you’re anything like me and you’re always busy, whether it’s with work or the kids, you’re probably not going to take the time to make yourself some lactation cookies. I did make some for myself not long after my daughter was born, but let’s face it. I am not very good at doing a ton of stuff in the kitchen while my kids are awake and while they’re asleep, I’d rather be working out.

But these little nuggets of lactation GOLD are amazing.

I was so excited to be contacted by Milkful to receive a free box of these delicious treats to try out. How nice of them, right?!20616079_10209605905536734_230309639_o-e1501686742660-1024x1024 Milkful Momma - Gourmet Lactation Bars

I actually started noticing a dip in my supply when I was getting ready to go back to work after a long period of maternity leave. Not only that, I was starting to work out pretty heavily. After seeing my supply drop and not being able to pump as much as I thought I would need for my little while I was at work, I decided to not workout as intensely and to make sure I was taking in enough fat calories. Enter: Milkful Lactation Oat Bars.

I decided to start eating these. I figured, they were probably better than me trying to make my own lactation cookies and they were free, so why not?

So, they have 3 flavors/kinds of bars that you can choose from. I was sent a variety pack and I am pretty thankful for that! I was excited to try them all. Here’s the cool thing about these bars (I mean, besides their milk-boosting power):


It’s true. And they are freaking delicious! I know, you wouldn’t think so with how much these bars are FREE of. At least, I didn’t think so because I am a total dairy snob. Hey, I am from Wisconsin. I like my dairy!

I first tried the Blueberry Almond Coconut one. Let me tell you, if you love coconut, you will love this bar. I personally, am not a huge coconut fan. Don’t get me wrong. it was good, but I didn’t like it that much. It wasn’t a flavor I would reach for often.

20616079_10209605905536734_230309639_o-e1501686742660-1024x1024 Milkful Momma - Gourmet Lactation Bars

Then I tried the Chocolate Banana Nut. I thought,
Okay, you can’t go wrong with chocolate.
And I was right. It was delicious. Chocolate is always delicious.

But the winner…oh man. The winner here is the Maple Walnut one! I didn’t even expect that at all! Mostly becuase I thought the chocolate was going to win. But this one was definitely my favorite. Let’s just say that I was pleasantly surprised. It also makes me happy to know that I am helping boost my supply without having to take any other supplements/pills or drink some disgusting tasting tea…

I definitely recommend this to any mama who may be having issues producing. I would even recommend it to any mama who just wants to eat something delicious and make sure her supply doesn’t drop! If you’re looking to get some, make sure you head on over to Milkful to order yourself some, today!

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How I Got Healthy and Saved Us Money

blog1 How I Got Healthy and Saved Us Money

Alright, for real. I know a lot of people will sit there and tell you that eating right and eating healthy costs so much money. Actually, many of you have probably seen this photo before:

blog1 How I Got Healthy and Saved Us Money

Or you have seen some sort of variation of the photo. But let’s be honest. If you’re going to go to McDonald’s, is your goal to really eat something nutritious and good for you? Chances are, you’re probably craving that delicious cheeseburger and their “crack” fries as I like to call them.

When I was pregnant, I craved red meat and potatoes….EVERY SINGLE DAY. It was horrible. I wanted to eat McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King…you name it, I wanted it. Prior to being pregnant, I exercised regularly and ate healthy as well. But there were issues during my pregnancy that held me back a little bit from pushing myself as hard as I usually did. So, I slacked. I ate junk and I enjoyed it.

But after I had my son, it was no longer enjoyable for me to be eating the way that I did. It was disgusting to me. I disgusted myself because I knew what I was doing to my body. In April, 2015 I decided that I no longer wanted to eat from these franchise fast food chains anymore and I didn’t want to subject my health and the health of my baby to the “crap” that as in these foods.

I kept track of a few of my grocery bills from the past few months and noticed a trend. The further into my pregnancy I got, the more we spent on groceries. Of course, I was probably eating more because I was growing a human in my body but I also wasn’t eating healthy. So, to feed a family of two, in the months of October, November, and December, we totaled about $1,250 in groceries. That doesn’t include all of the times we went out to eat which was about 3 times a week to fast food places and at least once or twice on the weekends at other restaurants. I’d say we totaled about another $150 A WEEK in crap food. $150 a week for 3 months? $1,800. Whoah. Alright, that’s a little disgusting. I never realized we spent that much! That brings us to a grand total of $3,050 in just 3 months! I could’ve put a lot of that money towards my car payment!

Anyway, let’s stay on track here. I bet many of you think that’s ridiculous. It really is. The REALLY sad thing about this is that most of that food that we had purchased in just those 3 months were unhealthy and processed foods. Not only that, I’m willing to bet we didn’t eat most of it and wasted it by throwing away what went bad. Or we just didn’t want to eat leftovers because we had so much junk.

I finally had enough. Enough of the extra calories I didn’t need, enough with being unhealthy, and enough with the overspending and constant waste. It wasn’t good for our bodies and it wasn’t good on my wallet either. I had my baby in February and I couldn’t workout for a few weeks until my doctor gave me the “okay.” Even once I had the permission to work out, I still had to be careful as not to injure myself or put too much stress on my body since I was still healing.

Lucky for me, the only thing that I was really staying with to keep me healthy during my pregnancy was Shakeology. Yes, that superfood, nutrient-dense shake that you hear myself and countless others talk about. It’s really an amazing drink. Anyway, I made a decision to stop eating fast food, stop eating junk, and I made a commitment to drinking Shakeology everyday. I made little changes here and there when it came to my diet. I didn’t do anything drastic but I made a conscious effort to put good things into my body. At 7 weeks post partum and to 10 weeks post partum, just those little changes made a HUGE difference.

blog1 How I Got Healthy and Saved Us Money

I kid you not. I didn’t exercise. Maybe a couple walks here and there. Trust me, I wanted to work out so badly but I had to be careful.

Those little changes that I did not only for my body and my health, were also a huge change for our wallets.

Once we started changing our eating habits, our lives were just transformed. The reason we were able to save money was because we were more conscious about what we were eating. We stopped eating fast food. That cut out that $1800 that I talked to you about earlier. What are we left with? A $1250 bill for 3 months…so let’s say that we had a $400 bill each month between my husband and I. Well, we already have the basics. We have the tools we need to cool and all of the spices. Let’s face it, spices are expensive. It takes a long time to build that collection up! But as we started meal prepping and planning out the meals we were going to eat and ate more of the fresh fruits and veggies we could get, we started seeing that our bank account wasn’t going away as quickly.

We also noticed that if we are buying meat, that’s when the bill goes up. We stock up on meat when it’s on sale and put it in our deep freezer. We usually buy meat only once or twice a month (if we need to) and stash it away. But most of our bills are all produce and eggs. We rarely get bread or dairy. Our bill went from about $400 (or more) a month to less than $300 a month. Take our totally from the 3 months while I was pregnant ($3050) and to 3 months now, it’s about $1200…total. We barely go out to eat at restaurants and if we do, it’s not at an overly priced heart attack shop. That’s a savings of $1850! That money can then be put away in our savings or for other fun things we would like to do as a family. But one of the things that we like to use that money on, is our Shakeology.

Shakeology is a superfood, nutrient-dense shake that is made to give you everything the body needs in one daily dose. And it’s delicious. If you want to learn more about Shakeology, you can click here. This shake has given us a lot of health benefits and helped us with increased energy and helps me with weight loss. Remember up above when I talked about my weight loss? This is what I used.

So, many people say that those health shakes are expensive. Really, when it comes to your health…it’s not. Here’s an example of what I get when I drink Shakeology and what I get when I eat my favorite pregnancy meal and Starbucks drink…

blog1 How I Got Healthy and Saved Us Money

But Shakeology is SO expensive. Right? Wrong. It’s not that expensive when you put things into perspective. If I drink a Shake for $4.00 a day, (120.00 per month) our bill is STILL so much lower than it was before. Plus, as a coach, I receive a discount on my Shakeology as well.

Sometimes, you just need to put things into perspective and see what is important to you. Health, fitness, and my family are incredibly important to me. I put all of that at risk when I decided that it wasn’t imperative for me to be the healthiest me possible. If you have kids and a family, you know where I am coming from. If you are sitting there thinking about how you can make yourself the healthiest and happiest version of you, then this is one step how.

I am more than happy to go over more of this with anyone willing to learn. I love helping people and I love seeing people reach their goals. Nothing is impossible. And this is the proof of it. 😉

If you have any interest in learning more about Shakeology, accountability groups, or anything related to what I talked about, please feel free to fill out this form and I will contact you as soon as possible! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my post. <3

blog1 How I Got Healthy and Saved Us Money

Challenge Group- Update 1

Days 1-4 an update on how mama is staying fit!!
img_1440 Challenge Group- Update 1

Alright, so this challenge is for the last 15 days in 2014. I talked about it in a previous post…here.

On Monday, I did pretty good. Did well with my food for the day and I even worked out after class. Remember that Holiday Sale that happened with Beachbody? I talked about the Les Mills Pump workout that I ordered and I can finally do it. I was so excited. The workout for the night was Pump and Burn. And boy did it burn! I haven’t really lifted too much lately and I actually made it through the entire 30 minutes (minus abs). I don’t do abs because well, my muscles are kind of in different places now that the baby has taken ove rmy abdomen area. Anyway, in just 30 minutes or less, I worked on deadlifts, squats, shoulders, power cleans, presses, and chest. It was amazing. I definitely felt it the next day! Funny thing is…I only did about 15 lbs!! When I was working every single day before the pregnancy…I was definitely lifting a lot more weight! Oh well. I will get back eventually.

img_1440 Challenge Group- Update 1 img_1440 Challenge Group- Update 1

Tuesday…I was sick. I felt sick all day. I don’t know what happened. So, I didn’t bother working out at all. I ate well throughout most of the day, but once I got home, I didn’t. I was at least able to do the “homework.” We had to post our alter ego. I don’t really have one. So, I did what I do best. Turned to the hubby for some ideas. He called me Superwoman. And since I am pregnant, it reminded me of this photo.
img_1440 Challenge Group- Update 1
Okay, it’s Wonderwoman. But it still works!

Wednesday (yesterday), I was feeling so-so throughout the day. I was looking things up and realized that you can become anemic during pregnancy. I might have been feeling so tired and sick because I didn’t have enough Iron in my diet. Imagine that! It’s no wonder I was feeling a bit better after I ate my Lentil Lime Salad…lentils are full of iron!
img_1440 Challenge Group- Update 1
Because I was feeling better with more iron in my system and a lot of water, I decided I would do a short workout. I did the Les Mills Combat 30 Live. It’s my favorite. Punching, kicking, sweating…I felt good when I was done. The “homework” was posting a “sweaty selfie.” No problem, boss. Sweaty selfie it is!  
img_1440 Challenge Group- Update 1 img_1440 Challenge Group- Update 1

Today, I am sitting at work with not much to do so I have been blogging. Go figure. Blogging and hitting up Twitter to see who has posted interesting things recently! Whatever, I have a good time doing it, so why not? BUT for our “homework” assignment for the challenge group was to post a photo of you and your Shakeology shake in a Christmas-like manner. Well, I took my photo before I got to work and didn’t know it had to be Christmas-y! I thought…and thought…and thought….AND CAME UP WITH AN IDEA! Clicked on that little yellow icon on my iPhone6…ya know. The one with the little ghost on it? Yes, that one. Loaded my photo and then drew a little Santa drawing on my photo. Yes. Snapchat, saved the day! I was able to get an “A” on the homework for the day! Still eating pretty clean today as well and I will be doing another Pump workout this evening. I can’t wait. 🙂
img_1440 Challenge Group- Update 1 img_1440 Challenge Group- Update 1

What are you doing to jumpstart your New Year? Any resolutions? I am starting now. Why not?!

img_1440 Challenge Group- Update 1

img_1440 Challenge Group- Update 1

Dating My Husband Pt. 2

dsc_0331 Dating My Husband Pt. 2

What’s that? Looks like we are in pretty comfy clothing. But the title says that I am dating my husband…YES! I posted a couple weeks ago about dating my husband. It may sound weird to some people but it’s really not that complicated. You can, indeed, still date your husband while you are married. That “dating” stage doesn’t just die out because you both have tied the knot. I talked about that in my last post. I figured I would continue to do these posts since J and I have decided that we will NOT let this marriage die! Again, like I said in my last post about dating your spouse, we have seen far too many married couples die out because of one person or even both people giving up, life gets too hard for them and they just, stop loving each other. That will NOT be us. Plus, dating each other is fun. So, I wanted to share with you about our Friday night date night!

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dsc_0331 Dating My Husband Pt. 2

A Shower for Our Baby

dsc_0058 A Shower for Our Baby

So, this past weekend was our little boy’s Baby Shower (and Diaper Party)!!

Have you ever been to a baby shower/diaper party? For those of you that have, that’s awesome. For those of you that haven’t, it’s okay. You will be as lost as I was! I have never been to a baby shower before and I didn’t know what to expect. After the past few months of craziness; finding out I was pregnant, changing commands, changing jobs, going on leave, getting engaged, planning a wedding, getting married, moving into a house, getting the nursery set up, and many other crazy things…I wasn’t about to plan my own baby shower.

Leave it to my friend, Jamie, to pull it off! She was in a different state and still managed to plan a shower for me at her house, 2 days after Thanksgiving. She’s pretty freaking awesome. She got a lot of cute little, baby boy things to use as decorations. Little socks, onesies, bibs, all that stuff, hanging on ribbon with clothes pins and then put on the wall. Creative idea instead of using streamers and what not.

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dsc_0058 A Shower for Our Baby

A Thanksgiving Fairytale

dsc_1078 A Thanksgiving Fairytale

I call it a Fairytale because I can’t believe I was able to pull this off!! Of course, I did not do this alone. My friend, Heather came over to our place to teach me how to cook a turkey and a ham and other numerous things. I was a little nervous but I wanted to learn! We made a lot of food! I was even taking notes on how to make the turkey. Lol. I felt like such dork but I needed to write things down!

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dsc_1078 A Thanksgiving Fairytale

Adventures In Being A Newlywedded Wife Pt. 4

Alright! Well, Tuesday night was another interesting one! I took this recpie from the book that was included in my Beachbody Ultimate Reset kit that I did in the beginning of this year. It’s definitely an all vegan dish and I enjoyed it when I made it last time. Unfortunately, I ran into some problems this time!

2014-10-28_08-50-42_11 Adventures In Being A Newlywedded Wife Pt. 4

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2014-10-28_08-50-42_11 Adventures In Being A Newlywedded Wife Pt. 4

Adventures In Being A Newlywedded Wife Pt. 3

So, I posted about Sunday, right?! J LOVING the dish?! Yes! Well, he didn’t love Monday night’s as much, and neither did I.

Crockpot Chicken Taco Bowls. I tried it. It wasn’t bad. I definitely forgot to drain the beans…which is probably where all of the flavor went, straight into the juice. We had the shredded chicken on top of some brown rice and added a little salt and pepper and it turned out better.

I was pretty excited about this recipe too. I guess I just did it wrong!! I even made my own salsa for it!!!

Lessons learned:
Drain the beans
use a whole packet of taco seasoning
buy a jar of salsa

10678622_10202936333401599_353148351931485968_n Adventures In Being A Newlywedded Wife Pt. 3

The dinner wasn’t HORRIBLE so we are going to try it again sometime. That’s the good thing about these crock pot recipes…they are so simple that it’s really not a big deal to try again! And for tonight…NORI ROLLS! I can’t wait to do these again. It’s definitely been awhile.  My friend Jamie and I made these together once while we were “resetting” in the beginning of the year and I haven’t made any since. This will be another interesting one!

*Reset =Beachbody Ultimate Reset I will definitely be talking more about this at some point!

10678622_10202936333401599_353148351931485968_n Adventures In Being A Newlywedded Wife Pt. 3