Moving Out East

ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East

The day that we had been hoping and praying for, for months and years, had finally come.

It’s not like we absolutely hated where we were living at, but we felt as though we were ready to go. With my husband being stationed here for 7 or 8 years and myself for nearly 5, we had outgrown this place. Plus, I don’t like dry heat, so there’s that!

But since we ready for a change and a chance to see family a little more often, we had hoped for orders to the East Coast and that’s what we got! And it’s pretty crazy to think that this is the place that our relationship started, where we started a family, and grew. It’s where we had our first home and this is the house we brought our kids home to. It’s a bit surreal, a bit sad, exiting…emotional. I was quite emotional on the day we finally said “goodbye” to our “home.”

ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East

So, the packers came one day and packed up our entire house. They even brought little boxes for the kids to use to pack up some things they wanted to travel with and crayons for them to decorate them. I thought that was adorable. We filled that house with a ton of stuff over the last 3 years and it was crazy to see it all packed up in less than 8 hours. I think it was even 5 hours if I am being honest!

The next day, the moving truck came and the movers started loading all of our things up. That also didn’t take very long. We spent the night in a hotel on base and the next day, we blew that popsicle stand! We did the final check out of our home and said goodbye to a few friends of ours. Friends of our kids too. Friends that became family.

ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East

I remember, when I joined the Navy, that I always heard about those you served with becoming your family. And it’s so true. But in my own life, it wasn’t JUST the people I had served with who had become my family, it was also the people who were serving along their own spouses that became my family. We know this life and how to be there for each other. And as moms, there are some of us that just…clicked.

Seeing your kids saying bye to other kids is really emotional. At least it was for me. Plus, I am saying bye to my own close friends! All I was thinking about is:

Are we actually going to stay in touch? Or are we just going to say we will talk to each other all of the time and not actually follow through?

Either way, I knew I was extremely blessed to have been able to have those friendships during the time that I did.

ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East

Anyway, enough of the emotional stuff! Ha! We headed out towards Las Vegas but not before we stopped at Old Navy to use our super cash! And sure enough, my best mom friend (that’s what I call her) ended up finding out we were there and met up with us! She was the absolutely last person to send us off. It was so funny and sweet. Her boys are the sweetest and her oldest was crying the night before about us leaving. And her kids asked if mine could sleepover. Ah! I thought I was done with the emotional stuff! I guess not!

ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East

But seriously. It was the cutest. And I was happy to see my friend again before I left.

For those of you that do not know, this is our first time PCSing anywhere. We left our first ever duty station. It’s so crazy to think that wherever you end up, that’s automatically your new home. And you don’t ever know how long you’re going to be there for sure. I mean, I was convinced that I was going to be doing a 20 year career there, but it’s amazing to see what God has done in our lives. And I look forward to seeing what MORE he has in store for us.

ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out EastACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East

Back To It’s Roots

What could I possibly be talking about here? “Back to it’s roots? Who’s roots?”

The blog is going back to it’s roots! I started out this whole blogging journey (this blog at least) in I believe August or September of 2014. I was pregnant and no longer doing the job I was doing before. I sat at a desk and I needed to spend time doing something that was creative and an outlet for me while going through my pregnancy.

After I had my son, I went through a few changes. Got back into working out and eating healthy and taking things head on. I got back into the BUSINESS of Beachbody and was really trying to get that going. The thing is, I am still doing all of those things but I am trying to keep my blog to my feelings – stories about my life. This is supposed to be an outlet. Not a business venture.

Sure, I will have links to my business accounts and what not on here but it’s nothing that isn’t going to be the sole focus of this blog. The focus is me. My life. And everything that comes with it. I can share stories about being a wife (heck, I am still new to this and it’s been a year and a half!), motherhood, transitioning from an everyday job to being a stay-at-home-mom (coming next year), and anything else that sparks my interest. This blog is meant for others to come and laugh at my mistakes and see that they aren’t alone.

Parenting is hard and I know it makes me feel better to know that I am not alone when I have a rough day and I just need to walk away. Also, it’s nice to read the funny things that happen to people and what could possibly happen when the “terrible twos” hit or when your “three-nager” is talking back. All of the things us moms look forward to, right? 😛

To celebrate bringing my blog back to where it’s supposed to be, I changed my domain name back to it’s original state. HeyDarlingLove. That’s what it’s meant to be and I am NOT changing it again. I made a new instagram account for this blog and I will post literally anything and everything I am feeling on this one. I have a personal account where I post everything in my daily life, my fitness account, and a babywearing one that I am apart of. But this one is different. I will post my blog posts on there and I will share bits and pieces of my blog, my thoughts, and fun quotes that I find. It’s a smash up of everything into one, I guess. A peek into my life. 😉 And my twitter account is back to normal.

This is the right move. I know this because it feels right. I have no doubts. Even if no one reads my posts, that’s totally fine with me! I am not very good at telling stories and typing how I should. I am not an English teacher and I don’t care to be. I am not always grammatically correct, I spell words wrong, and I don’t proofread. I just get out what I want to say and in a timely manner. I have a job and I am a mom and a wife. If I want to get my thoughts out, they just have to flow. You moms get it, don’t you?

Either way, this is going to be a fun continuance of a journey I started not too long ago and I am totally looking forward to getting back to getting to know my fellow bloggers and entertaining my friends with my…sarcasm and random rants that happen almost daily. Be ready for all of the awesome-ness headed your way. 😉

Welcome back,
HeyDarlingLove <3

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