Seriously? Another blog?

Well folks, today is the day.

Time to start blogging again.

As I sat here at work (yes, I am at work) for a few hours, contemplating on whether or not yet another blog would be a great idea, I jumped ahead and did it anyway. But first…a name.
‘Great. Time to spend an hour trying to think of a name and once I’ve got it figured out, find that it’s already in use. Another hour to waste.’

Before you start giving those looks, wondering why I have SO much time on my hands, or you’re screaming at the monitor for me to “get a life,” I do have one. I am actually in the military and currently, am on orders to sit at a desk as a receptionist/secretary during my pregnancy. Crazy! I do have a job! 😉 Unfortunately for me, that means less time actually doing MY own job and doing a different one, but I get to grow a tiny human inside me and be safe. I’d say that’s still a win.

The blogs I have had in the past 7-8 years or so, were blogs that were too focused on a single point or they were completely scattered with so many photos and posts that other people have put up that I merely liked. Those things were not needed on a blog about MY interests and MY life. Put the kabosh on that and now I am starting over!

Welcoming myself back to the blogging world. Introduction will follow!

Happy trails!