Getting College Out Of The Way

2014-10-20-07-35-01-1 Getting College Out Of The Way

Any of you college students out there? Even if you’re not, this may be a nice post for you to read.

Everyone has their reason or another as to why they want to be in college. As for myself, I am almost 26 years old and have never stepped foot in a college or a university, intending to take a class. Now that I am in the military, there is this fun thing provided for us called TA. Tuition Assistance. There are rules to this of course but I figured I would take advantage of the opportunity that has been given to me. I am in the military and as previously stated, I am a little bit on the preggo side! No more bomb lifting for me. So, I am put at a desk to do paperwork and receptionist type of jobs. Plenty of time for me to get homework done while the work is slow.

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Introducing Our Peanut!

What a title for a post!

Well, I haven’t been online to post very much because while I have the most time on a computer, the computer won’t let me log onto my wordpress…until now! Not sure of what happened but I will NOT complain!

About a week and a half ago, the hubs and I were able to head out to medical and go see radiology to have a look at our little baby!! And here is a photo!!!!

 1956763_10202936365042390_6209463144978294087_o Introducing Our Peanut!

Can you see what it is?!

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Wedding On A Budget

It FINALLY happened! This gal finally got hitched!

We got engaged on September 2, 2014 and married 25 days later. And it was the most beautiful wedding ever. I’ve been to a few weddings and even been a bridesmaid in one. Most of the weddings are beautiful too, the traditional church weddings with the normal vows and all that. I’d like to think we had an OffBeat kind of wedding! Like the ones you read about on OffBeat Bride!!
Sure, some people probably spend A LOT less than we did on their budget weddings, and people probably spend thousands more than ours and say that’s a budget. Great! Everyone has different styles and that’s awesome! So, this post is going to be a less about the wedding itself and more about how we prepared for the wedding.

img_9498-2 Wedding On A Budget

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Chocolate, White, Marble, Cheesecake, Truffle, Yellow…So Many To Choose From!

More wedding talk!

Just because we are having a very small wedding, doesn’t mean we don’t get to make it special! I still get my white dress and a cake. The cake…you HAVE to have cake at your wedding! I don’t know, it just wouldn’t seem right without some sort of delicious dessert at the end of the night. *J and I opted to bake our own cake and decorate it ourselves. What does that sound like? Disaster.

Fortunately for us, it really wasn’t! This past weekend we took a look at some cake mixes and found a recipe to make our own frosting. We even added cream cheese to the frosting because J doesn’t really like cake unless it’s got the cream cheese frosting on it. My cooking and baking abilities are pretty slim compared to J, so I just sat in the back and watched him work. I mixed when asked, washed dishes when there was too much clutter, and followed behind him with a rag when things just got a little too messy for my liking. Turns out, he’s better at baking the cakes and putting them together and frosting the whole thing whereas I wasn’t too bad at being creative enough to put the designs on the cake! I guess I really have been taking a lot of time to check out the boards on Pinterest over the last few years! Yes, another Pinterest reference, I am not ashamed. 😉

The cake turned out…amazing. I have never had a cake taste so delicious to be honest with you. It looked great, tasted great, and I am kind of excited to eat some more of it. I can’t wait to make a beautiful cake for the wedding!!! Maybe I will post a sneak peak of the cake….

I am going to get so fat. Yum!

img_1484 Chocolate, White, Marble, Cheesecake, Truffle, Yellow...So Many To Choose From!

Let Me Get This Straight, You CAN Work Out While Preggo!

Imagine that. Working out during pregnancy is perfectly, okay!

Since finding out we were expecting, I have gone through a roller coaster of challenges and a multitude of questions popped up, daily. Before finding out, I was on a ship with the Navy on a nice 2-month long “cruise” in the Pacific with a couple stops in Hawaii. Nice, right?! If you’re in the military, you know there are pros and cons to this. Anyway, whenever I am on the ship, I find a specific workout routine. I don’t do as much weights as I did before walking onto the “floating city” because I am afraid of the rocking of the ship causing me to drop weights or something. I would do light weights but heavy squats were out for the time being. When you’re out to sea you work a 12 on-12 off shift, every single day. With that being said, I woke up at 0230 started my workout anytime between 0245 and 0300 and workout until 0400. At the time, I was trying out Advocare’s 24-day challenge (hybrid style with Shakeology meal replacements instead) and was trying as hard as possible to stick to only lean foods. Lost some weight and got pretty toned before we hit Hawaii. My workouts really consisted of A LOT of cardio and High Intensity Interval Training. I lifted weights every now and then to keep my muscle as well. Long story short: I was focused on my training and only that. So, why didn’t I lose as much weight as I wanted? I was pregnant!! No wonder I started feeling sick sometimes and couldn’t workout as hard as I did!

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So, You’re Planning A Wedding…

Let’s talk about weddings!!! There are so many articles in magazines, blogs online, books, and opinions you can find on weddings. Seeing as I recently got engaged this month, no one would think that I would be getting married so soon! Yes, yes I am getting married so soon! It’s crazy to a lot of people to consider even getting married only weeks after the engagement. Well, my life is nothing but ordinary. The future hubs and I want to be wed as soon as possible! Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with the baby. Yes, we are having a wonderful bundle of joy but we want to be married simply because we want to spend the rest of our lives with each other. And well, it DOES make things a little easier on the military side if you are already betrothed, so to speak.
The week after the engagement, I spent a lot of time looking at Pinterest (a bride’s go-to planner) to see what I was interested in doing for our little wedding. We decided soon, intimate, and inexpensive. Well, besides a few of my cosmetics and hair care products, I am basically a bargain shopper! Heading to Pinterest sent me in many different directions on how to do this. I typed various phrases into the search box, from “eloping” to “how to have a small wedding for cheap.” Many ideas popped up, but I don’t think people realize how cheap I am trying to go here. One of my favorite options that popped up was the San Francisco City Hall wedding.

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Seriously? Another blog?

Well folks, today is the day.

Time to start blogging again.

As I sat here at work (yes, I am at work) for a few hours, contemplating on whether or not yet another blog would be a great idea, I jumped ahead and did it anyway. But first…a name.
‘Great. Time to spend an hour trying to think of a name and once I’ve got it figured out, find that it’s already in use. Another hour to waste.’

Before you start giving those looks, wondering why I have SO much time on my hands, or you’re screaming at the monitor for me to “get a life,” I do have one. I am actually in the military and currently, am on orders to sit at a desk as a receptionist/secretary during my pregnancy. Crazy! I do have a job! 😉 Unfortunately for me, that means less time actually doing MY own job and doing a different one, but I get to grow a tiny human inside me and be safe. I’d say that’s still a win.

The blogs I have had in the past 7-8 years or so, were blogs that were too focused on a single point or they were completely scattered with so many photos and posts that other people have put up that I merely liked. Those things were not needed on a blog about MY interests and MY life. Put the kabosh on that and now I am starting over!

Welcoming myself back to the blogging world. Introduction will follow!

Happy trails!