Quick Guide To: Being a Good (Okay, Decent) Wife

 img_3276 Quick Guide To: Being a Good (Okay, Decent) Wife 
Well, clearly you need to have a sense of humor. Man, if I didn’t have any sort of sense of humor, my marriage would’ve been doomed from the start!

Alright, so I started thinking of ideas on what I could write about. It’s been a really long time since I have written a really good blog post. As you can see, I have been posting a lot about health and fitness focused ideas. That’s mostly because my life revolves around my faith, my family, my job, and then health and fitness. And instead of going on and on about my son (who is the cutest thing, bee-tee-dubs), I decided to go a different route and talk about what I’ve learned over the past year on being a decent wife.

Hey, it’s not that serious and I will joke around from time to time but maybe someone will take something away from this post and think, ‘Wow, maybe THAT is what I was missing!’ or you will just think I am crazy which is TOTALLY okay! Either way, this just my idea over the past year on how I have been able to keep my marriage afloat with the things I do.

Your husband needs love just as much as you do.

It’s TRUE. You want all the romantic things to never end. You think about the things he did for you when you were just dating and even when you were engaged and you want them to NEVER go away. Believe it or not, your husband doesn’t want the things you do for him to go away either. On the same token, he’s a man. They are pretty laid back when it comes to this. The things they see as “romantic…” nevermind. They don’t see things as romantic. 😛 But they do enjoy loving things such as, kisses, hugs, touches. Most men are physical beings. It’s not just about sex here, ladies. Granted, that helps but it’s about being physical and letting him FEEL your love. It’s just as important to him to feel that love as it is for us to hear him say, “I love you.”

Don’t suddenly change who you are.

Okay, this one is a little difficult. I mean, I was pregnant the first year of our marriage. At least for half of our first year. I changed A LOT. My face, my body, my mood…lots of changes. But there are some women out there that think everything will be different if they get married. Like, magically you become this old couple that doesn’t do anything. If you’re anything like my husband and I, we became that old couple LONG before marriage was ever brought into the picture! I know, there are old couples that probably get out of the house way more often than we do, but that’s okay. Either way, don’t expect everything to change just because you have a ring, a marriage certificate, and a husband. You both are still the same people, enjoy that. Things will change over time anyway…especially with kids.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Hmmm, I am pretty sure that’s a book I read in junior high. I should listen to that book more often! Either way, this is very true. If you’re someone like me who experiences anxiety and gets stressed out so easily, this doesn’t always work. But it can. If you are newly married or about to take the deep plunge, many of you may be getting ready to move in together for the first time…ever. And that is going to be a HUGE change for you both. Like I said, I am STILL working on this one but I know it needs to be done. And when I can chillax a little, he’s at ease and things run smoother. For example, I am very picky about where things go. I like to be organized and have a place for things. I walk into the door from work; boots off and put away, keys hung on the key holder by the door, wallet on the shelf by the door, lunchbag unpacked and put away in its proper home. My husband on the other hand…stuff everywhere. That’s really just how men are. Even the more organized ones, they are still pretty spacey when it comes to that kind of thing. Over the past year, I learned that I need to just let it be. If I want to have things put in a certain place, it’s really not that big of a deal for me to just do it myself. He works all day too and the last thing he wants to do is come home to a wife who is going to talk his ear off about the fact that he forgot something (again).

Speaking of being more organized…don’t move his stuff

This isn’t a long one but remember how I said I am really organized? Things need to have a home. You pick something up and you put it back where you got it. That’s my logic. Hubster? Not so much. And it’s okay. But really, don’t move anything unless you are ready to hear the, “Honey? Where are my -_insert object here¬¬¬_?” It’s going to happen. And you are just going to have to deal. I guess, it’s along the same lines of not sweating the small stuff. Your husband is basically going to be lost if he can’t find what he’s looking for. But what you should realize is…he probably just forgot where he put something anyway so if you moved it, it’s not a big deal.

I really am not just trying to insult my husband in this post. But…he’s funny and awesome and these are the things he does. 😛

Let him feel useful

This is seriously something I didn’t notice until we were married. We lived together before for about a year before we were married but it wasn’t until we moved into our house that I saw this. He wants to do things around the house. If it’s something that needs to be fixed with a hammer, some nails, his power tools…whatever, he wants to do it. Like, seriously…I know how to do a lot of things around the house but he wants me to let him do it. He’s built me some shelves for the wall in the living room, put together some bookshelves and things for organizing the house, and he’s made some parrallettes (I really don’t know how to spell that, haha) for the gym. He’s painted our son’s nursery (and it turned out beautiful might I add) and he was a perfectionist about it. It’s actually pretty cute. But this is what I mean about letting him feel useful – Like I said, I can do a lot of these things myself. Granted, it may not be as impeccable of work as his would be but I can do it. So, instead of doing things around the house that I know my husband would like to do, I just say, “Hey babe, can you do this for me?” And he’s happy to do it. I mean, sure he helps around the house with the cleaning, dishes (he mainly does the dishes), takes out the trash, etc…but those are things that don’t give him much joy. So although he does the normal chores, he wants to do the “manly” things for me. It’s cute, so why not? 

I could go on and on about the things I learned over the past year about how to be a good (decent) wife, but this is a QUICK guide. I hope you all enjoyed this Quick Guide to Being a Good (Okay, Decent) Wife. There are so many other things I can point out…maybe I will have an extended version for you all sometime. 😉

img_3276 Quick Guide To: Being a Good (Okay, Decent) Wife

New York Run

12115424_721968264605332_4963098458241910112_n New York Run
Alright, so apparently, I forgot to hit publish when I tried to post this photo a week and a half ago. Well, better late than never, right? 😛

This photo was taken while my husband and I were on an awesome run in New York. He grew up in the country, I grew up in the city. And let me tell you, running outside in the country is BEAUTIFUL! I mean, so is the city, but it was pretty awesome to go running without all the traffic, the noise, and the pollution! Clear air, clear skies, clear minds. It was an amazing run.

Only about 4 miles completed but it was a fantastic run. Plus, I got to do a workout with the hubs. We just woke up on a Friday morning and decided it was time to go for a run. Oh how I wish I could go back to that Friday morning and have that weather again. Where we currently live, it’s HOT. STILL. Sure, I was freezing before we went on the run but it was the perfect running weather.

We were on vacation. Visiting family and taking our son all over to meet his family for the first time. But we still were committed to getting some workout time in while we could. Why not? If you have the time to workout and you love it, you might as well do it, right?! That’s how we felt about it. 😛

What did you do today that kept you fit?! Where is your favorite place to workout?! Tell us all about it. Tag us in a post or comment below!

12115424_721968264605332_4963098458241910112_n New York Run

If I Found A Way, You Can Too

ican1 If I Found A Way, You Can Too

I wanted to post this to help encourage some of you. I am not a perfect person, nor do I claim to be. But there are some of you out there that probably have found yourself in a spot where it will be impossible to lose the weight, to get healthy, to run around with your kids, or you don’t have the time to do anything but work and pick up food from the closest fast food joint.

Yes, life gets rough. Things get thrown at you and it’s hard! I don’t deny that. But my goal is to show you and everyone out there that it IS possible to be HAPPY and to get what you want because you work for it!! So many things can get overwhelming at times…

1. I work full time as an Active Duty service member (same with my husband, I was pregnant in that photo haha)
2. I am a newlywed
3. I am a new mom
4. I breastfeed and sometimes it’s hard to keep up, but it’s wonderful.
5. I cloth diaper and it takes a little more work than disposables
6. I am a babywearer because I love to keep my son close
7. I am a student
8. And I am a Beachbody Coach and I love it!

When all of these things get put together, it could take some time to get used to! I run challenge groups, I work out, I meal prep, and I have found time to do the things I love with the people I love.

This post is meant to ENCOURAGE you. To show you that it IS possible to get the results you want. I want to lose weight and get back into shape, so I am doing it. I want to be a coach and help others with their own journey and to help them have the confidence that they deserve. It’s what I love to do.

If you are out there and want to do what I do, let me know. I would be more than happy to help you! If you want to lose weight, get healthy, get fit, or heck…you want to become a coach and help others, then let me know! I would love to be able to have you on my team. Life on this side has been fantastic. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

ican1 If I Found A Way, You Can Too

ican1 If I Found A Way, You Can Too

My Son Is NOT an Excuse

yourreason My Son Is NOT an Excuse

So many times I have heard, “I’m too busy,” “I am a mom/dad,” “my kids take up all of my time,” “I can’t meal prep for myself, my husband, and my kids,”…the list goes on and on. And hey, I’ll give it to yea, it’s HARD! Being a new mom, and for the first time, has made me realize how much time I used to have for myself and my husband. But the thing is…I can still do the things I love WHILE being a Mommy. Being a wife and a mother is one of the best jobs I have ever had and working out is one of my biggest passions. So, why not combine them both?

Do what you love and do it without excuses. My son is my REASON I keep pushing myself. Someday, he’s going to be walking around with those little, chunky legs and will be watching me. But will he be watching me eating junk food on the couch indulging in Netflix, or will he be watching me be my healthiest, fittest, and HAPPIEST self. I want him to see that it takes hard work and motivation and that it IS possible, no matter what, to achieve your goals.

I am a wife. I am a mommy. I am a student. I am a coach. I am a full time Active Duty service member. And I am ABLE to reach my goals, as long as I keep pushing myself and doing my best, every day.

Are you ready to join me?

Please, feel free to contact me if you’re interested in changing your life!!!
yourreason My Son Is NOT an Excuse


yourreason My Son Is NOT an Excuse

The Day I Became Mommy

10959472_10203622120585850_514289489830806787_n The Day I Became Mommy

Alright, so a lot of people have been asking me lately how everything went for me when I was giving birth to Aston. When meeting with people and sharing the story face-to-face it’s a lot easier. When people ask me via Facebook, twitter, or instagram even, I just give them the shortest version. Well, I would like to share with everyone how everything actually went down.

Everyone’s story is very different from the next. Everyone’s story about labor is so unique and beautiful. And this one was definitely not what I expected but turned out exactly how it was meant to. 🙂

On February 6, I was at work and we usually sit in a conference in the morning. Since our office is just myself and my boss, we were in a phone conference with the rest of the command down in San Diego. Well, usually these are pretty long and boring ventures so I just sit there and listen and try not to fall asleep. Anyway, I started feeling some contractions…nothing major and pretty much thought they were Braxton Hicks contractions but with just a step up in the pain. I ended up just walking around the room a little bit and pacing back and forth. I really didn’t think anything of it. Looking back on it now, that was probably when the whole labor process was starting. lol. Anyway, I didn’t feel that for the rest of the day..that was at about 9am or so. I sat at my desk feeling super tired and just drained. Also, I felt a heaviness down south and it was causing a lot of discomfort. Nothing weird either. Just felt like I was swollen, “down there.” I ended up talking to one of the ladies down the hall who I have talked to throughout the entire pregnancy. She’s had 4 boys and is in the Navy too so I thought, who better to talk to? Anyway, I was explaining my discomfort and she ended up calling the nurse hotline to get some ideas on what I should do. The nurse asked me questions about contractions, losing my mucus plug (which never happened), and other things. She suggested I just walk around for about 5-10 minutes every hour since I sit at a desk all day and that’s probably causing too much pressure. I thought, ‘Okay. When I get back to work on Monday, I will start doing that.’ I was 37 weeks and was about to go home for the weekend.

At home, I was just hanging out with my husband. A normal Friday night for us. Eating dinner, watching Netflix, and playing with Violet (our puppy). We decided that we should probably go for a walk with her since she needed to get out of the house to expel some energy and we also thought it would be good for me since I hadn’t been feeling the best. Well, as always, we got caught up in watching our shows that we forgot to go for a walk. At about 9pm I felt a pain from my back that radiated to the front of my belly. It hurt and I actually cried. Keep in mind, I have a super low pain tolerance. I let it pass and I sat down on the couch with the hubby and we figured it was time to go for a walk. An hour later after the walk I felt it again. And then after that, I didn’t feel anything again.

Once we decided to turn in for the night, it was about 11pm and we were getting ready to shower and get ready for bed. We were just standing in our bedroom and talking like we usually do and were just getting ready to hop into the shower. Out of nowhere, my husband looks at me and says,

Did you just pee on yourself?!

Uh…what?! No! I look down and a few trickles of water were falling down my leg. I didn’t feel a thing so I had no idea. I went to the bathroom and ended up peeing so I thought I was fine. We weren’t exactly sure on what happened and I didn’t think my water broke cause everyone I had asked told me,

When it happens, you’ll know. There’s no mistaking it.

Since they said that, I didn’t really think anything of it. So we showered and while showering we discussed what would happen if we were about to have the baby soon. Well, the baby’s hospital bag had been packed for weeks but mine? Nope. Before we crawled into bed, we decided it was time to pack mine. So I did. I will be writing a post about what I brought with me to the hospital…and what I actually used. lol. Earlier in the evening, we had also finally made a birth plan and wrote down a list of errands we needed to run that weekend to help us prepare for the baby since we were only about 3 weeks away from the due date.

This list included:

  • Car seat installation and inspection
  • Buy a changing pad
  • Do a hospital tour
  • Pre-register at the hospital
  • Pack my hospital bag
  • Birth plan
  • Organize all the paperwork we might need
  • Make a list a phone numbers of people to call

Stuff like that. Looked like we had a decent amount of work ahead of us for the weekend. Boy, were we in for a surprise.

DISCLAIMER: There are a few gross things in here. lol

At about 3am on February 7, I felt a pain. It was almost like a period cramp. It woke me up and I thought I would just go to the bathroom. Well, I peed and there was blood in the toilet and blood when I wiped. Nothing MAJOR but it was still blood. And the funny thing is, I thought I was fine. I woke my husband up and asked him to walk around the house with me to see if I was okay and we went from the bedroom to the top of the stairs and I showed him the photos I took (yes, I took photos). He stops and said,

Okay. You’re going to the hospital. Get ready.

He knew I wanted to put a little bit of makeup on before I went, so I did. Simple…face powder and mascara. Nothing major and I even straightened my hair. You never know how long you’re going to be at the hospital! Anyway, we got our things together, Jonathan put the carseat in the car (literally, just put it in the car), he made some coffee, got the bags and camera together, and took care of Violet. Then we were off.

As we were driving, I would say my contractions went from 7 minutes apart while at the house to about 4 minutes apart. The hospital was only about 20 minutes away…maybe 25. We pulled into the parking lot of the hospital at exactly 4:20am. Walking up to the doors, I had to stop 3 times to let a contraction pass. Once we got inside, we had to take the time to register since I didn’t preregister at the hospital beforehand. They ask you the typical questions and they even asked if this was my first baby. Well, yes, it’s my first baby. It’s like they moved even slower once I told them this was my first time. Probably because THEY DID MOVE SLOWER.

You hear many times during pregnancy that the first one is always slower than the second one or the third. You know, when you talk to experienced moms and you ask them about the labor and what it would be like? Yeah, I have heard that so many times. But let me tell you…this baby was COMING.

I was admitted at about 5am and was dilated about 4cm. I was in pain, and this pain just came out of nowhere. It wasn’t gradual for me. It was like a stinging and all of a sudden there was pain. They put in my IV and believe it or not, that thing sticking out of my arm and trying to move around with it on was more annoying than anything that happened that day. It hurt my arm and I just wanted it out. After a few minutes went by, I told my husband,

I think it’s time to call the folks!

So, Jonathan texted my parents and his mom to let them know that this was happening. Good thing for them, we didn’t wake them up or anything because they were already up and were 2-3 hours ahead of us.

Some time had passed and I realized that I REALLY needed to go to the bathroom. I told the nurse that I had to go and she wouldn’t let me! She just told me,

Oh, that’s just the baby coming. You’ll be fine.

Lady, I will not be fine. Let me go to the bathroom. It’s about 10 feet away and I can make it. I just need to pee before my bladder explodes! Nope, wouldn’t let me go. The nurse ended up checking me again and I was dilated to about 6cm, I believe. I’ve been told that you should go to the bathroom before you get your epidural too. So, I wanted to go to the bathroom and make sure everything was out of there before I had this baby. I was SO frustrated that I just ended up crying and making the pain of the contractions worse. Jonathan was trying to comfort me but nothing was really working. I had to pee so bad. And I just kept asking, “Why won’t she let me pee?!” And I could tell he felt really bad for me. Like…who cries from needing to pee so bad? Me. I cried. Whatever. He ended up looking at me and telling me there is a lot of padding under me. lol. Yeah…he told me that and that was it. I wasn’t waiting. This was happening right now. The nurse came back in with the anesthesiologist and I got my epidural. Immediately, I felt so much better. I relaxed and I was definitely much nicer to Jonathan. I guess that’s normal. lol.

 10959472_10203622120585850_514289489830806787_n The Day I Became Mommy

The nurse had to clean me up and fix the bedding and then not too long after that, I saw her rushing around. More nurses came in and they started getting things together around the room. A couple more nurses came in and were talking to the original one around me and asking questions. For some reason, it sounded like a foreign language to me. Then they started moving me around and rolling me back and forth on the bed. They weren’t really communicating with me besides saying,

Breathe. Are you feeling any contractions? Anything?

First of all, I was breathing. Every dang time someone told me I needed to breathe, I wanted to strangle them. Come on. You will clearly see if I am not breathing. I didn’t pass out so stop telling me to breathe! I was annoyed with that, for sure. And about the contractions? No…I wasn’t feeling any. Then I freaked out a little bit. Turns out, it’s normal. When you get an epidural the heart rate of the baby usually does drop a little bit. But of course, they don’t tell us any of that and they just freak out.

My delivery doctor was coming from base and hadn’t gotten to the hospital yet and I heard one of the nurses saying to get another doctor. I have no idea who this man is but he delivered my baby. lol. They hurried around so much I was so scared. The doctor told me to push, the nurses told me to breathe, and Jonathan….I have no idea what he was saying to me. Haha. I felt nothing. So when they were telling me to push, I had no idea if I was even doing it or not. I did about 2 pushes and all of a sudden I head a pop and blood kind of flew everywhere. I freaked out even more. They were vacuuming him out. WTF. I had to push about 3 more times and baby was out. I didn’t feel much of anything besides an intense amount of pressure. I am pretty sure I felt his feet come out. I look down and the doctor was holding my baby by his leg. He was blue and purple and a mess and they cut the cord right away and brought him straight over to the other docs to get looked at. He wasn’t crying. I was scared. Jonathan went over there to make sure everything was good and then the nurse looked over at me and said that he was okay. And en I head a cry. I was in awe. I couldn’t think or say anything. My doctor came in right as Aston was coming out. He ended up stitching me up and I was just laying there shaking and not really talking or anything. I think I was just in shock of it all. I guess the first thing I said was,

Does he have all of his fingers and toes?

What? Why did I ask that? lol. I was upset they didn’t put him directly on my chest, I was upset that they didn’t even ask Jonathan if he wanted to cut the cord, I was upset that they used a vacuum on my son, and I was upset that they didn’t communicate with me. It was quite a mess. But the most important thing is…

I have a son. He is the most perfect little human I have ever seen. He is amazing. And I am so happy to be his Mommy.

  10959472_10203622120585850_514289489830806787_n The Day I Became Mommy    10959472_10203622120585850_514289489830806787_n The Day I Became Mommy  10959472_10203622120585850_514289489830806787_n The Day I Became Mommy  10959472_10203622120585850_514289489830806787_n The Day I Became Mommy  10959472_10203622120585850_514289489830806787_n The Day I Became Mommy  10959472_10203622120585850_514289489830806787_n The Day I Became Mommy  10959472_10203622120585850_514289489830806787_n The Day I Became Mommy


10959472_10203622120585850_514289489830806787_n The Day I Became Mommy

A Wedding in November

oct A Wedding in November

For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, may have seen a post from a few months ago about my friends’ wedding in Lake Tahoe. Well, it was kind of a secret wedding. How does that work? Well, being in the military, you’re around people ALL THE TIME. And sometimes, you happen to fall in love with someone you work with and you want to spend the rest of your life with them…it happened to J and I. I know it happens!

Anyway, I am not going to dive into the rules and what not because that’s boring. Who cares? Let’s talk about love. haha.

You can read that post from the wedding here.

Did you click it? I hope so! Notice something? You didn’t see photos of the bride and groom! Well, like I said, it as a secret wedding. I had to wait until they made everything public before I could post the photos! Also, I have been itching to post the photos of Jamie’s hair and makeup! It’s the first time I had done a bride’s hair and makeup (besides myself) in a few years and I had such  fun time doing it.

Well, now I can share! I’ve actually been able to share these photos for awhile now but as most of you know, I haven’t been in the blogging scene lately since Aston has been born. And I still need to post about him too. lol

Anyway…introducing Brent and Jamie, married!!

oct A Wedding in November oct A Wedding in November oct A Wedding in November
oct A Wedding in November
oct A Wedding in Novemberoct A Wedding in Novemberoct A Wedding in NovemberIt was such a beautiful wedding and a lot of fun! Even being a big ol’ preggo. haha. And the best part is…I know they are going to have such a beautiful marriage. I miss Jamie like crazy and I can’t wait until I get to see her again! Since getting married, she has left California and gone to Florida (stupid Navy always moving people away lol) and her hubby will be following sometime this year. He still has to finish his contract out here.

Hope you all enjoyed the photos! And I hope you enjoyed the fact that I actually posted again. lol. Have a marvelous Sunday!!!

oct A Wedding in November

oct A Wedding in November

My Goals for 2015

img_1786 My Goals for 2015
When one year ends, another one is on it’s way to start.

I’ve already looked back on 2014 and learned a few life lessons and have celebrated the awesome things that happened. Now, that I have said “GOODBYE” to this year, it’s time to welcome in 2015.

With a new year comes a new list of goals that I will go ahead and say, out loud, to commit to getting them accomplished. 2014 was one AMAZING year and I can’t wait to have many more great years. It WILL happen. 🙂

1. Complete my first year of being a Mommy.
Well, at least the first 10 months, give or take. My son is due at the end of February and I am so excited for his arrival! I know the first few months are going to be rough. I don’t know as much as I feel like I should as to what it means to being a Mommy. I just want to be the best mommy I can be! And this blog will be filled with a ton of stories about what it’s going to be like for my hubby and I to become parents. I’m sure there will be plenty of laughs along the way!

2. I will complete at least 4 more classes.
So far, I have completely 1 college class. My FIRST college class. It’s definitely a goal to get my Associate’s before my Navy contract ends. 4 may seem like a low number but I am not doing well at trying to get my classes all registered for these days. I was trying to sign up for classes to start in January and things just aren’t working out and they are on holiday break until the 6th. Lame. It might be too late to get some classes. These are online classes! How is it so hard?! haha. Oh well. 4 classes. That’s my goal.

3. Advancement
Like I’ve said numerous times before, I am in the military. There are 2 opportunities  a year to take the advancement test. Well, I haven’t made it twice and each time I have gotten SO CLOSE. This time…I will make it. March. Even if I have a 2 week old at home, I am going to make it!!!! MAJOR goal here. I know what I am doing, what I am talking about, and I could use the pay raise. Ay yi yi. I would really like to advance this time around.

4. Plan a wedding reception
Since Jonathan and I got hitched fairly quickly, my father offered to rent out a small hall or a dive bar for us to celebrate getting married with family and friends. Sounds like a pretty great idea to me! The main reason I am letting my parents do this for us is because I didn’t get to have my father-daughter dance. I really wanted to have that with my dad and this way I will be able to. Also, it would be fun to be able to wear a fun and sexy dress. 🙂

5. Get back to pre-baby weight by September 27th
Why September 27th? Well, that’s our one year wedding anniversary and we are going to be having that reception I talked about in #4. But mainly, around that time, I will probably have to do a Physical Fitness Assessment for the Navy. It is required that you complete the next cycle 6 months after you’ve given birth. So, no slacking. I need to be as awesome as I was (or better) before I got pregnant. I’ve done it before, I can do it again!

6. Sign up 2 coaches to my Beachbody team
This would put me at an Emerald status. I’ve talked about Beachbody on here before and I am really hoping to turn it into a real business in the near future. I, myself, am a Beachboy coach. And I have enjoyed it for quite some time now. Not to mention the massive discount I get on the products I love. To be able to help others has been an amazing thing for me to do and I’ve even been able to inspire some people. I am apart of an amazing team and I would love to sign on 2 coaches as well to join this journey! I wouldn’t be starting my own team just yet, but just making the team I am on now, EVEN BIGGER. It’ll be great and help me out in amazing ways. So, I look forward to really getting out there and talking more about the biz once I start getting my health right again after the baby.

7. Start our garage-gym
Jonathan and I decided that we are going to build a gym in our garage. Yeah, we love to work out. We figured with the baby on the way, we most likely won’t have a lot of time to workout at the gym. Plus, we love to workout TOGETHER. So, if we have a gym a few steps away, we can workout together anytime! That would be really nice because he’s the best workout partner and my biggest motivator. He’s my swolemate. ;P haha.

8. Learn to cook healthier meals
AND STICK TO IT. I really need to get back to my clean eating days. I’ve never really been a good cook. But a few months ago I dabbled in trying out recipes that I had found online. I think it will be a great idea for me to try it out when I start eating right as well. That way, it will help both my husband and I. Eating healthy will actually help baby too! Instead of just the normal fresh fruits and veggies, I would like to come up with more alternatives to dishes I have found.

 Goals aren’t meant to be just at the beginning of the year. It’s a good place to start but just because I have only 8 goals for the year…doesn’t mean I can keep making goals throughout the year! So, remember that! Continue making goals for yourself and make the plans to follow through!! So, there you have it. My goals for this year. So, it’s the 2nd day of the year. But I still have some plans! haha.

img_1786 My Goals for 2015

img_1786 My Goals for 2015

My 10 Best of 2014

img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

Here we are! New Year’s Eve and a new year headed our way!

Oh man, 2014 has been a HUGE year for me. I knew on my 25th birthday in January, that 25 was going to be a good year. 🙂

But you know what? 2015 is looking pretty good too! With the new year quickly approaching…I have been thinking a lot about this past year. Mainly, while I sit at my desk at work and distract my brain from falling asleep at the desk or while I am in my baby boy’s nursery setting it up.

Since I only started blogging at the end of September, you will learn quite a bit! So, here are MY best moments of 2014.

1. I learned that I can live on a Vegan diet….JUUUUST fine!
January 1st, 2014…I started the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. It’s 21 days of supplementation and learning how to tweak your diet. Cutting out certain foods and other bad things in your body. It also cleanses your body and helps you to get rid of the toxins. So, I made it through it and learned that there are things that I can eat that I won’t hate so much! I never knew I liked hummus, oranges, tempeh, lentils, and other awesome foods. I actually plan to do the Beachbody Ultimate Reset again after I have the baby to get my body back!!! It WILL work! And I will be talking ALLLLLLL about it in here! 🙂 Get ready.
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014 img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

2. I reached a 15.2% in body fat.
Over the past couple years, I have kicked my own ass to get in shape. I was fairly big before I joined the Navy and I lost quite a bit of weight in boot camp and the year after. It was a goal of mine to just get fit and healthy and I finally was getting there! I have talked a lot about weight and how numbers aren’t what is important. They really aren’t. BUT when I found this out, it was nice to know the major difference that had happened in a year. I started lifting more weights and getting smart about what I put into my body and it showed a major difference! Also, I was able to do different things that I never thought I would before.
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014 img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

3. I got my first NEW car.
2014 Toyota Corolla is MINE. I traded in my Honda for a new car. I have never had a new car before and it actually is more beneficial to me to have a newer car than the one I had before. Who wants to keep paying for a car that’s not even worth what I’m paying!? NOT ME. So I traded up. 🙂 My first car was super nice. A handmedown from my dear mother when my dad bought a new car and she got his. It was 2007 when I got the car and it was a 2001 Corolla. I really like Toyota’s. Unfortunately, I got into a car accident in 2011 and bought a 2000 Chevy Cavalier with the money I got from the insurance company after the accident. Then I joined the Navy and I wanted a car when I lived in the middle of nowhere. I still live there in case you’re wondering. So, I ended up with a 2004 Honda Accord. It was definitely time to trade up once I realized my car was 10 years old and I owed way too much on it. SO, there’s that story! haha. Thanks to the hubs for the help!!
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

4. I got to go to Hawaii.
Unfortunately, I went to Hawaii because I was on a short cruise on a Navy ship. But fortunately, I basically got to go to Hawaii for free. It’s not like I had to sail or fly there and pay out of pocket. lol. It was for RIMPAC. Maybe you heard about RIMPAC when you watched the movie Battleship. No…there aren’t any alien robots involved. Sorry to burst your bubble. It’s a Navy training exercise with other countries’ Navy’s. And really, I didn’t even get to do the RIMPAC part! lol. You will see why in #5. It was fun (Hawaii). And I got to have fun with my boyfriend (now husband).
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

5. We found out we were having a baby!
Jonathan and I were actually on our way out of Hawaii on the ship when I found out I was pregnant. That explains all of the tired nights in Hawaii and the cravings for carbs! haha. It was definitely surprising and exciting news. 🙂 There were a few complications (with work and the baby) along the way but we are now headed into 32 weeks!! And when I was about 20 weeks, we found out we were having a boy! Love it! Now, I just need to get his nursery set up and finish getting everything together for this little tike!
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

6. We got engaged!
After Jonathan got home from RIMPAC, we spent about 2 weeks together and we both hopped a plane to Wisconsin and then to New York to meet the families. It was AMAZING meeting the families. BUUUUTTT, Hubby dearest had another thing in mind! When we were in New York, he took me to Taughanook Falls and proposed!!! It was incredibly beautiful!!! By the way, that word is pronounced TUH-gan-nuck. 🙂 Just thought I would help you out. 😉
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014 img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

7. We got married!!!
I became a wife! Planned a small ceremony in Manhattan Beach and had a few friends there and it was absolutely perfect. My dad even Skyped me while wearing a suit and was able to walk me down the aisle. It was amazing. We actually were engaged for a total of 25 days by the time we were married. It only took about 2 weeks to plan for the wedding. And you know what? It still was the most beautiful day of my life!!! If you want to read about our beautiful day, you’re more than welcome to here. I wrote a little bit about it when I first started this blog.
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

8. We moved into a house.
Well, we didn’t buy a huge house or anything…it’s a house provided for us on base. It’s also nothing fancy but it’s better than the one bedroom apartment that we were in previously. It’s a big deal to me. I feel like I am all grown up. How weird. lol. We moved into the house the weekend after we got married. It’s really like my life turned into some sort of a fairytale. A little backwards at times but it is so great. I love our home together.  <3
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

9. I started a blog.
‘Really?’ YES. I started a blog…I’ve had one for years but this one is way different. 🙂 One I actually write in more often and care to talk to people about. I also am more out there for once. It’s nice. 🙂 It’s actually a big deal that I started a serious one this year. I will be able to use this blog as an outlet for my emotions, take a break from life, learn from others about how to be a good mommy, and also to be able to inspire people in their health and fitness. So, I hope that 2015 will bring some awesome life experiences to talk about!

10. Welcome to our family Miss Violet!
Hubs and I got a puppy this year!! Her name is Violet and I am pretty sure I wrote an entire post…or 5 about her. She will be 4 months old on the 3rd and she has blessed my life immensely. She’s teaching me a lot about parenting and patience. Violet is the cutest puppy I have ever seen and I never knew I was a dog person!! Guess I am now! 🙂 I regret nothing about getting her and every day, I look at her and say “I am so happy we found you.” I love her. 🙂
img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now!! 10 big moments of 2014! Wow. That’s more than I thought! I could probably write a few more but I will leave it at the 10. I don’t want to bore the crap out of my beautiful readers. 😉 Looking back, this makes me think that 2015 is going to be lame! Let’s hope not…I mean…I know what #1 on next year’s list will be! I get to become a Mommy. 🙂 I CAN’T WAIT!


Are you?!

img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

img_1774 My 10 Best of 2014

2014 Has Taught Me…

img_1785 2014 Has Taught Me...

I know, I have already done a 2014 post/recap. And I will be doing a 2015 goals post as well. But I think it’s not only important to look back on the things you enjoyed about the past year, but also to learn from the past year. Although it may be boring to some, here is my list of what 2014 has taught me.

1. It’s okay to turn 25 years old. Your life isn’t over…yet.
2. You want to chop over a foot off of your hair? Go for it. You want to cry about it in 6 months when you’re tired of it being short but it is growing out and at that ugly stage? Go for it. It’s hair. Yes, it will grow back. But it’s totally understandable to have a minor freak out every now and then.
3. When you’re dating someone and it’s serious, you will know if it is heading somewhere. Don’t get too antsy. He will know what he’s doing.
4. It’s perfectly okay to let go of the friends you thought were going to be there for you.
5. Sometimes you work your rear-end off, harder than anyone around you and you won’t get the credit…You’ll live.
6. You don’t always get what you want…but sometimes you get exactly what you NEED.
7. Those other friends you had back home, the ones that said they would ALWAYS be there for you, no matter what? Yeah, they weren’t there. It’s okay to cut them out of your life. They probably won’t notice anyway.
8. Sometimes the least likely friendship ends up being a really good friendship. And the exact friendship you needed.
9. Sometimes, it’s just not your time to get what you deserve. Your time is coming. Be patient.
10. It is MORE than okay to stand up for yourself. As long as you are respectful and can back yourself up. Don’t let anyone treat you like a doormat…ever.

These are just 10 things that I decided to share with everyone. Maybe my mistakes and experiences in 2014 will help someone out in 2015. They will be helping me, that’s for sure.

I hope everyone has a safe and HAPPY New Year. Don’t let anything negative from this past year or any of the letdowns of this past year…get you down. You have so much more to look forward to in 2015. And I can’t wait to read all about it in everyone’s blogs. 🙂

Until next time,
img_1785 2014 Has Taught Me...

img_1785 2014 Has Taught Me...

Cuckoo for Christmas Cookies

img_1770 Cuckoo for Christmas Cookies

Alright, so I’m a little late on the Christmas posts but I still wanted to share the adventures the hubs and I had over the holidays!

Yes, I have been MIA but for a good reason! We spent an entire day (almost 11 hours) baking cookies. We also continued to bake and decorate cookies for a few hours the following night.

It was our first Christmas together and since I am all about us building some new traditions, hubby felt that he should just go along with what I wanted. Plus, with a baby on the way, he was figured it made sense to have our own traditions.

Cookies is a new tradition. We baked HUNDREDS of cookies. I am not joking. Between the two of us we made the following:

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Chip with Almond cookies
Sugar Cookies (Typical Christmas cookies) with Cream Cheese Frosting
Christmas Funfetti Cake cookies
Red Velevet Cake cookies with White Chocolate Chips
Chocolate and Butterscotch Chip cookies
Chocolate Chip and Heath Toffee bit cookies
No-Bake cornflake drops
No-Bake Chocolate-Peanut Butter-Oatmeal cookies
Almond Cookies- My Grandmother’s Recipe
Puppy chow with pretzels and peanut and regular M&M’s

I wasn’t kidding when I said we spent HOURS baking.

Doesn’t it make you hungry all over again? I have been eating cookies every day since we have made them. We also gave them out as gifts. Apparently, we don’t know enough people because there are still a lot of cookies. Hopefully we can get rid of these scrumptuous delights soon! Otherwise…my baby might turn into a cookie!

Anyway, this is a super short post but I thought it would be fun to make all of you hungry. 🙂 Enjoy!
img_1770 Cuckoo for Christmas Cookies

img_1770 Cuckoo for Christmas Cookies img_1770 Cuckoo for Christmas Cookies img_1770 Cuckoo for Christmas Cookies img_1770 Cuckoo for Christmas Cookies

                             img_1770 Cuckoo for Christmas Cookies img_1770 Cuckoo for Christmas Cookies

img_1770 Cuckoo for Christmas Cookies img_1770 Cuckoo for Christmas Cookies

img_1770 Cuckoo for Christmas Cookies img_1770 Cuckoo for Christmas Cookies

img_1770 Cuckoo for Christmas Cookies