My Favorite Highlighters – Right Now


dsc_0172_fotor1 My Favorite Highlighters - Right Now

Guys, we all know that highlighters were all the rage in 2016. I am by no means a beauty blogger but I definitely enjoy my cosmetics! When I started this blog (after closing down my old one) I talked about getting back into wearing makeup, being a newlywed, and pregnancy. Apparently, I have a makeup obsession when I am pregnant. This time around, the makeup bug has stuck and I haven’t stopped purchasing! This could be a bad thing.

Either way, since I skipped out on a lot of makeup buying once I had my son, I kind of started playing “catch up.” Not on purpose, but it would seem as though I can’t stop buying makeup again. Highlighters included. They are like my favorite things to look at and purchase next to lipsticks and shadows.

There’s just something fun about a good highlight! Makes you glowy without the sweat. I say that because I workout all the time and that’s usually how I get my natural glow! So, I figured I would share a few of my favorites right now. And sadly, for someone who isn’t that great at makeup and NOT a beauty guru or makeup artist….I have quite a few still sitting in my drawer!

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January 8-14: Friends That Visit and the Makeup I Got to Wear

img_0576-1 January 8-14: Friends That Visit and the Makeup I Got to WearIt’s pretty crazy that last week, I put on makeup AND did my hair. Not only once…but twice. 😂

It’s kind of a big deal for myself and other moms that I know. I know there are a few (okay a lot) of those uber glamorous Instagram mom’s that have it all together, but I’m not one of them. And oh my gosh, I love looking at those moms Instagram accounts! Girl. You’re rocking it! It also helps that they’re probably really good at makeup whereas I’m lucky if I can get my contour down correctly. Contour, highlight, blush…ahhhh!!!

Either way, it’s always fun to play with makeup and I did the look shown above, before I went to pick up my friend of 11 years up at the airport! I’ve been living far from home for the past 4.5 years now and it was really nice to have a friend come and visit me.

img_0576-1 January 8-14: Friends That Visit and the Makeup I Got to Wear

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A Wedding in November

oct A Wedding in November

For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, may have seen a post from a few months ago about my friends’ wedding in Lake Tahoe. Well, it was kind of a secret wedding. How does that work? Well, being in the military, you’re around people ALL THE TIME. And sometimes, you happen to fall in love with someone you work with and you want to spend the rest of your life with them…it happened to J and I. I know it happens!

Anyway, I am not going to dive into the rules and what not because that’s boring. Who cares? Let’s talk about love. haha.

You can read that post from the wedding here.

Did you click it? I hope so! Notice something? You didn’t see photos of the bride and groom! Well, like I said, it as a secret wedding. I had to wait until they made everything public before I could post the photos! Also, I have been itching to post the photos of Jamie’s hair and makeup! It’s the first time I had done a bride’s hair and makeup (besides myself) in a few years and I had such  fun time doing it.

Well, now I can share! I’ve actually been able to share these photos for awhile now but as most of you know, I haven’t been in the blogging scene lately since Aston has been born. And I still need to post about him too. lol

Anyway…introducing Brent and Jamie, married!!

oct A Wedding in November oct A Wedding in November oct A Wedding in November
oct A Wedding in November
oct A Wedding in Novemberoct A Wedding in Novemberoct A Wedding in NovemberIt was such a beautiful wedding and a lot of fun! Even being a big ol’ preggo. haha. And the best part is…I know they are going to have such a beautiful marriage. I miss Jamie like crazy and I can’t wait until I get to see her again! Since getting married, she has left California and gone to Florida (stupid Navy always moving people away lol) and her hubby will be following sometime this year. He still has to finish his contract out here.

Hope you all enjoyed the photos! And I hope you enjoyed the fact that I actually posted again. lol. Have a marvelous Sunday!!!

oct A Wedding in November

oct A Wedding in November

Beauty Haul- NYX Cosmetics

dsc_0805 Beauty Haul- NYX Cosmetics

Remember not too long ago I wrote a post on the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams in Copenhagen and Transylvania? How I heard a lot about those colors lately? I am pretty sure I said I was going to order them, stat!

I never did. Haha.

It took awhile but I ordered them during the first week of January and I LOVE THEM! Well, “them” being the Soft Matte Lip Cream in general. They still didn’t have Transylvania so I was pretty sad that I couldn’t get it. So instead…I ordered a few other random things.

I got 3 Soft Matte Lip Creams. The colors are Amsterdam, London, and Copenhagen. I tried all of them on immediately as well. They go on SO smooth and are definitely that perfect matte finish. London is officially my new favorite and go-to nude color. Amsterdam is a little bit on the pinky-red side for me. I need more of the blue-based reds I have noticed. And Copenhagen? As beautiful as you see on all the instagram accounts out there. Haha.

dsc_0805 Beauty Haul- NYX Cosmeticsdsc_0805 Beauty Haul- NYX Cosmetics

And since I couldn’t get the Transylvania color, I ended up checking out the Simply Vamp Lip Cream. I picked out She Devil. It looked close enough. Whenever I get Transylvania, I guess we will see how it goes! I am not a huge fan of the lip cream because it’s not that nice matte lip that I like but it still gets the job done. And I feel like I may have gotten a color similar to it in my Laura Geller lip chubby.

dsc_0805 Beauty Haul- NYX Cosmetics

I decided I wasn’t going to stop there and I got a Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. Why? Well…as per usual, I get a lot of my makeup tips and especially eyebrow tips from Raquel. One of the tricks for her eyebrows is highlighting and I am experimenting with highlighting the brow area. But let me tell you, if you’re a little too dark for it, you’re going to have to blend the CRAP out of this stuff! It works, I like it, but I spend a little extra time blending. lol.

And for the last thing I got, I decided to try some eyeshadow. Here’s the deal. When I was 18, I moved from home to California (before having to return home about 4 months later) and I got a part time job working at a Cosmetic and photography studio. It was different. This woman was from London and sold her OWN makeup and did hair and makeup at the studio, took photos, had an esthetician that worked in back…and sold some…adult things. It was weird. I’ve tried looking it up and I can’t find her anywhere anymore (8 years later). Maybe it’s for a good reason. ANYWAY.

When I worked there, there was a store a few suites down and they sold NYX. I liked it because they had all of these bright colors and I was just getting interested in makeup. Also, I had JUST learned about MAC makeup and I wasn’t about to spend the money on it. So, I felt like NYX was a good comparison at the time. The eyeshadows worked well and I used them for quite awhile. After that, I never heard of NYX again until recently.

dsc_0805 Beauty Haul- NYX Cosmetics

With all that said, I figured the eyeshadow would be JUUUUST FINE! Well, I was right! Shows up well on my skin! I haven’t tried it on my eyes yet but we will have to see how it blends and how well it stays on. Maybe a primer will do the trick…I should use primer whenever I do my eyes anyway. haha. I ended up getting the LOVE IN RIO EYE SHADOW PALETTE-SIZZLING SAMBA. I like it. Reminds me a little bit of a lion. Why? I don’t know. Haha.

Anyway, that was my NYX beauty haul!! What did you think? Did I make out like a bandit?! Haha. Should I try more things? I might be buying about…10 more of these Soft Matte Lip Creams though! They’re amazing!!!

dsc_0805 Beauty Haul- NYX CosmeticsI just LOVE getting packages in the mail! It’s like Christmas. 🙂

dsc_0805 Beauty Haul- NYX Cosmetics

Beauty Haul – Sephora

dsc_0690 Beauty Haul -  Sephora

Well, I hope everyone had a WONDEFUL holiday season!

But I also hope that while you were spending all of your money on your loved ones, you were stashing some aside for you to take advantage of some sales going on after the holidays were over!!

I did. Not even on purpose. But thank goodness for my friend, Raquel. She always tells me where the good deals are. 🙂 This time I headed over to Sephora and they had 20% off all sale items. SALE ITEMS. I don’t often shop online but nothing ever has a discount on sale items. Unless I am just never paying attention. lol. Anyway, I got a BUNCH of stuff from Sephora and when it got to the house I was SOOOOO excited!!!

I got a couple of new bags. I haven’t bought any makeup bags in a really long time. So, I figured since these little guys were fairly cheap, I would just add them onto my order. 🙂 I got the SEPHORA COLLECTION The Escapader / The Escapader Black for $11.00 and the SEPHORA COLLECTION Signature Clear Cosmetic Bags / Signature Clear Cosmetic Bags Medium Cosmetic Case for $5.00. Seemed like a great deal to me!

dsc_0690 Beauty Haul -  Sephora dsc_0690 Beauty Haul -  Sephora

Raquel and I talked about liners. I am not usually one for the waterproof kind of ANYTHING but I figured I would give it a shot as well. Maybe I will find these useful when I am going to a wedding…or I am watching a romantic love story. Who knows. haha. But I definitely am trying to broaden my eyeliner collection (or my whole makeup collection) and at these prices, I couldn’t say no! I got the SEPHORA COLLECTION Long-Lasting 12HR Wear Eye Liner in Black for $5.00, SEPHORA COLLECTION Rio Night Waterproof Gel Eyeliner also for $5.00, and the SEPHORA COLLECTION Waterproof Smoky Cream Liner, again, for $5.00. Now…I just need to get an eyeliner brush for these! Shame on me, I thought they came with brushes. haha.
dsc_0690 Beauty Haul -  Sephora dsc_0690 Beauty Haul -  Sephora dsc_0690 Beauty Haul -  Sephora
I even bought a mascara. I was pretty psyched about it…until I realized that I forgot to make sure the color was black. OOPS. Now I have a blue colored mascara. Anyone want it? lol. Maybe I should give it a shot. Maybe it’s dark enough to pass! SEPHORA+PANTONE UNIVERSE Light Flicker Mascara in Ombre Blue for $11.00. Maybe I will just save it for a rainy day. Do a giveaway, perhaps? I’d have to learn how to do that first. lol.

dsc_0690 Beauty Haul -  Sephora
Raquel informed me that Buxom is pretty pricey but nice. So, when I saw this lovely pack of lipsticks, I decided to try it out! For $15.00 I got Buxom Two of a Kind™ – Nudist & Provocateur / Two of a Kind™. They’re cute little lippies. I can’t wait to try them out sometime.

dsc_0690 Beauty Haul -  Sephora
dsc_0690 Beauty Haul -  Sephoradsc_0690 Beauty Haul -  Sephora

Last but not least, I got some new nail polish! I don’t often buy nail color since I have to use neutral colors but I couldn’t resist. They were each $1.00. You wouldn’t pass it up either!! I got 4 of them! SEPHORA COLLECTION Color Hit Nail Polish in the colors Night, Speed Dating, Berlin Underground, and Cross The Line. I think I am going to try them anyway and see if I can get away with the colors! 🙂

dsc_0690 Beauty Haul -  Sephora

Not only did I get all of these awesome products, they sent me 3 samples of my choice. I am not much of a perfume or fragrance person, so I just kind of randomly chose. I received Chloe Chloé Eau de Parfum, CLINIQUE Calyx, and Givenchy Very Irrésistible Givenchy (WELLL…I ended up with something else, I guess they ran out of that one). Have any of you tried these fragrances? I haven’t yet but I probably will on a date night!

dsc_0690 Beauty Haul -  Sephora

I got all of this for about 50 bucks! Isn’t that amazing?! I thought so! I told myself I wasn’t going to go over 50, and I did good. 🙂 I can’t wait to try some of this stuff out! Did any of you take advantage of the sale!? I bet you’re kicking yourself if you hadn’t! 😛

I can’t wait until the next sale! I am just LOVING this stuff!!!!!

dsc_0690 Beauty Haul -  Sephora

**all photos in this post were taken by myself.  Yes, I am finally experimenting with my camera. lol

dsc_0690 Beauty Haul -  Sephora

Mini Beauty Haul – Target

img_1723 Mini Beauty Haul - Target

Alright, I keep forgetting to talk about this!! I mean, it’s not that big of a deal but I had a mini beauty haul that I wanted to post the day after Christmas and I kept forgetting!

Anyway, Jonathan and I went shopping for Christmas stuff the day after Christmas. Yes, that’s a great idea and you should try it sometime. Since this was our first Christmas, we had more than we thought we would have for decorations but we didn’t have as much as we wanted. So, we traveled to a bunch of stores in the area to check out what they had.

The last stop was Target and since I was with him on Black Friday and he walked through Ulta with me, I promised him I wouldn’t make him go through that torture again. Guys, are so funny. Apparently, walking through a cosmetics store is torture. lol. Anyway, to get my “fix” I decided to wander to the cosmetic section in Target.

I was pretty happy with what I found. Shelves were stocked up fairly well. Except for NYX (of course) which looked like a tornado ripped through it. I even wandered over to the Sonia Kashuk section and thought about buying a pack of brushes to try them out. I decided against it…I don’t even remember why.

I wandered over to the back wall and saw E.L.F. cosmetics and just took a gander at their brushes. Uhm….totally forgot how cheap those things are!!! Alright, I understand cheap doesn’t always mean that it’s really good. BUT in this situation, I didn’t care. And it ended up working out anyway. Cheap worked well for me! Come on, I am on a budget! But I need to get my beauty fix sometimes! 😛

I ended up with 4 E.L.F brushes and 3 Sally Hansen nail polishes. And I am excited to use them. 🙂

Told you, mini beauty haul but it’s going to totally hold me over until I make it to Ulta again! Or until I find a sale online somewhere else!!

img_1723 Mini Beauty Haul - Target

img_1723 Mini Beauty Haul - Target

Beauty Post – What’s Your Favorite Eyeliner?

dsc_0570 Beauty Post - What's Your Favorite Eyeliner?

There has been A LOT of talk recently about the Benefit Cosmetics – They’re Real Push-Up Liner.

I had a nice little rendevous over to Ulta not too long ago and tried this eyeliner out. It’s pretty nice. Does the trick. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t the one handling the little contraption. One of the ladies at Ulta was putting the eyeliner on for me. That gel liner that hugs the lash line seems so PERFECT, doesn’t it?

Well, it is perfect. But I cannot put it on myself. I feel like I waste more of that gel liner than I get on my face. That’s not good. Like, most of the gel comes out or falls off the stick when you’re putting it on. I think you’re wasting more! Standing at $24 for just the liner, I can’t justify spending that much when I can’t even use it correctly. I don’t know…maybe it’s operator error but…I’ll save the money if I can.

I do have a few other liners that are in my arsenal though! And you know what? They tend to do the trick. I mean, I have just recently learned how to do my liner and brows better from my girl over at Pretty Little Mama so it’s not like I am an expert or anything. Raquel? She’s an expert. Check her out, or even just look at her instagram once you’ve hit her page.

As for my liners. For awhile I have been using the Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen in black. It’s pretty easy. It’s a pen. goes on fairly smooth and stays on pretty well. But it doesn’t seem as dark as I need it and not as precise. Maybe, I am just running out. At Ulta it’s about $9.49.

dsc_0570 Beauty Post - What's Your Favorite Eyeliner? dsc_0570 Beauty Post - What's Your Favorite Eyeliner?

Even before discovering the Revlon eyeliner, I was using a pencil. I was using the Rimmel London SpecialEyes Eyeliner Pencil in black. You can get this at Ulta for $3.99. Pencil doesn’t quite do the trick for the liner on the top lid. I’ve noticed that it just gets smudgey or melty and we don’t like that! But when I am putting liner on my bottom lash line, I don’t like using any type of liquid because, let’s face it…I am not very good with my precision. I get the liquid in my eyeball and it burns! You’ve been there…admit it! Anyway, to prevent such smudging on the lash line, I usually add a little black shadow anyway. I use Blackout in the Urban Decay Naked2 Palette. Sometimes, I will use MAC’s Brun for a softer look.

dsc_0570 Beauty Post - What's Your Favorite Eyeliner? dsc_0570 Beauty Post - What's Your Favorite Eyeliner?

When I went to Ulta to look at the Benefit eyeliner, I came across the L’Oreal Linear Intense Felt Tip Liquid Liner in black ($8.99). I wasn’t exactly sure on how I would feel about the liner because I figured I would have to literally paint on my wings. Well, I do. But I love it! It’s a great liner for me. I get right to where I want it and it’s pretty forgiving as well. It’s not going to go where I don’t want it to go. The only thing is, the way I do my liner with the wings…I can’t quite get it done with this liner. So, I acutally start out with my Revlon pen and then go back to this one to go over it and finish the rest of the liner! This is now my go-to liner. Smooth, dries quickly, doesn’t smudge, and it doesn’t look like it’s paint. I love it.

dsc_0570 Beauty Post - What's Your Favorite Eyeliner? dsc_0570 Beauty Post - What's Your Favorite Eyeliner?

Another favorite of mine is MAC’s Penultimate Eye Liner in black. Can you tell I like black liner? 😉 It’s another pen liner that goes on well. As opposed to the Revlon liner that I use on most days, the accuracy is a little better and the black is a little, blacker. I use this one on the weekends because…I am cheap. Standing at $20 I would rather just buy that every few months than have to buy it more often.

dsc_0570 Beauty Post - What's Your Favorite Eyeliner? dsc_0570 Beauty Post - What's Your Favorite Eyeliner?

There you have it. My favorite eyeliners!! What are some of your favorites?! Let me know in the comments! 🙂

dsc_0570 Beauty Post - What's Your Favorite Eyeliner?

dsc_0570 Beauty Post - What's Your Favorite Eyeliner?

It’s Going Around…The Winter Tag!

img_1915 It's Going Around...The Winter Tag!

Ah! I have been tagged by the beautiful Jasmine over at Color U Bold.

Jasmine tagged me on twitter (@Color_U_Bold) and I couldn’t open the link on my computer so I checked out her blog. Found it. haha.

I guess it’s time to share a few things about myself in this tag (as if I don’t spill my guts out enough as it is!).

1. What’s your favourite seasonal drink from either Starbucks/Costa or your cafe of choice?
I’m with Jasmine on this one. I don’t know what Costa is. BUT I DO know what Starbucks is! The hubs and I go there at least once a week. It’s probably horrible for us and our budgets…but I am over it. Ha! Anyway, for a seasonal drink…I remember when the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate first came out and THAT was the holiday drink. I would get that all the time…and still do. Substitute the regular milk for the soy and I am good to go! Plus, if you’re trying not to have too much caffeine while you’re pregnant, this is a good option. As for the holiday drinks that were feature for this year…I was a fan of the Caramel Brulee Latte. I tried the Chestnut Prailene Latte and I wasn’t really a fan. Maybe it’s the caramel. haha. Either way, it’s a coffee drink with loads of sugar. There’s no way it’s bad for you! ;P
img_1915 It's Going Around...The Winter Tag!
2. What accessories do you opt for? Scarf/boots/gloves?
Well, seeing as I am in the Central (middle-of-freaking-nowhere-land) California, it’s not like it is back home. Where is home? Wisconsin. It gets COLD there! I am NOT a fan of the cold. Don’t get me wrong, it gets cold here too but nothing like a frozen tundra. Here…it’s been about the simple decorative scarves, jeans, a pair of Toms, and a cute top most likley paired with a cardigan. And if I get too cold, my North Face will go on top. Nothing special. But when I am HOME? I am ALWAYS in a pair of skinny jeans or leggings and boots. Boots, boots, boots. I love them. 🙂 And I am ALWAYS wearing some sort of scarf and MITTENS. I love mittens. I once had a pair of mittens my friend made me in high school and they were green…with buttons for eyes and a tongue was sewn where the thumb was. Cute little frogs. Haha. I really don’t like winter besides the LOOK of snow. I am more of a Fall/Autumn kind of gal. But the holiday season is something I do enjoy. Maybe in the next few years, I could go home to enjoy it again…and remember why I stopped going home for Christmas!
img_1915 It's Going Around...The Winter Tag! img_1915 It's Going Around...The Winter Tag!

3. What are your favorite tunes for this time of year?
Honestly? It drives me almost insane that people go from Halloween straight into Christmas mode. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Why? I have no idea. Probably has something to do with family getting together and THANKING people and the Lord for the good things in life. Even kids know that. Around Christmas, a lot of people forget the true meaning. Again, it’s all about family and togetherness. Not about the presents and being selfish. Anyway…I am on a tangent again. But with that being said….I try not to listen to any Christmas music until the week of. If I can help it, of course. Then it’s all about the classic Christmas Carols. Anything I can sing is a plus as well.

4. What scent or perfume do you find yourself favoring this time of year?
Honestly? I don’t have a specific scent that I wear for certain times of the year. I just wear what I like. And currently, my collection is very low. I’ve got 3 Victoria’s Secret scents: Night, Bombshell, and Tease. I like all 3 so I change them out whenever necessary.
img_1915 It's Going Around...The Winter Tag! img_1915 It's Going Around...The Winter Tag! img_1915 It's Going Around...The Winter Tag!

5. What candles will you be burning this season?
Well, we don’t burn all too many candles in our home but I wanted to buy the huge candle at Bath and Body Works earlier in the fall. The scent was Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. To die for. I have a bunch of soap in that scent. lol. Nothing really for Christmas. We have a wax warmer in the bedroom that we turn on at night and right now it’s got some Glade Christmas cookie smells. I love that!! Does that count?
img_1915 It's Going Around...The Winter Tag!

6. What is it you most love about Winter?
I don’t love Winter. lol. As previously stated, I love Fall. But I guess since we are talking about Winter…if I am going to be COLD then there better be some freaking snow. You get cold but no snow here in California. So, I would rather be kickin’ it in my house and look out to see snow falling. Then again, I don’t like shoveling it, driving in it, or dealing with all the other crap. Snow is fun for sledding, snowmen, snow angels, and snowball fights. And it’s pretty to look at. Other than that, I am good without it.

7. What is your favorite makeup look for the winter?
My basic beauty routine really never changes. I mean, I have a lot of makeup and I enjoy wearing it and experimenting with it. The only thing that really changes is that I wear more lipstick. I have been experimenting wiht lipsticks lately. Trying to venture away from just the normal pinky kind. And during the winter I wear Viva Glam I by MAC. It’s my favorite red. The only red I have EVER found that looks…RED on me. I talk about this color a lot. It’s pretty much my go-to. But I have also been looking at deeper and darker colors as well. But mainly…reds. Reds are my favorite. Also, you can usually get away with a little more eye makeup if you deem it necessary. 🙂
img_1915 It's Going Around...The Winter Tag! img_1915 It's Going Around...The Winter Tag!

8. What are you most looking forward to this Winter?
I don’t really have much to look forward to…my son will be born near the END of Winter so I guess that would be what I look forward to the most!!! I can’t wait to meet my little guy.

Well, I guess that’s all the questions for this tag!! I hope you enjoyed yourselves! This definitely helped me get over my slump of NOT posting lately. I don’t think I have posted anything in over a week. YIKES! I have written A LOT lately. But I haven’t found the time to get some photos taken. No worries, I’ll get on there soon! I need to keep ya’ll interested!! 🙂

Don’t forget to pop on over to Jasmine’s blog and have a look. She’s got some great stuff. Especially if you’re interested in makeup…like many of us ladies are!

Stay tuned for new posts from me! And a guest post from a new friend of mine! 🙂
img_1915 It's Going Around...The Winter Tag!

img_1915 It's Going Around...The Winter Tag!

My Favorite Blogs of December!!

img_1461 My Favorite Blogs of December!! 

^^Photo from^^

I figured I would give a shout out, once a month to my favorite bloggers of the month! No matter what they are blogging about, they have caught my eye, are interesting, or you know what? They are downright awesome and friendly outside of the blog. I have already met a few awesome people in the blogging world since I started putting mine out there. Here’s just a few to round out my December Favorites. 🙂


1. A Red Lip and A Nude Shoe
Meet Rosie! She’s got a darling site filled with fashion, beauty, food, opinions, and whatever else she wants to talk about! She’s from Melbourne, Australia. Actually, she will be having a guest post on here in the near future!!! You can come back to visit and check out what she wrote about where she’s from! Rosie is a super sweetheart with lots to talk about. She’s actually one of the people that I have talked to the most since I started (seriously) blogging not too long ago. We’ve talked about makeup, life, blogging, and where we live. She’s a hoot. Definitely pop on over there for some quality writing, photos, and a good laugh. 🙂
img_1461 My Favorite Blogs of December!!

2. Pretty Loved
Meet Kristin! Kristin is another one of those sweethearts that has been helpful with the blogging help and just wonderful because she will talk to you. We talk a lot on twitter about random things and a lot about blogging as well. I was even on my first “twitter chat” with her. It was fun. And she’s always keeping up with my tweets. She even brought me to another one of my favorite bloggers. I’ve poked around her blog a bit and she’s got reviews on makeup, skincare, recipes, and more. If that sounds like your style…head over there. If it doesn’t, go anyway cause she’s awesome.
img_1461 My Favorite Blogs of December!!

3. Bobs and Rouge
Lynne has a lovely little blog over here as well! Style, Beauty, and Lifestyle. Just like her blog says. But my favorite part is that she talks about a little of everything! She has clean eating recipes on there too which really caught my eye. And she’s talked about weddings recently. A newlywed as well?! I am a sucker for weddings. And since I am a newlywed, myself, I love reading blogs about wedding stuff. 🙂
img_1461 My Favorite Blogs of December!!

4. Pretty Little Mama
Alright, this gal. She’s my girl. Her name is Raquel. It’s funny how our friendship started and I actually bring her up a lot when I talk about makeup. She’s like, my makeup guru and the only reason I know how to do my eyebrows. Lol. We met while we were both in the Navy together under some peculiar circumstances but we are friends and it worked out GREAT. I brought up blogging to her not too long ago because she is always on instagram talking about health, fitness, makeup, fashion, hair….everything. I was like, “You have an opinion and advice for everything. You should write about it.” She started a blog. She’s been off of it for awhile because she’s not just a veteran…she’s a mommy, a wife-to-be, and a student. And right now, she is off meeting the new family. Pretty exciting stuff in her life. Her blog may just be the start of something amazing, but it’s totally worth checking out! She will pretty much talk about…everything. 
img_1461 My Favorite Blogs of December!!

5. Lola Lane Love
Amanda is such a sweetie! Can you believe this 25 year old darling has been blogging for a little over 30 days?! She’s definitely making a name for herself in the blogging community and I love it. Definitely a lifestyle blog because she talks about her life! And the best part is, she is VERY open about her life. I love when you can get to the nitty gritty of someone’s posts and just get to know who they are. That’s probably the best part about the blogs I have found lately. Getting to know people. She’s even doing an awesome change in her life and taking steps to being a healthy her! I definitely commend that. I love when I can read success stories and what not. You got this, girl! Definitely check out her blog and read for yourself. She’s great.
img_1461 My Favorite Blogs of December!!

Well, I only have 5 for now. But I am super excited to share these lovely ladies with you. Maybe one day, I can be just as awesome as them! 😉 This is seriously the BEST part about blogging. When people write, they let you in a little bit. You get a taste of what their world is like. And it’s not always the same. No one has the same story. Sure, they might like the same makeup, hair products, clothing line, etc…but it’s when they let you take a deeper look into their soul that I enjoy the most.

I love being a blogger. I am VERY new to it. But I love it.

img_1461 My Favorite Blogs of December!!


img_1461 My Favorite Blogs of December!!

A Future In The Beauty Industry

img_1022 A Future In The Beauty Industry

Remember in a recent post, I mentioned that my teacher thinks I should write a book? I also mentioned that he wanted to rip my final research paper in half because he wants to hear that I want to be an English professor and an author…in case you have no idea what I am talking about, you can click here to read it.

Anyway, in that post I also said I would post my finished product. We were told to figure out where we wanted to be in the next 5-10 years and to interview experts on the job. Also, we were told to write 2,000 words on the subject. It wasn’t very clear on how exactly it needed to be written, so I just started writing. It’s almost as if I was blogging. Easy. I’m a little over 2,000 words (2, 226 to be exact) but that’s okay. I needed the extra words to finish up the paper. 🙂 It’s pretty interesting, have a look! So, here goes…

My Future Belongs to the Beauty Industry

            Thinking about where you want to be in the next five to ten years can be a difficult task. As for me, it’s pretty easy. I want to do the same thing I have wanted to do since I was 18 years old, the only problem is getting there. Life throws you on many loops and to roll with. Hair and makeup are two things that I have enjoyed my entire life and learning about them has just furthered my passion to do this in the future. I even attended Cosmetology school almost 7 years ago and again, life happened. I may have taken a detour and joined the World’s Finest Navy, but that doesn’t change where I want to end up. With that being said, finding out more about the career path I would like to take, fully confirmed that this is where I want to be.

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img_1022 A Future In The Beauty Industry