Breastfeeding in Agnes & Dora Clothing

For those of you that may not know, I recently started a new journey to become an Agnes & Dora Independent Representative! 

There are many reasons WHY I chose to do this and why I chose Agnes & Dora out of many companies I could’ve chosen. I will write about that at a later time but one of the main reasons I fell in love with Agnes & Dora is how breastfeeding friendly the clothing is!

So, I figured this would be a good time to write about it! I want to be able to share just a few of the fabulous pieces that Agnes & Dora has that are incredibly breastfeeding friendly! This may be a fairly short post but I hope it helps any mamas who are deciding if it’s worth it because of the nursing aspect!

Let’s start! 

The Muse Top with Boyfriend Cardigan

DSC_9849-683x1024 Breastfeeding in Agnes & Dora Clothing

Unfortunately, when I started this post and getting photos done for it, I didn’t know they were discontinuing this piece. The black shirt that I have under the cardigan is a Muse top. If you can still score one of these, I highly recommend it for nursing! There are a lot of reps out there that have these available or purchase! The Muse is extremely stretchy and if you’re someone that doesn’t like to do the double-shirt method, this would be perfect for you. I also paired the Muse with a Boyfriend Cardigan because now that it’s in the colder months, it is a great piece to have while outside of the house or while lounging around with the kiddos. Okay, what stay-at-home-mom is actually lounging around? Wishful thinking, I guess!

Long Sleeve Thermal with Thumbhole and Pullover

DSC_9849-683x1024 Breastfeeding in Agnes & Dora Clothing

Okay, so you’re probably not going to be wearing the thermal AND the pullover INSIDE your house but if you do, this is a great option for you. Honestly, a pullover is just a great piece that you can wear over anything to help you do the double-shirt method of nursing. The thermal is also great because it’s lightweight and is a stretchy material. I don’t feel like I am pulling my shirt down too far. And it goes back to normal. That’s key for me…I don’t like having stretched out clothing. Also, I wanted to note that I am wearing the Joggers in this. I LOVE how comfortable they are. They are made of the same baby suede material that the leggings are and they have pockets. It’s like leggings on steroids. HA! Pockets for my phone or some cars my toddler handed me but still as comfortable as a pair of leggings. WIN!

The Love Tunic

DSC_9849-683x1024 Breastfeeding in Agnes & Dora Clothing

Ladies, I absolutely LOVE the Love Tunic! See what I did there? Seriously, this was one of the first items I had received that was breastfeeding friendly and I about died. I was like,

“I don’t need to stretch the crap out of this?!”

And I didn’t! It’s a V-neck style and it’s incredibly comfortable. Okay, all of the pieces from Agnes & Dora are comfortable. Guys, I actually get dressed on a daily basis now! I mean, my hair is a mess and I never have makeup on but at least I am dressed! Also, a great thing about this piece is that I can wear it as a dress, with leggings, or with pants. It’s such versatile piece!

The Spencer Dress

DSC_9849-683x1024 Breastfeeding in Agnes & Dora Clothing

I know what you’re thinking. Why is this chick wearing a long, gorgeous dress INSIDE HER HOUSE? Because I can! And it’s comfortable! It may not be a fall/winter appropriate dress (it can be if you throw on a cardigan or a duster) but it’s definitely perfect for those warmer months. Living in central California, it’s still fairly warm around here in the afternoons. Again, this is a piece that is comfortable enough to wear at home but totally something you can dress up and wear out for date night. Yes, date night. How many of us go on our date nights with baby in tow? Yup, you know what I am talking about! This fits perfectly and I love how it’s a V-neck as well. Perfect!

The Favorite Hoodie

DSC_9849-683x1024 Breastfeeding in Agnes & Dora Clothing

As you can see, I stayed with the super comfy look during this shoot! And the Joggers made another appearance! This Favorite Hoodie has a little bit of an oversized look. Only slightly. Or you can wear it more fitted if you size down one! But I love that it has a little bit more of an opening in the top/front. I am able to nurse in it so easily and it’s super comfy. Who doesn’t love a hoodie?! Being able to nurse in it is definitely a plus.

The Nightingale Dress

DSC_9849-683x1024 Breastfeeding in Agnes & Dora Clothing

This dress is a wrap dress and just so lovely! It’s one of their shorter options and I absolutely LOVE it! With it being a wrap dress, it hits right at the perfect spots and leaves yet another V-neck for easy nursing access! It’s also one of those dresses that I think fits any body type so well. It’s just so flattering.

All of these pieces are great whether you’re breastfeeding or not. I have absolutely loved wearing Agnes & Dora and feeling fabulous and put together with little effort. And as a mama that has been nursing for 3 years straight so far, I know what it’s like to go shopping. Every single time I would to go the store, I would fall in love with something but I needed to make sure I could nurse with it. I hope that this post has helped you figure out some pieces that you can wear! You can still be fashionable while nursing!

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DSC_9849-683x1024 Breastfeeding in Agnes & Dora Clothing

*All photos (besides the Nightingale Dress) were taken by my friend Kayla of K. Nichole Photography.*

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