Moving Out East

ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East

The day that we had been hoping and praying for, for months and years, had finally come.

It’s not like we absolutely hated where we were living at, but we felt as though we were ready to go. With my husband being stationed here for 7 or 8 years and myself for nearly 5, we had outgrown this place. Plus, I don’t like dry heat, so there’s that!

But since we ready for a change and a chance to see family a little more often, we had hoped for orders to the East Coast and that’s what we got! And it’s pretty crazy to think that this is the place that our relationship started, where we started a family, and grew. It’s where we had our first home and this is the house we brought our kids home to. It’s a bit surreal, a bit sad, exiting…emotional. I was quite emotional on the day we finally said “goodbye” to our “home.”

ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East

So, the packers came one day and packed up our entire house. They even brought little boxes for the kids to use to pack up some things they wanted to travel with and crayons for them to decorate them. I thought that was adorable. We filled that house with a ton of stuff over the last 3 years and it was crazy to see it all packed up in less than 8 hours. I think it was even 5 hours if I am being honest!

The next day, the moving truck came and the movers started loading all of our things up. That also didn’t take very long. We spent the night in a hotel on base and the next day, we blew that popsicle stand! We did the final check out of our home and said goodbye to a few friends of ours. Friends of our kids too. Friends that became family.

ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East

I remember, when I joined the Navy, that I always heard about those you served with becoming your family. And it’s so true. But in my own life, it wasn’t JUST the people I had served with who had become my family, it was also the people who were serving along their own spouses that became my family. We know this life and how to be there for each other. And as moms, there are some of us that just…clicked.

Seeing your kids saying bye to other kids is really emotional. At least it was for me. Plus, I am saying bye to my own close friends! All I was thinking about is:

Are we actually going to stay in touch? Or are we just going to say we will talk to each other all of the time and not actually follow through?

Either way, I knew I was extremely blessed to have been able to have those friendships during the time that I did.

ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East

Anyway, enough of the emotional stuff! Ha! We headed out towards Las Vegas but not before we stopped at Old Navy to use our super cash! And sure enough, my best mom friend (that’s what I call her) ended up finding out we were there and met up with us! She was the absolutely last person to send us off. It was so funny and sweet. Her boys are the sweetest and her oldest was crying the night before about us leaving. And her kids asked if mine could sleepover. Ah! I thought I was done with the emotional stuff! I guess not!

ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East

But seriously. It was the cutest. And I was happy to see my friend again before I left.

For those of you that do not know, this is our first time PCSing anywhere. We left our first ever duty station. It’s so crazy to think that wherever you end up, that’s automatically your new home. And you don’t ever know how long you’re going to be there for sure. I mean, I was convinced that I was going to be doing a 20 year career there, but it’s amazing to see what God has done in our lives. And I look forward to seeing what MORE he has in store for us.

ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out EastACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East ACS_0109-1021x1024 Moving Out East

I’ve Been a Bit Busy but I am back!

It’s pretty crazy to think that over the past year, I’ve written and published a total of four blog posts. FOUR.

That’s about one every 3 months or so.

I’ve been really itching to do some more writing and I haven’t been able to really sit down and come up with something valuable or meaningful to say, so I didn’t. Then I decided, with help from a fellow new blogger, that I am ready to just write. For me. No one else in particular. If someone decides to read what I feel like talking about, then that’s pretty neat!

So, here I am! I’m back. With what exactly? I’m not so sure, but a lot has happened since my last post and within the last year so I would love to get you up to speed!

1. I got out of the Navy a little over a year ago and became a stay-at-home-mom. That’s been quite a whirlwind in itself and then we threw in…

31DD689F-9D9B-44B6-93AE-2739215EF537-e1538154980538-768x1024 I've Been a Bit Busy but I am back!

2. We moved across the country to a new duty station this year! It’s pretty exciting (and nerve wracking) to move to a new place. But here we are! And I’m excited to write about our new adventures!

31DD689F-9D9B-44B6-93AE-2739215EF537-e1538154980538-768x1024 I've Been a Bit Busy but I am back!

3. I found a new/old home church. Old: because it’s the sister church of the one I used to go to years ago. New: because it’s about a year and a half old now!

31DD689F-9D9B-44B6-93AE-2739215EF537-e1538154980538-768x1024 I've Been a Bit Busy but I am back!

4. I have started to homeschool the kids. WHOAH. Never thought about the possibility of ever being a teacher – ever. And here I am, teaching my kids. It’s only the beginning!

31DD689F-9D9B-44B6-93AE-2739215EF537-e1538154980538-768x1024 I've Been a Bit Busy but I am back! 31DD689F-9D9B-44B6-93AE-2739215EF537-e1538154980538-768x1024 I've Been a Bit Busy but I am back!

5. I started getting rid of all of my stuff. Okay, not all of it, but a pretty decent chunk of it! For now. Before we moved, we downsized since we moved into a much smaller home…but now, I want to get rid of MORE.  I’ll be talking more about our path to “doing more & living with less.”

6. I started really paying more attention to ethical and sustainable fashion. Will definitely be talking more about this as I get more into it! I did a 10×10 challenge in July and it was so fun! I learned a lot.

31DD689F-9D9B-44B6-93AE-2739215EF537-e1538154980538-768x1024 I've Been a Bit Busy but I am back!

7. I resigned from my business with Agnes & Dora. Come to find out…I’m not much of a business person. Ha! Although, I did go from being solely a Poshmark buyer to a seller…

8. I scaled back my obsession with planners and all of the crafty things that came along with it! I’ll be talking about what I’m doing now and what I’m doing with all of the extra “stuff.”

9. I’ve been slowly learning more and more about waste. Especially plastics. So, I’m looking forward to learning even MORE and sharing our zero waste journey with you!

Wow! I didn’t even know I had that many points to talk about until I started typing this thing out! And as I’m typing this sentence, I’m remembering a few other things! I think I’ll save those for a rainy day. 😉

If you’ve made it this far, I would like to thank you for joining me! And I hope we can continue on this journey of life together! Stay tuned for the new blog posts!

The Transition from Navy Mom to SAHM

the-transition-from-Navy-mom-to-stay-at-home-mom-683x1024 The Transition from Navy Mom to SAHM

The transition from being a mom who was in the Navy to now being a stay-at-home-mom, has been rough.

I am sure that any transition in life isn’t very easy. It wasn’t an easy transition from the civilian life into boot camp, but I made it through! Well, it’s been about nine months now since I had my last day of active duty status and it’s been interesting to say the least. If you haven’t noticed, I have only published four posts since August. Clearly, I have been busy!

While I love writing and want to continue to post great content, I just found myself writing drafts (37 to be exact), leave them unfinished and eventually work my way back to them. This post is actually one of those. It’s been easier for me to take a couple photos here and there and post them to my instagram account with some thoughts. But I have actually missed writing!

So, here I am writing again! But I would like to talk about why the transition has been hard on me. And why I am still in the transition.

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Valentine’s Day Crafts

An-easy-way-to-make-Valentines-Day-special-with-your-littles.-683x1024 Valentine’s Day Crafts

Yes, it is now March and a little late to be posting about Valentine’s Day. Honestly, I just needed a place to post the photos I took of my kids!

There are so many cute crafts you could do with them and this one was the easiest (and cheapest) for us!

My kids LOVE stickers. And when I say love, that might even be an understatement. There have been many times that my 3 year old would get so mad and tantrum because we ran out of stickers.

Dude, there’s nothing I can do about it when you pull every sticker off of every page.

An-easy-way-to-make-Valentines-Day-special-with-your-littles.-683x1024 Valentine’s Day Crafts Read more

It’s International Women’s Day

its-international-683x1024 It's International Women's Day

Yes! It is! Just in case you didn’t know it by the massive amount of women posting their photos today!

This day isn’t just about women posting photos. And it sure as hell isn’t just ONE day for women. Yes, it’s a day that we recognize women and their accomplishments and really, how amazing we are. But we don’t have to do that JUST today. But it’s nice to have days that remind us of these things.


For much of my life, I never felt empowered as a girl or young woman. Being female was never something that I saw myself being proud of. I am not quite sure exactly why. It could have something to do with never feeling enough. Constantly battling my own demons and dealing with the words from others left me feeling almost ashamed of who I was.

its-international-683x1024 It's International Women's Day

The thing is: I had every right to be proud. Being a woman is freaking awesome.

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Breastfeeding in Agnes & Dora Clothing

For those of you that may not know, I recently started a new journey to become an Agnes & Dora Independent Representative! 

There are many reasons WHY I chose to do this and why I chose Agnes & Dora out of many companies I could’ve chosen. I will write about that at a later time but one of the main reasons I fell in love with Agnes & Dora is how breastfeeding friendly the clothing is!

So, I figured this would be a good time to write about it! I want to be able to share just a few of the fabulous pieces that Agnes & Dora has that are incredibly breastfeeding friendly! This may be a fairly short post but I hope it helps any mamas who are deciding if it’s worth it because of the nursing aspect!

Let’s start! 

The Muse Top with Boyfriend Cardigan

DSC_9849-683x1024 Breastfeeding in Agnes & Dora Clothing

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Thrifting on Instagram – Blush & Cotton Shop

Have you guys started shopping on Instagram yet?

I don’t mean by clicking on the links or the ads that pop up on Instagram while you’re scrolling through your feed in the middle of the night. I mean, actually shopping someone’s “closet” on Instagram!

This has gotten pretty popular lately and I must say, I have really become quite the fan. For me, I was always worried about it being a scam. So, I followed a few accounts and just watched for awhile. I saw that people really liked shopping at a few of these shops and I figured I’d give it a shot.

23583949_10210306173723001_1887359422_o-225x300 Thrifting on Instagram - Blush & Cotton Shop

I happened to stumble upon Blush & Cotton Shop and it was basically love at first sight. She had some fabulous pieces,  some that were gently used and quite a few that were new with tags! Now, if anyone is familiar with “thrifting” you’re probably

hitting up the closest Goodwill or secondhand store to try stuff on. You can inspect the items you’re buying and decide if you want to get it.

Well, that was an issue for me. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get anything (used) online if I couldn’t check it over. I also couldn’t try it on. I tend to not buy clothes online unless I already know what my size is. With those two issues standing in my way, Luana (the owner of the shop) would describe everything that was going on with the piece. And with Instagram’s new multiple photos feature, she is able to show more photos per item. On top of that, she would even DM (direct message) me with try ons so I could see how the clothes would actually lay. Now, it was kind of weird at first to ask her to try something on for me but it worked out so well. I have fit in everything she’s sent my way. Even if we are not the exact same size in something, it’s still great to see how something would lay or the length of something as opposed to seeing it on a mannequin or a hanger.

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Milkful Momma – Gourmet Lactation Bars

20616079_10209605905536734_230309639_o-e1501686742660-1024x1024 Milkful Momma - Gourmet Lactation Bars

For all of you breastfeeding mamas out there, I decided I would write this post for you! If you’re anything like me and you’re always busy, whether it’s with work or the kids, you’re probably not going to take the time to make yourself some lactation cookies. I did make some for myself not long after my daughter was born, but let’s face it. I am not very good at doing a ton of stuff in the kitchen while my kids are awake and while they’re asleep, I’d rather be working out.

But these little nuggets of lactation GOLD are amazing.

I was so excited to be contacted by Milkful to receive a free box of these delicious treats to try out. How nice of them, right?!

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Crochet Bralettes – SeebyDesigns

2FDF3DC6-59AC-4B1E-8651-692F4B45D4B6-225x300 Crochet Bralettes - SeebyDesigns

Have you all seen those crochet tops? You can probably get a few of them on Etsy or something. Crochet has definitely come a long way from blankets and scarves. Oh wait, that’s just me…that’s all I know how to crochet.

Well, a friend of mine actually started crocheting a few of these babies and I had been wanting to get some! They are so cute and probably something I wouldn’t normally wear but I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone a little bit, every now and then. So, when I posted on my Facebook, asking if anyone wanted to work together on a collab, I was secretly hoping Erin would message me.  2FDF3DC6-59AC-4B1E-8651-692F4B45D4B6-225x300 Crochet Bralettes - SeebyDesigns

Sure enough, she did! 

Erin is a very talented and creative gal. Erin of Seeby Designs makes all of these adorable pieces and gets them out pretty quickly as well! She started with hats (which I had actually ordered from her) and started doing different variations (like ones with ears!). Then she went onto different kinds of scarves then now bralettes! I love all of her work and I am definitely all for spreading the word!

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Leaving The Military: “So, What’s Next?”

9544347e25ca1b66123433b7e28d7690 Leaving The Military: "So, What's Next?"

For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile have probably noticed that I am in the military. Well, that journey is going to come to an end very soon. And in the

9544347e25ca1b66123433b7e28d7690 Leaving The Military: "So, What's Next?"
The day I graduated boot camp.

military, there is a process where you have to go all over the base or everywhere in your command/unit to get signatures – check out. You have to literally check out of the military as if you were checking out of a hotel. And everyone you check out with will ask you this question:

“So, what’s next?”

There’s nothing wrong with asking that but that seems to be the question on everyone’s minds when you’re about to separate from the military. And I would always answer them politely, with the same, rehearsed response:

“I’m going to be a mom. Stay home with the kids. Go back to school in a year to finish my degree once we find out where we are going next (husband is remaining active duty ) and maybe pursue personal training.”

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